The adventurous dabber

Silicone dab rigs offer ultimate portability, comfort and ease. Made from non-stick food-grade silicone, they are virtually unbreakable, easy to clean and extremely travel friendly.

Silicone rigs are made for the on-the-go dabber – the adventurous dabber. Whether you are hotboxing the tent deep in the forest or sitting on top of the roof watching the sunset, silicon dab rigs are essential to elevate the experience. 

Glass vs silicone dab rigs

Glass dab rigs often take away from the experience of dabbing on the road because you’re constantly paranoid about it breaking or someone dropping it. But with silicone, you can drop it and the worst that could happen is that your banger cracks. 


And since silicone rigs for dabs flex, you can easily stash it away in your bag without anyone noticing. If there ever is a time when you need to be on the DL, portable silicone dab rigs are lifesavers to say the least. They offer an additional level of discreteness so you can smoke with peace of mind on a moment’s notice.

They are flexible in both senses, adapting to your lifestyle, letting you travel farther and higher than ever before, elevating the sesh beyond the physical plane.

Benefits of silicone dab rigs

Silicone dab rigs have so many clear benefits over glass pieces. Here are the top reasons why they are becoming more and more popular among dabbers:

Virtually unbreakable – Silicone is extremely strong and flexible meaning if you drop it, there’s little to worry about. Perhaps your quartz banger won’t survive the fall but your silicone bong can handle almost anything without bending out of shape. 

Dishwasher safe – Most silicon dab rigs are even dishwasher safe. While we don’t recommend using the dishwasher since it may degrade the print over time, your piece will keep its shape and come out sparkling clean. 

Easy to clean – Since silicone dab rigs are made from non-stick food grade silicone, they are super easy to clean. 

Travel-friendly – Because silicone is so durable, silicone dab rigs are perfect for the on-the-go smoke sesh. 

How to use a silicone dab rig with quartz banger

You are going to need a torch, carb cap and the concentrate of your choice. Begin by putting water in the silicone stem. We recommend filling it up over the sink, making sure it covers the slits of the downstem.

Next, you will slide your banger into the stem. Heat up your banger evenly for about 30 seconds. Make sure when you point the flame that it is away from the silicone. Turn off the torch and wait for about 45 seconds before dropping in your dab. Cap off the banger nail with your carb cap and take the dab. 

How to use silicone dab rig with titanium nail

Titanium nails take just 5-8 seconds to reach between 350°F – 400°F. It’s important to make sure to evenly spread the heat over the dish of the nail. Most importantly, do not face the torch directly on the silicone. The torch should be angled slightly upwards so as not to overheat the nail or melt the silicone.

If the nail glows red, don’t take the dab until it’s had time to cool off. When the nail is glowing red, it means that it’s >1000°F which is WAY too hot, will degrade the terpenes and potentially burn some fingers. 

Do you put water in a silicone dab rig?

Yes, much like any other rig a silicone dab rig requires just enough water to cover the slits of the downstem. You can fill it up via the stem or even the mouthpiece. 

How to clean silicone dab rig

Unlike glass dab rigs, you should avoid the standard isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture as it is too abrasive and will degrade the silicone over time. A great way to clean a silicone dab rig is to stick it in the freezer for a few hours or even overnight. Once you take it out just flex the silicone until the residue cracks off and follow with a warm soapy rinse. 

Are silicone dab rigs safe?

Silicone dab rigs are perfectly safe if made from food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone is a nontoxic material with no chemical fillers and deemed safe to use for food under high heat. Molds for baking and cooking are also made from food-grade silicone. Interestingly, it’s actually mostly made from silica which is sand. 

Cheap silicone dab rigs for sale

We have a growing selection of cheap silicone dab rigs in our online headshop. Some of our most popular include our cute No-face mini silicone dab rig and trippy Tie-Dye silicone dab rig with quartz banger. We also have dabbing accessories including dab tools, carb caps and bangers if you are looking to complete the setup.

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