A bubbler is a small, hand-held water pipe that delivers a smooth, milky smoke. It’s a cross between the filtration power of a bong and the portability of a pipe.

Bubbler vs bong high

Bong rips deliver an intense and immediate high while tokes from a bubbler are much more balanced. Much like a classic water pipe, a bubbler uses water to filter smoke. However, it doesn’t pack the powerful punch a full-sized bong does because of its small chamber. 

Bubbler vs dry pipe high

Bubbler bongs really sit at a unique intersection. They give you a more gradual high than a bong yet offer a much smoother, tastier rip than a dry hand pipe. However, the smooth pulls can get you higher than expected since you’re able to breathe in more smoke.

Difference between bongs and bubblers

It really comes down to the size and the bowl. Water bubblers are small, portable and tend to be easier to use than bongs. Also, most bongs have a separate smoking bowl that slides into the downstem while the bowl is generally fixed directly inside bubblers. 

Why we love bubblers

The small size and shape of a smoking bubbler gives it the feel of a spoon pipe in the palm of your hand. It’s discreet, easy to use and functions very similarly to a dry pipe. And yet, adding water gives it the functionality of bong. 


What is a bubbler?

A bubbler is a small portable bong that functions much like a hand pipe, controlling airflow generally with a carb. It has a small chamber for adding water which filters and cools smoke. 

How does a bubbler work?

Bubblers work much like other water pipes. The smoke is filtered and cooled through water, removing ash and other contaminants for a smooth hit. 

How to use a bubbler pipe?

Learning how to smoke a bubbler is much like smoking a dry pipe with one extra step. First, add a little bit of water to the bubbler’s chamber. Test it out to make sure it percolates well without splashing up into the mouthpiece or bowl. Grind up your herb and pack a bowl. Place your thumb over the carb and light your herb. As you inhale, the water should bubble and fill the chamber with milky smoke. When you’re ready to take the hit, remove your thumb and clear the chamber. 

How much water do you put in a bubbler?

Every bubbler bong is different since the size of the chamber can differ from one to the next. When you inhale, there should be good bubbling action. Start with a little bit of water (normally less than you think) and try it out before packing the bowl. If it splashes into the mouthpiece, you should pour some back out and try again. 

What is the average size of a bubbler?

Many refer to these water pipes as small bubblers to differentiate them from their full-sized bong cousin. However, most bubblers measure 5-6.5” in length, so they are pretty small to begin with. But even smaller sized bubblers exist called mini bubblers which measure as little as 2.5-3”.