Is Marijuana Legal in Pennsylvania?

pennsylvania marijuana legalization
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Pennsylvania’s marijuana legalization journey has been somewhat hard to keep track of. The state has mixed legality with recreational still illegal and medical use legal. However, things get complicated when it comes to decriminalization. While some major cities in the state like Philadelphia and Harrisburg have already decriminalized marijuana possession statewide, others are yet to make similar moves. 

Also, there are concerns about the stagnant state of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry. For instance, the state is yet to offer reciprocity to out-of-state visitors. Similarly, the threshold for decriminalization and the subsequent punishments are relatively stiff when compared with other states. Notwithstanding, medical marijuana is legal here and there are some positives that residents can be thankful for. Here’s all you need to know about marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania.

Is weed legal in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately, the recreational use of marijuana is strictly prohibited across Pennsylvania.

When will weed be legal in Pennsylvania?

The possession or consumption of weed for recreational purposes is still illegal in the state and there is no future date of legalization in view.

Are edibles legal in Pennsylvania?

No, edibles are still illegal in Pennsylvania.

Is medical marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?

Fortunately for residents of the state, Pennsylvania recognizes the medicinal value of marijuana. So, medical marijuana is legal in the state. However, patients need to have a qualifying condition and go through the application process to be included in the state’s medical marijuana registry to get an MMJ card.

How to get medical marijuana in Pennsylvania

Duly registered patients and their caregivers can only purchase medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries across Pennsylvania.

Can I go to a dispensary without a card in Pennsylvania?

No, you’ll need to present your medical marijuana card and a photo ID to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary in the state.

How long does it take to get your medical card in Pennsylvania?

Most patients typically receive their medical marijuana cards within 1-2 weeks after application.

Does Pennsylvania accept out-of-state MMJ cards?

No, Pennsylvania does not currently offer reciprocity to out-of-state patients. So, out-of-state patients will be unable to access medical marijuana while in the state.

Marijuana bills/laws in Pennsylvania & key questions

Pennsylvania has had many run-ins and failed attempts at legalizing recreational cannabis in the state. None of these attempts were ever successful. However, in April 2016, the Pennsylvania state legislature passed the Medical Marijuana ct (Act 16) to legalize the possession, sale, and consumption of medical cannabis across the state. Act 16 also made the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) responsible for overseeing the medical cannabis program.

How much marijuana can I have in Pennsylvania? (in oz)

Medical marijuana patients can purchase and store up to 30-days’ worth of cannabis. 

Is Marijuana decriminalized in Pennsylvania?

Marijuana is decriminalized for small amounts in some cities in Pennsylvania. For instance, in 2014, the city of Philadelphia passed a law making it the biggest in the state to decriminalize marijuana. Other states like Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and York, have also decriminalized marijuana possession in Pennsylvania.

Is there a fine or penalty for marijuana possession in Pennsylvania?

The possession of 30grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania and is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.

How many cannabis plants per household in Pennsylvania?

Home cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Pennsylvania and is considered a felony across the state. However, some individuals or businesses may obtain the express permission of the state’s Department of Health (DOH) to grow marijuana.

Pennsylvania dispensaries regulations

The Pennsylvania Department of Health oversees the state’s medical-marijuana program and is responsible for licensing and regulating dispensaries statewide.

Pennsylvania growers regulations

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is also responsible for permitting the cultivation of cannabis in the state.

Closing thoughts

The medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania is evolving and perhaps in the right direction. However, there are many aspects of its legalization framework that could be improved. For instance, the state’s fragmentized decriminalization can be improved to apply statewide. The complication surrounding cannabis cultivation at home is another area that can be improved. The state also seems far away from legalizing recreational use based on the restrictions that currently apply.

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