Special Prices

Getting a high quality piece of glass on discount is a feeling that’s hard to compete with.

Sure, when you get a new pair of kicks or a t-shirt, the first thing you want to do is put them on. You almost feel brand new. And even better when you got a good deal.

But christening a new bong that you got on special price is another level. It’s magic. It’s the beginning of many highs from here on out. And what’s more, you can spend the extra change on some top shelf herb. Maybe even begin cultivating your own garden. The possibilities are endless.

Bongs for Sale

While we are continuously expanding our dab rigs and pipes collections, bongs have and will always be our main course, the cheese on your pizza so to speak–at the heart of our collection. Occasionally, we offer bongs for sale as much as 50% off. We strive to offer highs on the low because you’re the best part of the Rotation. So whether you’re looking for a mushroom bong shaped like a cottage for your next great escape or a behemoth of a bong with a hefty discount to match, we’ve got you covered.

Dab Rigs for Sale

Nearly all of our bongs for sale are available as rigs, topped off with a beautifully blown 4mm thick quartz banger. We’ve got affordable rigs like the No Face made from food grade silicone perfect for your next escapade. If you prefer glass over silicone, we’ve got the Mini Iridescent Dab Rig or Cyclops Alien Rig. Still, if you’re looking for a more elaborate piece like the Ocean Blue Rig we occasionally offer discounts on our more high-end line. No matter, you’ll have a selection of beautifully blown rigs with impeccable functionality to choose from.

More 420 Deals

If bongs are our main entree, our smoking accessories are the icing on the cake. From carb caps to bowls to everything in between, we offer many essentials at a special price. That way, you can instantly upgrade your setup and spend more on your main entree: herb.

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