What’s a Dabber Tool?

A dab tool is an essential smoking accessory used for manipulating concentrates and placing the dab on your quartz banger or titanium nail.

Usually made from titanium, glass, quartz, stainless steel or even food-grade silicone in some cases, dabber tools form an integral part of the dabbing experience.

To clarify further, a dabber tool is a small, thin device that is used to transfer dabs onto the heating element of a dab rig. Since there are many different textures and consistencies of concentrates, these tools often have a scoop tip, sharp tip or flattened tip, with the most common being the scoop. 

What Can I Use as a Dab Tool?

If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place with no resin dabbing tool in sight, there are many things around the house that you could use temporarily. But considering that a cheap dab tool will only cost roughly $4-5 it’s well worth the investment. 

  • Safety Pin – First, use a lighter to burn off the protective coating on the pin so it doesn’t leach into your concentrates. Then, after you’ve heated up the nail, pick up a glob of dab  with the sharp tip of the safety pin. Hold it directly above the nail making sure not to touch anything directly; the heat from your banger will cause it to drop down into the nail on its own without touching the banger. All you have to do is wait in anticipation. Kind of exciting, right?
  • Bobby Pin – Similar to the safety pin, you can also use a bobby pin following the same steps. 
  • Wire Hanger – And if you’re really in a pinch, another alternative to the safety or bobby pin is a wire hanger. 
  • Scissors – If you have scissors made from stainless steel or carbon steel, this is probably your best option. Their sharp edge makes it easy to scrape off sticky wax from dab containers and break up shatter effortlessly. Although bulkier, they are perfect when in a pinch. 
  • Metal Nail File – Surprisingly, metal nail files can also work really well because of their pointed tip. However, you want to make sure the rough texture doesn’t extend to the edge. The most common style nail file has a smooth tip ideal for scooping up wax or cutting shatter. 
  • Screwdriver – While you can use a square top screwdriver too, we recommend using a flathead because it will make it easier to manipulate concentrates.

We hope you have one of these items lying around but if all else fails, we’re sure you’ll figure out something! We once heard of someone using a tire spoke so let your imagination run wild and see what mastery you come up with.

However, most dabbers attest that a dabbing tool is an investment piece well worth it over the long-term. But in these moments when you find yourself with just your imagination, not all is lost with these temporary alternatives. 

How to Use Dabber

Once your banger is hot and ready, scoop a small glob of concentrate from your dab container and apply it to the banger’s bottom edge. After all your concentrate is melted off your wax tool, cap off the banger with your carb cap. You’ll notice the smoke thicken and that the first few dabs are the hardest. 

Best Dab Tool for Shatter

Flat or sharp pointed tools will work best with shatter since they can cut or tear an optimal dab size with relative ease.  

Best Dab Tool for Crumble & Wax

Since crumble and wax both have a rather dry consistency and aren’t sticky, flat and scoop dab tools are preferred among dabbers. 

Best Dab Tool for Sugar & Sauce

These concentrates have a granular texture, with sugar being like wet undissolved sugar and sauce like applesauce, a bit more chunky. These both do best with a shovel or scoop style concentrate dab tool. 

How to Clean Dab Tool

Normally, you simply torch the dabbing tool until the remaining residue melts and wipe it clean with a paper towel. However, take special care not to burn yourself as the heat can travel up the resin dabbing tool. We would suggest using tweezers or something similar to hold it safely. 

Best Dab Tools 

The best dabber tools are the ones that work best for your concentrates of choice. The focus should really be around the material, functionality and shape of the tip to find the perfect match. We’ve selected the best dab tools in our collection below. 

Glow-in-the-dark Glass Dab Tool Pencil – Our absolute best dab tool this pencil inspired dabbing utensil. This cool dab tool glows in the dark and you’ll love how the green aura emanates brilliantly from something so small. 

Alligator Glass Dab Tool – This heady dab tool featuring an adorable gator with an extra pointy tail is a unique piece perfect for stirring and manipulating your dabs. Its textured back also gives you enhanced grip so it won’t slip out of your grasp.   

Fish Glass Dab Tool – Another cool dab tool for wax measuring five inches and made of borosilicate glass this piece is ideal for softer concentrate as well.   

Glass Dab Tool with Round Top – This simple glass dab tool is made of thick borosilicate glass and features a rounded top to easily grip. You’ll love the feel and weight of it between your fingers as you portion out a dab. 

Paddle Glass Dab Tool – This glass dab tool with its efficient paddle tip comes in three different colors: blue, green and clear. 

Mushroom Mario Dab Tool – If you are a Mario fan, this mushroom character dab tool is perfect for you. Made of stainless steel, this double-sided dab tool features a scoop and pointed tip making it extremely versatile. It’s a style that works with most types of concentrate. 

Stainless Steel Dab Tool – This is one of the best dabber tools, simple yet highly effective. This metal dab tool likewise features the same tip styles making it ideal for just about any texture of concentrate. 

Dab Tools and Accessories

If you are looking for other dabbing accessories like a silicone dab container or carb cap, be sure to check out our online headshop. Most dabbing accessories are extremely affordable and their functionality pays dividends.

For instance, a carb cap turns your banger nail into a mini convection oven. This means you can dab at lower temps than ever before. And as a result your dabs are more flavorful so you can experience the nuances of your favorite strains to the fullest.

Likewise, silicone dab containers are essential accessories. Their nonstick surface makes it easy to remove and manipulate dabs from their surface. They also have a secure closure and won’t break like glass, making them highly portable and travel-friendly.

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