Silicone Containers vs Glass Jars

Dab containers, which are usually made from food-grade silicone or glass, are a safe and portable way to store your concentrates for the road.

These small jars store concentrates like sugar, crumble and shatter. Measuring roughly 2ml to an ounce in size, these containers are small, portable and lightweight. They are easy transport, conceal and even help to extend the shelf life of your concentrates.

Although glass dab containers are still popular, silicone is becoming the standard for one key reason: its nonstick surface. Since concentrates tend to be very sticky, you lose more on the surface of glass than you do with silicone. Silicone is also shatterproof which is an added benefit in case you drop it. 

How to Open a Dab Container

Generally, if you are using a glass jar with a childproof seal, you will pinch the lid and lift in a hinging motion.

If you are using a silicone container you can use the flat or pointed end of your dab tool. Just pry it open carefully until the lid pops off. If it’s square shaped you can use your thumbs to gently open it from one of the corners. 

Can You Dab Out of Silicone Containers

Technically, food-grade silicone can withstand temperatures up to 450°F and since the standard range for most dabs is 545-570°F, that’s far too hot to dab from them directly.  

How to Clean Silicone Dab Container

The easiest way to clean your silicone dab containers is to simply pop them in the freezer. Once it freezes, flex the container so that the resin cracks off. You can follow by washing it in soapy water and rinsing it clean but that’s not normally necessary!

Cool Silicone Dab Containers

We have a growing collection of dab rigs and dabbing accessories in our online headshop. Below are some of our coolest silicone dab containers made completely from food-grade silicone. 

8-Ball Silicone Dab Container – This cool dab container shaped like an 8-ball has a 6ml capacity and secure closure so you can tuck it away in your bag without fear that it will accidentally burst open. And with its rich symbolism of fortune, luck and chance, you’ll spark many conversations about the deeper meaning it has for you.

Acorn Silicone Dab Container –  Also measuring 6ml, these acorn shaped wax containers make a cute addition to any dabber’s collection. Each of these small silicone dab containers are perfectly sized to hoard away your favorite concentrates discreetly so you can dab on the DL. 

Cat Paw Wax Container – If you consider yourself a crazy cat lady or man, this dab storage container resembling a cat paw is just what you need. These are ideal if you prefer not to mix your concentrates since they have a capacity of just 3ml. And if you like to dabble, you can get a complete four-legged set! 

Glow-in-the-dark Pokeball Dab Container – If you are a Pokémon fan these cool dab containers inspired by the infamous Pokéball glow brilliantly in the dark. You can choose between blue, sky blue, green and yellow. The question is, can you catch them all? You can also get the classic red Pokeball dab silicone container if you prefer the original. 

Hamburger Wax Container –  These unique dab containers shaped like mini hamburgers will be sure to elevate the smoke sesh, sesame bun and all! Just make sure to stock up on snacks for when the munchies hit because these will definitely implant the idea of a BIGmack on your mind. Each measures 5ml and has a secure closure so it won’t cause a mess, something we can’t necessarily promise if you get a BIGmack. 

Heart Silicone Dab Container – Shaped like a heart, this large silicone dab container measures 17ml so you’ll experience endless love in the form of delicious dabs from here on out.  

Popsicle Dab Container and Tool Set – This unique dab container shaped like a popsicle is so cleverly designed it even features a mini titanium dab tool as the popsicle stick. It’s one of our best dab containers with its multiple chambers so you can accommodate different concentrate types. Simply, it will instantly put a smile to your face every time you prepare a dab. 

Rick & Morty Dab Container – Featuring the dynamic duo we all know and love, this Rick and Morty dab slick container is made from thick food-grade silicone and has a tight closure so your concentrates won’t accidentally enter another dimension. Each measures 5ml and comes in a variety of color schemes. The question is, who will you choose, Rick or Morty? 

Skull Dab Silicone Container – With a 3ml capacity, this dab wax container shaped like a skull has a flattened base so it won’t roll off the table. It’s super portable, travel-friendly and comes in a wide array of colors as well. This makes these silicone containers for dabs great gifts for fellow dabbers since you can choose their favorite color. 

More Dabbing Accessories

If you are looking for other cool dabbing accessories like dab tools, carb caps or even a new rig, be sure to check out our online headshop so you can complete your setup.

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