The bong bowl slides into the joint of your bong and holds your dry herb.

Bong bowl sizes

There are three standard bong bowl sizes: 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. The most common is 14mm. Larger 18mm bowls are fairly common for bigger bongs but 10mm are rare given their extremely small size. The diameter you should get depends on your bong’s corresponding joint.

Bong joint gender

The gender of a bong joint is either female or male. If the joint is female, you’ll need a male bong bowl piece to slide in. If the joint is male, you’ll need a female bong slide that fits over the joint. The most common setup is a 14mm male bong bowl that fits into the corresponding female joint.  


How to measure bong bowl size using a dime

An easy way to determine how big your bong bowl is without having to take out a ruler is to use a dime to compare. If the dime falls in, then you’ve got yourself an 18mm joint. If the diameter of the dime is about the same but a sliver fits inside, it’s a 14mm. If the diameter of the dime is slightly larger, it’s a 10mm joint. 

What are bong bowls made of?

Smoking bowls are generally made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass or quartz.  

How much do bong bowls cost?

Generally, expect to pay between $5-20 for a traditional bong bowl. 

Is smoking out of a bowl better for you?

This really is up to personal preference but compared to blunts or joints, smoking out of a glass bong bowl provides a smoother experience. Bongs use water to filter and cool smoke so smoking a bowl is less harsh than taking a drag from a blunt. Also, since you’re not using rolling papers or tobacco, the taste and aroma is distinct from using a glass smoking bowl.