Iridescent meaning and magnetism

Iridescent bongs, rigs and pipes are all the rage and it’s no surprise why. When light waves combine it produces an entrancing optical phenomenon: iridescence. Put another way, iridescence happens when the angle of illumination shifts to produce a prism of colors. Because of the visual intrigue, the phenomenon was named after Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow.   

Like seeing a double rainbow

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? What about a rainbow that stretches perfectly across the sky in its entirety? There’s something truly magical about seeing nature’s beauty unfold before your eyes. And iridescence is yet another natural phenomenon that’s all around us, if we only take time to notice it.

From clouds to hummingbirds

For instance, if you’ve ever looked up at the sky to see a pearlescent rainbow spread across puffy white clouds, that’s iridescence at its finest. Or if you’ve ever watched hummingbirds drink sugar water from a feeder, you might have noticed the brilliant red iridescent feathers of their throats. From the wings of a butterfly to fuel on pavement after a rainy day, iridescence is a natural marvel. 

To nails, eyeshadow and heels

And it’s becoming more popular. From iridescent sharks, snakes and beetles to nails, eyeshadow and heels, it’s hard to deny that iridescence is a force of nature. Its magnetism pulls us in and has also influenced the world of bongs.

Iridescent bongs and dab rigs 

At Stoners Rotation we’re captivated by iridescence as are most cannabis enthusiasts. That’s why we have a growing collection of iridescent bongs and rigs for sale in our online headshop because the phenomenon is even trippier after a bowl.

Twisted Iridescent Bong – This iridescent swirl beaker bong has a twisted neck that’s perfect for the texture lovers among us. Measuring 12.5 inches, the textured tube shines beautifully under the light and will elevate you to new highs.

Iridescent Mini Bong – Measuring six inches this mini iridescent bong is perfect for extracting the full flavor of your favorite strains. It offers ideal filtration for stoners who also like to dabble in concentrates. For instance, cannabis connoisseurs often swap out the bowl for a banger especially with a piece like this because it offers the best of both worlds!

Rainbow Iridescent Bong – This iridescent beaker bong has an understated elegance with its pearlescent glimmer and ribbed rainbow mouthpiece. Plus, the beaker base and ice catcher let stoners take large hits as the smoke cools around the ice cubes.

Birthday Cake Iridescent Bong with Percolator – This stacked iridescent beauty shaped like a cake features a puck percolator at the base that delivers silky smooth, birthday sized rips.

Crystal Ball Iridescent Water Bong – Another iridescent bong with perc, this piece blends clear glass with fumed accents. The rounded base pairs beautifully with the coil percolator that’s encased in the clear chamber. What’s more, the viewing window lets you watch the visual effect as the smoke passes through the bong.

Cobra Snake Bong – Are you afraid of snakes? Well, from one stoner to another, our advice is to strike first! This iridescent glass bong measuring just 6.5 inches has the look of snakeskin that along with its realistic cobra shape, give it a certain charm. 

Iridescent Dab Rig Recycler – This iridescent recycler bong features four curvaceous recycler arms that wrap elegantly around its triangular base. What’s more, it features a single showerhead perc that further diffuses and cools smoke. Plus, the condensed mouthpiece also  lets you extract the flavor of your concentrates like a hummingbird collecting nectar. 

Holographic Recycler Dab Rig – Measuring 9 inches, this iridescent rig seems to have it all: recycler arms, a showerhead perc and jellyfish perc. What’s more, it has a unique rounded base, condensed mouthpiece and 4mm thick quartz bange that ties the piece together.

Blow some bubbles

The entrancing optical phenomenon that is iridescence captivates us in ways that’s hard to describe in words. Perhaps part of the magic is coming across it by accident, as with cloud iridescence. But if you want to experience the marvel of iridescence firsthand, there’s nothing quite like smoking from an iridescent swirl bong on a warm, sunny day. 

Still, if you want to take the sesh to the next level, get a bubble wand and watch the marvel of nature in all its glory. Because high, it will be glorious. So blow some bubbles. Perhaps you’ll even create your own dank cloud iridescence. 


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