The Charm of Pink Dab Rigs

Perhaps you’ve always loved the color pink, or maybe it’s grown on you over time.

And it’s no surprise why. Pink is a playful, soothing, calming and color.

That’s perhaps why pink dab rigs are becoming so popular. Because you can truly feel at home with a pink rig by your side.

Pink Dab Rigs for Sale

Pink Heart Dab Rig – Playing into the more romantic side of the color pink, this heart shaped dab rig will sweep you off your feet at first dab.

Recycler Dab Rig with Star Implosion Marble – This beautifully blown pink dab rig features a unique star implosion marble at the heart and center.

Creepy Cute Monster Rig – This pink monster rig is as cute as it is creepy with its intimidating fangs, trippy glow and hot pink body.

Imagine with Pink

Pink is a romantic, playful color that elevates the ritual of taking a dab to new highs. At the crossroads of innocence and passion, it sets the mood for just about anything you can imagine.

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