Clouds & Soap Bubbles

Iridescent dab rigs give off a lustrous rainbow that makes you appreciate the optical phenomenon on a whole new level, especially when high.

Iridescence is all around us. Just look up at the clouds and perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to experience it firsthand. Or even more simply, blow some bubbles outside on a sunny day and watch the trippy prism of colors unfold before your eyes.

What is Iridescence? 

This is iridescence. As the angle of the light or your own view shifts, you’ll see subtle transitions in the spectrum of color. This happens when an object’s microscopic structure is ultra-fine, so much so, that it interferes with light and color.

Whether it’s a butterfly’s wings, fish scales or fuel on wet pavement, there’s something magical about how the phenomenon creates this beautiful film of color.

Inspiration for Dab Rigs 

The subtle shifts in color depend on changing angles. And this is what makes iridescent dab rigs so beautiful. This is especially the case, the more angles a dab rig has. For instance, recycler rigs have many looping arms which magnify the effect.

Iridescent Dab Rigs for Sale

Iridescence has charmed us which is why we are constantly adding new iridescent rigs to our collection. Here are the top iridescent dab rigs for sale in our online headshop.  

Heady Incycler Rig – The silver fuming of this iridescent dab rig gives it a mesmerizing, even pearlescent glow, accentuated further by the vivid green accents throughout the piece. The neck gently curves to meet your lips for comfortable rips and also acts as a natural splashguard. The continuity of the fuming from the inner chamber up the neck in combination with the sturdy base, gives this rig a beautiful sense of balance. 

Iridescent Dab Rig – This iridescent dab rig gives off a metallic rainbow of color. And the way the four recycler arms of this glass rig elegantly loop back into the triangular base further accentuate the effect as light bounces off of the different angles. The condensed neck and flared mouthpiece let you extract the full flavor of your concentrates, like a hummingbird drinking a flower’s nectar.

Mini Heady Recycler Dab Rig – Measuring a mere 6.5 inches this mini iridescent dab rig is a sight to behold. This piece features four straight recycler arms and a fixed downstem that threads between them and back into the base where the showerhead percolator sits. Because of its shape, this rig delivers smooth hits without your vapor ever going stale. The unique shape, varied coloring and unusual mouthpiece further heighten the iridescent effect.  

Iridescent Bongs

If your appetite for iridescence is still not satisfied, be sure to check out our collection of  iridescent bongs. Since nearly any bong can be transformed into a dab rig by simply swapping out the bong bowl for a banger, there’s still hope you might find your new daily driver. Regardless if you find it here or elsewhere, iridescence offers another dimension to your rig, a certain kind of magic that should be experienced firsthand.

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