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Influence of Pink

The psychology of pink is powerful. Its warmth gives anyone in its presence a sense of boundless bliss (even more so while high) which is why we created our collection of 420 Pink bongs, rigs, pipes and smoking accessories… 

It’s funny how color affects each of us on a deep subliminal level. Some like pink even have healing properties. Whether in the Pretty in Pink movie, the Pink Victoria’s Secret line or the Breast Cancer Awareness movement, it’s clear that pink embodies much more than love and romance alone.

Psychology of Pink 

Perhaps pink is such an influential color because of its joyful, free spirited vibe. It’s a friendly color that makes other people feel good, emanating playfulness, calm and confidence. 

Whatever shade you choose, pink embodies the person you want to become. Pink is your euphoria, nonconforming and unique. It’s certainly become refreshing amid the restrained black, blues and taupes popular today. So what does pink express in a world of grays? 


Pink is approachable. In the presence of pink, it’s much harder to feel lonely; it just cheers you up. It’s an energizing yet calming color that gives you an immediate sense of joy and peace, love and acceptance. 


Pink is a powerful color that lets you manifest your well-being, that makes you feel strong yet feminine, perfectly balanced. Perhaps that’s why it’s become a symbol for several movements like Breast Cancer Awareness and LGBT Rights movements. 


Pink has become a color that helps us learn to love ourselves in a spectrum of ways through positivity. It simply makes you feel good, like being home.


Pink is like the glow of a warm summer sunset, that makes you glow. You feel alive, vibrant, sensual: quintessential pretty in pink. 

Your Love Affair with Pink 

Perhaps you’ve had a love affair with pink since before you can remember. Maybe it started with pink nails, pink converse then pink sweats and even pink hair. Perhaps pink even resonates with your inner soul. 

Or maybe you’re newly drawn to the way pink gives you a balanced sense of calm and enthusiasm. Whatever the case, our collection of pink bongs, rigs and pipes is bound to match your vibe. 

Pink Bongs for Sale

We have a growing collection of pink bongs in nearly every shade under the sun:  

Heart Bong Pink – This nine inch pink heart bong makes a romantic addition to any stoner’s collection. Made from borosilicate glass, this pretty bong features a heart shaped chamber and diffused downstem for bubbly hits you’re bound to love.    

Small Pink Bong with Matrix Perc – Measuring 8.5 inches this small glass bong features a dome and matrix perc for enhanced filtration and diffusion. Made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this cute pink bong delivers silky smooth hits in a pint sized package.  

Hello Kitty Pink Beaker Bong – Inspired by the adorable Hello Kitty, this pink water bong features an ice pinch so you can drop in a few ice cubes for chilled hits. This cute pink bong even includes a matching pink bowl and ribbed mouthpiece for comfortable bong hits. 

Crossfaded Pink Glass Bong – Measuring 10 inches and made from 5mm borosilicate glass, this hot pink bong is a thick piece made to stand the test of time. This cute pink bong dons a sturdy beaker base and ice catcher for ice cold hits. 

Paint Pink Silicone Bong – This gorgeous pink bong made from food-grade silicone is perfect for the road less traveled. Measuring 14 inches, this piece is great to pass around during your backyard smoke sesh or next camping trip. And the best part is that this pink water bong glows in the dark too, bringing out the mesmerizing paint pattern even more at night. 

Pink Dab Rigs for Sale

If you’re looking to add a feminine touch to your setup, one of these pink dab rigs may be just what you need:

Mini Pink Dab Rig – This cute dab rig is an absolute stunner with its heady glass implosion marble that glitters under the light. Its small chamber makes each dab that much more flavorful. This mini rig comes with a 24mm thick quartz banger and features a bent neck that acts as splashguard. 

Rainbow Pink Rig – This rainbow dab rig with its curvaceous recycler arms make this an amazing centerpiece. Between its impeccable function and sheer beauty this piece will elevate the sesh to new highs.  

Juicy Watermelon Pink Dab Rig – This unique dab rig features a unique watermelon shape that simply feels like summer. Just looking at it will make your mouth water, sensing the juicy dabs to come. 

Pink Pipes for Sale 

We have a wide selection of pink pipes in our online headshop that are perfect for on-the-go toking.

Glass Rose Pipe – This pink glass pipe measuring six inches is beautifully blown with sculpted petals to look like a real rose.  

Silicone Ice Cream Pipe – This pink silicone pipe shaped like an ice cream cone won’t melt on a hot summer’s day. Made from food-grade silicone, this pink smoking pipe with glass bowl can pack some heat. The glass bowl also makes it a cinch to clean since it’s easy to remove and replace.

Mini Pink Pipe – Measuring just three inches, this mini pink glass pipe is perfect for all of your escapades. Made from thick pyrex glass, this pink weed pipe features a fairly deep-set bowl considering its itty bitty size. 

Babe Silicone Pipe – This pink smoking pipe made from food-grade silicone is beautifully sculpted to mirror the shape of a real woman’s body. It’s a powerful message that natural curves are sensuous and beautiful, and that your body should be celebrated one toke at a time. 

Pink Smoking Accessories

If you are looking for a pink bong bowl, carb cap or other smoking accessory to complete your setup, you might find just what you’re looking for in our online smoke shop. Below are our top picks:

Pink Bong Bowl Piece – Made from thick borosilicate glass, this pink bong bowl features a generous rim so it’s easy to grasp without burning any fingers.  

Hot Pink Grinder – This rainbow grinder features hues of the entire rainbow but is primarily hot pink. Its warm glow and iridescence make each rotation that much more delightful as you watch the colors shift in the palm of your hand. 

Bubble Carb Cap – With its bubble shape, this pink carb cap fits most flat top bangers perfectly and pairs beautifully with pink dab rigs. It’s the pink cherry on top so to speak.   

Hot Pink Dab Tool – This rainbow dab tool made from stainless steel is double edged with one spoon shaped tip and another sharpened tip so you can manipulate nearly every type of sticky ick under the sun.

Heart Dab Container – Heart shaped and hot pink, this silicone dab container has a 17ml capacity. Made from non-stick silicone the pink dab container is super easy to clean and features a secure seal so no hearts are ever broken. 

420 Pink Aesthetic for Stoners

It’s no surprise why the 420 pink aesthetic is becoming more and more popular. It’s characterized by a balance of softness and strength paired with breaking with convention. From its multitude of shades from light pink to hot pink, from calming to vivacious, there’s something for everyone in the color pink. 

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