Defining iridescence

As light shines through a soap bubble, it produces a lustrous prism of colors — the same mesmerizing phenomenon which inspired iridescent bongs.

Originating from the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, Iris, iridescence happens when light waves combine. And this optical phenomenon is all around us: the scales of butterfly wings, peacock feathers, beetle exoskeletons and the throat of a hummingbird. 

There is even cloud iridescence which you may have experienced firsthand. As the sun casts light in just the right way, it produces a pearlescent rainbow resembling mother-of-pearl in the clouds.

Inspiration for iridescent bongs

So it begs the question. Why not choose a trippy iridescent bong that leaves you with a sense of wonder? It’s to say, one that reminds you of the beauty behind his natural phenomenon.  

Just imagine. As you watch your own dank clouds of smoke evaporate into thin air, your eye is drawn to the trippy holographic rainbow stretching across the sky above you. And you are that much closer to the marvel that is nature.

Best iridescent bongs for sale 

At Stoners Rotation, we have a growing collection of iridescent water bongs for every taste, mood and desire. You want a thick iridescent beaker bong? Your wish is our command. How about one with a jellyfish percolator that delivers silky smooth hits? Well, today you are in luck. Below are our top iridescent bongs for sale so you can get high on iridescent cloud nine.   

Iridescent Mini Bong – This mini iridescent bong for sale measures just six inches and is at the crossroads of beautiful and adorable. The condensed curved neck and flared mouthpiece exude grace, reducing splashback and producing more flavorful hits. 

Rainbow Iridescent Bong – If you love thick glass, this rainbow iridescent beaker bong is just for you. Blown from 5mm borosilicate glass, this water pipe has a spectacular finish that will leave you mesmerized every time you take a rip. Also, it features an ice pinch that fits a generous number of ice cubes up to the ribbed rainbow mouthpiece. 

Champagne Iridescent Bong – This champagne iridescent beaker bong is perfect for anyone who likes to pair a bowl with a glass of bubbly. And this is one bubbly bong with its slitted diffused downstem. The ice catcher cools smoke even further so each hit is as smooth as the last. 

Cobra Snake Bong – This scaly iridescent glass bong may strike you as menacing but the rainbow pearlescent finish gives it an allure like no other. It has a certain magical quality that makes you feel like you’re in an ancient Egyptian square among real snake charmers who do not mock true magic.

Crystal Ball Coil Percolator Bong – The hand-painted iridescent neck of this water pipe draws your eye towards the coil percolator and ultimately down to the rounded base. It’s a thick piece made from borosilicate glass that makes you feel as if you have a crystal ball before you. And the future will definitely be dank. 

Twisted Iridescent Bong with Jellyfish Perc – This big iridescent beaker bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass. The jellyfish perc is particularly captivating because of how it breaks with the continuity of the twisted glass. Instead, the sheer glass provides the ultimate viewing window into its filtration power.

Twisted Iridescent Ice Bong – Measuring 12.5 inches and made from thick borosilicate glass this piece is perfect for the texture lovers among us. It’s to say, the wrap of this iridescent swirl bong gives it another dimension entirely.

Iridescent Ash Catcher Bong – What better way to keep the iridescent finish on your bong looking fresh than with an ash catcher? And this ash catcher bong is the whole package. It’s thick, has a showerhead percolator, reclaim catcher, ice pinch and sturdy base. All you need is to pack a nice bowl with your favorite cannabis strain.

Birthday Cake Iridescent Glass Bong – Happy birthday to you! This iridescent glass bong will give a whole new meaning to blowing out all the candles. Whether it’s your birthday or not, this water pipe makes every day a cause for celebration!

An ever-changing prism of color 

A lustrous prism of colors awaits you when you buy an iridescent bong. Glow-in-the-dark bongs have been taking all the glory as of late but that’s about to change. The iridescent effect is more subtle and intriguing over time. It doesn’t lose its novelty. And this is simply because it constantly changes under different light. And daytime highs illuminate the natural beauty all around us. In essence, every time you pack a bowl you are lighting up a different bong, one that surprises you in newfound and mysterious ways.  

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