Stoner Halloween

Ready to get stoned to the bone this Hallow’s Eve?

From pumpkin spice tea lattes to the leaves changing colors and all the creepy serial murderer series, the chilled air and barren trees set the stage for many nights of fright.

And naturally, to get into high spirits a halloween bong, rig or pipe sets the vibes for a particularly spooky smoke sesh.

Halloween bongs for sale

These halloween bongs for sale in our online headshop feature monsters, ghosts, claws and skulls. Whether you want a classic ghost bong, creepy monster bong or glow-in-the-dark gas mask bong, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you, in blood-curdling whispers, of course.

But if you’re like me, Halloween doesn’t end on the 31st. You’ve got cobwebs and spiders hanging from your Christmas tree, pumpkins sitting on your front porch until they start to rot and The Nightmare before Christmas for an all out creepy revival.

Scream Bong

We’ve all thought about it. You’re home alone. It’s late. You get a call. It sets the stage that anything could happen. And Scream triggers our deepest fears that no place is safe. The idea of a man with a white mask standing outside your window is just about as scary as it gets.

Scream was both a mainstream hit and cult classic because it was a love letter to horror. So if you crave the adrenaline rush of horror, this Scream bong is sure to elevate your high.

Pennywise Bong

Clowns are creepy. It’s estimated that nearly half of the population has coulrophobia, a fear of clowns. They’re exaggerated facial features and heavy, red and white makeup is disturbing. Combined with their unpredictability, it’s no surprise why they make most people uncomfortable.

And the idea of a clown that preys on children makes them that much more horrifying. So if you want to terrorize friends and family alike when Halloween rolls around, this clown bong inspired by the one and only Pennywise is just for you.

Treehouse Halloween Bong

This 3-D hand painted treehouse halloween bong features a grandfather willow tree with pumpkin patch, owl and ghost details. For those who love Halloween for its creativity, playfulness and mystery, this water pipe embodies spooky charm.Pumpkin Ashtray

This creepy cute pumpkin ashtray makes the perfect addition to your Halloween collection with its glowing smile and debowler taboot.

Hocus Tokus

So Hocus Tokus for as long as you like, that is, until you are ready for some cannabis hot cocoa and a jolly good time!

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