Bubbler vs bong high

A bubbler is a small, hand-held water pipe that delivers smooth, milky hits. It’s a cross between the filtration power of a bong and the portability of a pipe. While a water bubbler is considered a type of bong, the hit is entirely unique and places it in a category all its own. 

Bong rips deliver an intense and immediate high while tokes from a bubbler are much more balanced…

Much like a standard bong, a bubbler pipe uses water to filter smoke but because of its small size and chamber, it doesn’t pack the powerful punch a full-sized bong does. 

Bubbler vs dry pipe high

Bubbler bongs really sit at a unique intersection. They give you a more gradual high than a bong yet offer a much smoother, tastier hit compared to the harshness of a dry hand pipe. However, the smooth pulls can be deceiving and get you higher than expected as you’re able to breathe in more vapor than a spoon pipe. 

Difference between bongs and bubblers

It really comes down to the size and the bowl. Water bubblers are small, portable and tend to be easier to use than bongs. Also, most bongs have a separate smoking bowl that slides into the downstem while the bowl is generally fixed directly inside bubblers. 

Why we love bubblers

The small size and shape of a smoking bubbler gives it the feel of a spoon pipe in the palm of your hand. It’s discreet, easy to use and functions very similarly to a dry pipe. And yet, simply adding water gives it the functionality of bong that hits like a dream, wherever your high takes you. 

Average size of a bubbler

Many refer to these water pipes as small bubblers to differentiate them from their full-sized bong cousin. However, most bubblers measure 5-6.5” in length, so they are pretty small to begin with. But even smaller sized bubblers exist called mini bubblers which measure as little as 2.5-3”. These miniature versions are normally designed as pocket or pendant bubblers.

Types of Bubblers

In spite of their small proportions, bubbler water pipes come in a wide array of shapes and cool features. From the standard glass hammer bubbler to a blunt bubbler, there’s something for everyone.  

Glass bubbler 

Most smoking bubblers are made from glass. Glass bubbler pipes can be handcrafted by glassblowers with fumed glass or purely functional pieces made from clear scientific glass. 

Silicone bubbler

Food-grade silicone is a virtually unbreakable, non-toxic material that’s a popular choice for on-the-go tokers. While it doesn’t hit quite the same as glass, silicone bubblers are a great option for people who are looking for the filtration power of a bong, portability of a pipe and durability that silicone offers. 

Blunt bubbler

A blunt bubbler brings something refreshing to the experience of smoking a blunt. It has a cone shaped opening for placing your lit blunt. The other side has a narrow mouthpiece. When you’re ready, you inhale through the mouthpiece. Blunt bubblers are great if you love blunts but want to go easy on your throat. 

Joint bubbler

In the same camp as a blunt bubbler, a joint bubbler works virtually in the same way except it can be tailored more to the size of your joint. Most of these style bubblers can work with either joints or blunts though.  

Hammer bubbler

This style bubbler water pipe looks like a hammer or gavel and normally has a flattened base so it’s table-steady. 

Sidecar bubbler

This style features a stem that’s placed on the side of the chamber instead of directly behind. The placement eliminates splashback that’s common with hammer bubblers.  

Sherlock bubbler

Because of its similar shape, the Sherlock gets its name from the original Sherlock pipe which has a stem that curves up gently in an “S” shape. 

Freeze pipe bubbler

A freeze pipe bubbler includes the additional feature of a glycerin coil. The coil is a detachable piece you can put in the freezer and then reattach to your bubbler to enhance the cooking power. Similar to an ice catcher but more versatile, this piece makes smoking a bubbler that much better. 

Wax bubbler 

A wax bubbler is essentially a dab rig bubbler for smoking concentrates and oils instead of dry herb. 

Pendant bubbler

If you’re looking for the most convenient style mini bubbler, the pendant is even smaller than a normal sized bubbler and has a little ring for looping it onto a necklace. It’s the perfect piece to take with you to your next concert or festival. 

Pocket bubbler

Pocket bubblers are so small, they could very well fit into your pocket. Normally measuring between 2.5-3” pocket bubblers fit a 10mm bowl, 10mm banger or a thinly rolled joint. They normally come in spherical or conical shapes to be able to hold enough water for adequate percolation. These mini bubbler pipes fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, take up almost no space and are a cinch to clean.

Double bubbler 

Also called a double chamber bubbler, this style has two chambers for filtering hits twice for an even smoother experience.

Popular Bubblers in 2022

Elephant bubbler

The iconic elephant bubbler is adorable with its long trunk stem and its body as the main chamber. 

Grav Labs bubbler

Grav is known for making some of the best bubblers around. Some of the most popular include the Grav hammer bubbler, Grav spherical pocket bubbler and the Helix bubbler. What makes Grav bubblers so special is their high quality yet minimalist style and amazing functionality. These pieces simply milk up nicely with each hit clean and smooth as can be. 

Marley Natural bubbler 

The Marley bubbler stands out from the rest with its elegant wood stem and wrap around the chamber. More than beauty alone, the globe shaped percolator on this bubbler bong means this baby hits like a dream too.

Pink bubblers

The misconception that smoking kush isn’t feminine is very real, and while it’s waning, pink bubblers are here to reinforce the fact that taking rips from a water pipe doesn’t make you any less of a woman. If anything it’s the new mimosa, swapping out one kind of bubbly for another. 

Utillian 5 bubbler

The Utilian 5 bubbler is an attachment that works with the Utilian wax pen to cool down your vapor even further. 

Mushroom bubbler

Magical mushroom bubblers are beautifully crafted pieces that are normally more of an artistic statement than about pure functionality. They often feature gorgeous embellishments in the form of caps and marble detailing all with a mesmerizing glass fuming. If you know a mushroom lover, these bubblers make an amazing gift. 

Glass knuckle bubbler

The glass knuckle bubbler is a style of blunt bubbler with a twist. This glass bubbler pipe is probably one of the most unique styles with its ergonomic grip which lets you insert your fingers directly through the chamber. 

Heart bubbler

Nothing says l love you like a heart shaped bubbler. This still is extremely popular due to it’s simplistic yet elegant design with a long neck and the heart as the chamber. 


What is a bubbler? 

A bubbler is a small portable bong that functions much like a hand pipe, controlling airflow generally with a carb. It has a small chamber for adding water which filters and cools smoke. 

How does a bubbler work?

Bubblers work much like other water pipes. The smoke is filtered and cooled through water, removing ash and other contaminants for a smooth hit. 

How to use a bubbler pipe?

Learning how to smoke a bubbler is much like smoking a dry pipe with one extra step. First, add a little bit of water to the bubbler’s chamber. Test it out to make sure it percolates well without splashing up into the mouthpiece or bowl. Grind up your herb and pack a bowl. Place your thumb over the carb and light your herb. As you inhale, the water should bubble and fill the chamber with milky smoke. When you’re ready to take the hit, remove your thumb and clear the chamber. 

How much water do you put in a bubbler?

Every bubbler bong is different since the size of the chamber can differ from one to the next. When you inhale, there should be good bubbling action. Start with a little bit of water (normally less than you think) and try it out before packing the bowl. If it splashes into the mouthpiece, you should pour some back out and try again. 

How to clean a bubbler?

A bubbler water pipe can be cleaned like a standard bong with 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. You can follow our step-by-step guide on how to clean a glass bubbler with and without alcohol

First, drain and rinse it with hot water to flush out any loose residue. Once you’ve added the 2:1 balance ratio of alcohol and salt into the chamber, let it soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards, use your thumbs to cover any openings like the carb and shake vigorously. Use pipe cleaners or a toothbrush to lightly scrub any remaining residue inside. Lastly, rinse with dish soap and warm water.  


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