What is heady glass?

Affordable heady glass is a balance between design, function and your priorities. Our collection of glass pipes, dab rigs and bongs will be sure to meet your high standards without breaking the bank.

Heady glass refers to a style of glass blown pipes, rigs and bongs crafted into unique works of art. They are truly a vision to behold and tend to be intricate, complex and unconventional pieces with incredible patterns, fuming and embellishments.

Glassblowers go to great lengths to make them and the craftsmanship is by far second to none. Thankfully, the definition of heady glass has even expanded to include carb caps, slides and dabbers, among other smoking accessories, making it a style that’s becoming far more accessible.

Heady vs Scientific glass

Scientific glass, in contrast, refers to pieces that focus more heavily on function over design. Also known as borosilicate glass, scientific glass is the high quality, durable and heat resistant style of glass that originated in laboratories. This type of glass is generally blown to include highly functional features like percolators, ice catchers and glycerin coils which help to further cool and filter smoke.   

How much is heady glass?

Heady glass tends to range wildly from a few benjamins into the tens of thousands of dollars, however, this also depends on the size of the piece.

We’ve seen heady bong bowls go for $100 at the lower end, carb caps priced at $400+ and larger pieces go anywhere from $700-$19,000, depending on the complexity and workmanship. The priciest tend to be heady bongs and rigs, normally ranging between $1,000-$3,000 for simpler pieces and $3,000-$10,000 for more complex designs. 

While most heady glass comes with an insane price tag for most of us, the demand for beautifully blown glass is growing. Cheap heady glass does exist. It may not be artistically shaped like a giraffe or grasshopper, or fumed with 14 carat gold but rest assured, there are some drop dead gorgeous pieces of glass that are affordable too.

Is heady glass worth it? 

While these pieces are absolutely mesmerizing and the workmanship second to none, it can be hard to convince yourself that a piece of glass (even of this caliber) is worth getting when you’ve got other priorities to consider.

Of course, there’s something about having a unique piece where only one like it exists in the world! But it’s certainly a lot of dough to put down, unless you’re making a three figure income at the very least.

That is why our online headshop strives to feature only affordable heady glass. Because at the end of the day, a bong is meant to be smoked out of, not simply admired from a distance. 

Heady glass pipes

If you’re looking for a heady yet affordable pipe, starting off with a chillum is a great way to start. These pieces are much smaller than your average spoon pipe so they are a cost-effective option to break into the world of heady glass. 

Heady glass dab rigs

If you are a dabbing connoisseur, it’s about time you treat yourself to a beautifully crafted rig. These new heady glass rigs are cute, affordable options made from borosilicate glass with heady marble and glass embellishments for a unique touch. 

Heady glass bongs

These glass bongs blend the line between function and design. The glass ball percolator bong, for instance, incorporates the ball perc seamlessly into its design. You’ll never know what hit you as you admire its beauty mid-rip.

A heady glass shop that won’t break the bank

While we’re not considered among the best online heady glass shops since our focus is on providing high quality glass at an affordable price, you’ll be sure to find some nice, thick pieces in our shop. 

Our pieces tend to be more of a balance between thick, quality glass with heady embellishments and accents so we can be more accessible to people from all walks of life. So be sure to check out our online heady glass gallery before you head out! 

Partner with us

If you are a glassblower and would like to be featured in our shop, we’d love to see your heady glass art! We’ve got mad respect for high quality, beautifully crafted glass so definitely get in touch if you think your designs could elevate our collection.

Our goal is to become one of the best heady glass shops, one piece at a time and that wouldn’t be possible without the artists behind the vision! Glassblowers can reach us at [email protected].

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