Our online headshop features affordable heady glass. Because at the end of the day, a bong is meant to be smoked out of, not just admired from a distance. Our pieces tend to be a balance between thick, quality glass with heady embellishments, so we can be accessible to people from all walks of life. 


What is heady glass?

Heady glass refers to a style of glass water pipes and smoking accessories blown into unique works of art. These pieces tend to be intricate, complex and unconventional with incredible patterns, fuming and embellishments.

Heady vs scientific glass

Scientific glass, in contrast, is more about function than design. Also known as borosilicate glass, it’s a high quality, durable and heat resistant style of glass used in laboratories. It’s generally blown to include features like percolators, ice catchers and glycerin coils which help to further cool and filter smoke.   

How much is heady glass?

Heady glass tends to range wildly from a few benjamins into the tens of thousands of dollars, however, this also depends on the size of the piece.

After our comprehensive research, we’ve found bong bowls priced minimum $100, carb caps for $400+ and larger pieces between $700-$19,000, depending on the complexity and workmanship. The priciest pieces tend to be heady bongs and rigs, ranging between $1,000-$3,000 and $3,000-$10,000 for more complex designs. 

However, the demand for beautifully blown glass is growing. Relatively cheap heady glass does exist and is becoming more common as demand for it grows.  

Is heady glass worth it?

While these works of art are absolutely mesmerizing and the workmanship second to none, it can be hard to convince yourself that a piece of glass (even of this caliber) is worth getting. This is especially true with a material as notoriously fragile as glass. That’s why, our online headshop strives to offer affordable heady glass under $200.