Iridescent dab rigs invite you to explore the optical phenomenon while high. 

What is iridescence? 

Iridescence is all around us. Just blow bubbles outside on a sunny day and watch the trippy prism of colors unfold before your eyes. Iridescence is when the angle of the light shifts and you see subtle transitions in the spectrum of color. This happens when an object’s microscopic structure is ultra-fine, interfering with light and color.

Inspiration for dab rigs 

Whether it’s a butterfly’s wings, fish scales or fuel on wet pavement, there’s something magical about the phenomenon. It’s what also makes iridescent dab rigs so beautiful. 

Iridescent bongs

For more designs, be sure to check out our collection of iridescent bongs as well. Regardless of whether you find it here or in another shop, iridescence offers another dimension to your rig, a certain kind of magic that should be experienced firsthand.