The Ritual

A water pipe is an important if not essential addition to your home if you’re a cannabis enthusiast. It can serve as a centerpiece that brings the room together, sets the vibes and elevates your high. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely because it can bring a sense of harmony and balance to the ritual.

Bong Aesthetics

Naturally, the more you’re exposed to different styles and aesthetics the more in touch you are with what you truly like and want from a bong. But often, it’s hard to know where to begin. And easy to fall deep into the rabbit hole in search for the perfect piece. And while beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, not all bongs are created equal.

Best Bongs and Rigs

That is especially true among our best sellers. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Love of beauty is taste.” And cannabis connoisseurs gravitate towards these water pipes above all else for their combination of beauty, charm and functionality. Below is a roadmap to our best bongs. Let intuition be your guide. Regardless, we hope the destination is always high.

Hello Kitty Bong – The charm of Hello Kitty is undeniable. And this piece elevates her cuteness with pink accents around the mouthpiece, base and the downstem.
Glowing Rick and Morty Bong – This trippy Rick and Morty bong features a unique print of Rick smoking a Rick shaped joint transitioning into a puff of smoke. I mean, what could be trippier than that?
Glow-in-the-dark Monster Bong – With its many glowing cat eyes, large Cyclops eye and sharp bloodied fangs this piece is as terrifying as it is creepy cute.
Flowers Glow-in-the-dark Bong – This dank bouquet of flowers is a feast for the eyes with its bursts of vibrant hand painted flowers that glow in the dark. Beauty by day, divine by night, Flowers is pure poetry.
Twisted Iridescent Swirl Bong – Crafted from borosilicate glass twisted to perfection this swirl bong features an iridescent finish so you can appreciate the full spectrum of color at all time highs.
No Face Dab Rig – Made from food grade silicone this mini rig featuring Kaonoshi will be sure to get you into high spirits especially after a generous dab. So set the mood, turn the the lights low and rewatch one of your favorite anime.
Mr Frog Mushroom Bong – This little green frog friend is the perfect companion to set the vibes right. After a few hits in, your room will become a tranquil pond with lily pads and the echo of ribbits.
Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Bong – This glowing mushroom print bong makes an adorable addition to any stoner’s collection. Featuring adorable anthropomorphic mushroom houses this water pipe comes in red, green and black.
Icy Cup Bong – Whether you’re in California on a hot August day or Alaska in the dead of winter, this cup bong sets the summer vibes right even when there’s snow on the ground. You can even stick the cup inside the freezer before the sesh if you want to serve ice-cold hits with your herb.
Mushroom Bong Cottage – Escaping to a cottage away from the city, people and work is becoming more and more appealing. And this piece gets the cozy vibes going, alongside good company and a fireplace with freshly chopped wood and ground herb.
Mushroom Bong Trippy Eyes – This thick bong features 3-D hand painted mushrooms that give off a spectacular glow. Soon you’ll feel like you’re deep in the forest with mushrooms the size of trees and fireflies whirring in and out of sight.
Propeller Perc Bong – Featuring two percolators, you’ll love watching the visual effect of the propellers as you take a hit. Just remember the four laws of aerodynamics and you’ll be flying high in no time.
Ghost Bong – This ghost face bong is the perfect addition to any Halloween lover’s collection. It’s spooky, cute and delivers spine chillingly cold hits with its beautifully blown ice catcher.

Love At First Sight

When it comes to finding a bong, it should be love at first sight—a piece that you only enjoy more and more with time, that becomes an integral part of your ritual. Whether it’s our glowing monster bong, our flower water pipe or something else entirely, finding the perfect match is about cultivating your own taste to find what truly speaks to you.

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