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Recycler dab rigs are a style of rig that features a network of tubes that keep water and vapor constantly moving in a continuous loop. These tubes help the vapor from going stale, cooling it for smoother hits all while preserving the rich flavor profile of each dab.

How does a recycler dab rig work?

Generally, there are four parts to the cycle: the first chamber, intake, second chamber and drain. The main percolator sits inside the first chamber so when you take a dab, the smoke gets filtered inside the first chamber before traveling through the intake into the second chamber. Then, the smoke drains out from the second chamber back to the original chamber and the process repeats.  

As air is pulled through the chambers, percolator and arms, it creates an endless loop that cools smoke as it goes through the different chambers. In other words, the smoke touches the sides of the glass through water until it bubbles up and condenses inside the neck before reaching the mouthpiece. 

Why are recycling dab rigs so popular?

The recycler rig is becoming highly popular for its looping arms and condensed chambers which eliminate drag and keep vapor from going stale. The circulation makes it easier to take bigger, smoother hits. And since the smoke continuously cycles through the arms you avoid splashback altogether. Additionally, since the vapor percolates at the base of the neck, hits are terpene-rich and flavorful since the bubbling action happens closer to the mouthpiece than with other rig styles. 

Benefits of a recycler rig 

Using a recycling dab rig definitely has its benefits. Here are the main reasons why this style enhances the experience of taking a dab:  

  • Cooler vapor
  • Smoother hits
  • More flavorful dabs
  • Drag-free smoke
  • No splashback

How many arms do recycler rigs have?

Dab recycler rigs generally have 2-4 arms but more elaborate pieces can feature as many as twelve, although we wouldn’t be surprised if that number continues to rise. 

Difference between bongs & dab rigs 

Unlike bongs, dab rigs focus less heavily on filtration and more on flavor. Since hitting a bong requires burning (combustion) of dry herb, filtering is key to removing the ash and other contaminants from the smoke. That is often why bongs feature multiple percolators for enhanced diffusion and filtration of smoke. 

However, since dabs are vaporized from liquid to vapor, rigs tend to be smaller pieces measuring roughly 5-8 inches that feature a single percolator and skinnier neck to condense smoke. In essence, the smaller the piece, the more flavorful the dab. 

And dab recycler rigs further maximize the flavor since the smoke never goes stale through the condensed chambers and network of arms.

Large vs small recycler dab rigs

As mentioned, smaller rigs in general preserve flavor more and that goes for recyclers as well. You’ll never get as much flavor with large dab rigs that measure 10+ inches because there’s water, space and time for the smoke to diffuse.

Cleaning a recycler rig

Much like other rigs and bongs you can clean recycler rigs using a mixture of salt, isopropyl alcohol and warm water to clear out the sticky reclaim. Some dab rig recyclers, however, are slightly more difficult to clean and require a slender pipe cleaner brush for the arms.  

Types of recycler dab rigs

There are three main types of dab rig recyclers: external, internal and percolator recyclers. 

External recycler

An external recycler rig is a style of dab rig in which vapor is pulled between its two chambers.

Incycler/Internal recycler

Incycler rigs also have two chambers where the second chamber fits inside the first. A popular example of this is the egg recycler rig which features a faberge egg percolator.   

Percolator recycler

Just as it sounds a percolator recycler is a type of oil recycler rig with at least one percolator. It can be either external or internal.  

Best recycler dab rigs for sale

Here is a list of some of the best recycler dab rigs available in our online headshop: 

Lavender Double Recycler Dab Rig – This double recycler dab rig features two arms and a fixed downstem which leads to a showerhead percolator, delivering silky smooth hits.

Fumed Heady Recycler Dab Rig – This recycling dab rig features a gorgeous iridescent silver fuming that will leave you mesmerized every time you take a dab. The best part about this glass dab rig is that it even includes a reclaim catcher which keeps it functioning effortlessly since it never gets clogged. Also, most heady glass rigs are extremely expensive but this piece is pretty affordable. So if you’re looking for a cheap recycler dab rig this is a great option.

Rainbow Glass Recycler Rig – Ever tasted the rainbow? Well, now you will with this rainbow glass recycler rig which features three arms so it smokes nice and smooth.

Iridescent Glass Recycler Rig – The amazing functionality of this four-arm recycling rig is matched only by its beautiful iridescent finish. 

Tornado Recycler Dab Rig – Although this piece comes with a bowl it can be easily swapped for a banger. This vortex recycler rig elevates taking a dab to new heights as you watch the water travel through its twelve arms. 

Amazing flavor & function 

People are drawn to both the functionality and sheer beauty of dab recycler rigs. So if you want the most flavorful hits, smoke that never goes stale and next to none drag and splashback, then it’s about time you invested in a recycler dab rig.

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