Cute Girly Dab Rigs for Sale

Girly dab rigs have an allure, charm and adorable aesthetic that sets them apart but mostly they radiate fun…

Girly has many connotations. Perhaps a pink dab rig first comes to mind. Or maybe a mini rig measuring just five inches tall. Or perhaps you define girly in your own unique way. 

Maybe for you, a girly dab rig means it has a delicate silhouette with many looping recycler arms or a bold, vibrant finish. Whatever it is, girly dab rigs give a much needed touch of femininity to the fairly masculine world of dabbing.

In essence, girly is a statement that I’m a woman and dab too, so what? It’s easy to understand the appeal of girly dab rigs which have a magnetism all their own with their cute shapes, bright colors and small size.

We are constantly adding new bongs, rigs and pipes to our collections. Below are our top cute dab rigs for sale in our online headshop. 

Mini Heady Dab Rig with Implosion Marble – This cheap girly dab rig for sale, available in pink or teal, features a beautiful implosion marble that sparkles under the light. Measuring just seven inches tall, you’ll love hitting this baby with its especially compact chamber. The colored flared mouthpiece complements the rest of the piece while letting you enjoy the fullest flavor of each dab. 

Lavender Recycler Tornado Dab Rig – With its two recycler arms and showerhead perc this cute dab rig offers optimal diffusion without the vapor ever going stale. The lavender finish on this small dab rig gives it a dreamy feel and charm all its own.

Rainbow Recycler Dab Rig – Another stunning piece, this cute girly dab rig lets have your very own rainbow at your fingertips, one that is bound to brighten up your day, especially after a dab. Made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass this piece features three recycler arms along with a donut perc for cool, fresh hits. And it’s a particularly cute choice if you want a centerpiece for your coffee table that will get you tons of compliments.

Juicy Watermelon Dab Rig – This pink dab rig shaped like a watermelon is completely hand painted, seeds and all. This cute girly dab rig for sale also has enhanced stability with its unusual twist on the classic beaker base.

Girly Rigs Radiate Fun

One thing is for certain, girly dab rigs seem to emanate fun. They are charming pieces that seem to bring a smile to people’s faces effortlessly. And rest assured, they are tons of fun, especially after a dab or two. Generally smaller in size, girly dab rigs, pack a flavorful punch. Between their cute shapes, colors and impeccable functionality, you can’t go wrong with a cute girly rig as your trusted confidant.

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