Why most smoking accessories ARE essential

A true stoner knows that it’s the small stuff that makes all the difference which is especially the case when it comes to smoking accessories. To illustrate what is a dab rig without a banger, a bong without a bowl or a roach without a crutch? Without rolling papers what would joints and blunts be? And let’s say the blunt is rolled, but no one has a lighter. What then?

It’s clear that bangers, bowls, lighters and rolling papers are essential and not mere accessories but then again, these are just the first that come to mind. 

For instance, a weed grinder may not seem essential but are you really going to pick apart each nug by hand every time you want to light up? Why, when an herb grinder not only provides an even fine grind but also serves as a stash container to store your loose herb. 

You’ve probably also heard about pipe screens but haven’t bought them yet. Can you really bear another scooby snack when screens cost next to nothing? 

Even the tiniest terp pearl transforms your dabbing experience, elevating it to the next level, since terp balls let you vaporize your dabs at lower temperatures than ever before, maximizing the flavor and letting next to nothing go to waste. 

Maximizing the stash & elevating your high

These rather small smoking accessories each serve an important if not vital function: enhancing your experience and bringing you to new highs all while maximizing the stash.

For instance, the best grinders feature a kief catcher with a scraper tool so you can collect the fine dusty trichomes of your cannabis and let nothing go to waste. Sprinkle that on top of your next joint or bowl and enjoy an even stronger high since kief can have up to 70% THC compared to flower which hovers around 12-25%. 

A series of unfortunate events

But when you don’t have these essential smoking accessories a chain of unfortunate events ensues. Not only are you wasting time picking your weed apart by hand, but that kief is lost to your fingertips all while making your flower less potent. 

Then, the precious trichome dust is lost to the carpet because you rolled your blunt on the coffee table instead of using a rolling tray, where your herb would be safe, sound and uncontaminated. 

Not only that but because you don’t have a stash container, you’ve left your dime bag in your pocket and it’s gone through the washing machine. Now your clothes smell like dope and you’ve let your precious herb go to waste. 

There’s so much waste in the world. Aside from garnering a few dirty looks for unwisely managing the stash, you’re also wasting money one way or another. 

Cheap Smoking Accessories 

Smoking accessories save you time and money because their function and efficiency simply outweighs their cost. What’s more, they tend to be very reasonable, normally ranging from as little as $4.20-$20. Beyond $20 and you’re going for some pretty high-end gear but it may be well worth the investment if you smoke on the daily.  

List of smoking accessories essential for the sesh

Here’s a list of some of the most common smoking accessories which are actually essential to get the most out of each sesh.

Best smoking accessories for versatility 

Of course not all smoking accessories are created equal. Below are our top picks of the most underrated 420 accessories. These tools are versatile, often have multiple uses and tend to be some of the cheapest as well.

  • Kasher – Some of the best smoking accessories are the simplest. Consider a kasher, for instance. This metal sleeve that you put over your lighter is primarily used as a poker tool. It removes the sticky icky ash that accumulates and clogs the bowl hole but it has other functions as well. Kashers can also be used as a joint packer and cigar punch, among other uses. 
  • Toker Poker – We are also big fans of the Toker Poker which is an all-in-one stoner accessory featuring a lighter, poker/dab tool and hemp wick.
  • Dab tool – Where would we be without dab tools? They let you manipulate your sticky icky with ease so you can transfer dabs from their wax container to your red-hot banger in the blink of an eye. They can be made of borosilicate glass, titanium, stainless steel or quartz, and come in a wide array of shapes from the classic spoon, to the knife and spatula styles. Some are even a tool and carb cap combo, the most common of which is made from stainless steel. These metal wands are simply magical for what it’s worth.
  • Terp pearls – Although small, these itty bitty terp balls normally measure just 4mm or 6mm in size but transform the experience of dabbing. Your dabs will be more flavorful than they’ve ever been, simply because these little guys swirl around in your banger, spreading your dab out across its surface so you can use less heat to vaporize. 
  • Glass joint tips – If you love smoking joints or blunts, glass tips are extremely useful, cost-effective and even elevate the smoking experience. Instead of rolling your own tips or buying them, you can reuse glass joints as many times as you want. Also, the additional space between the tip of your joint and the joint tip mouthpiece further condenses and cools smoke so you can expect smoother hits too from here on out.   

Pipe smoking accessories

Pipe screens are the most important accessories for pipes as they make sure scooby snacks don’t get through. Scooby snacks refer to the bits of ash and weed that can accidentally get in your mouth when taking a hit from a pipe. 

Pipe screens are particularly useful if the bowl hole is slightly larger than average and ash gets through more easily. They are normally made from stainless steel or brass. Some people will use aluminum foil as a quick fix but pipe screens are by far the cheapest smoking accessory so it’s definitely worth getting if you’re a regular pipe smoker.

Smell proof bags are another important accessory to safely and discreetly transport your smoking pipe. Generally, these bags and backpacks feature an activated carbon lining interior which absorbs odors like a sponge so you can toke with peace of mind. 

Wax smoking accessories

The most popular wax smoking accessories include quartz bangers, dab mats, dab tools, carb caps and silicone wax containers. Terp slurpers, terp pearls and marbles are particularly hot right now since they let dabbers vaporize at lower temperatures, unlocking the full flavor of each dab like never before. Here’s a list of the most common dabbing accessories.

  • Bangers
  • Dab mats
  • Dab tools
  • Carb caps
  • Dab holder
  • Terp slurpers
  • Dab station
  • Terp pearls
  • Dab torch
  • Dab straw
  • Terp marbles
  • Dab press

Silicone accessories for stoners

The most common silicone smoking accessories are dab mats, dab containers, stash containers and ashtrays. Silicone is particularly useful when dabbing because concentrates tend to be sticky. Nonstick silicone dab mats and containers make it easier to manipulate wax without anything going to waste.

Debowler ashtrays  are another popular silicone smoking accessory since they essentially serve two purposes as an ashtray and poker tool. 

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