Stoner chicks on pretty bongs 

Pretty bongs are elegant yet functional works of art that you love displaying on your coffee table just as much as love passing around.

Often with a feminine touch, pretty bongs exude grace, taste and sophistication.

The term stoner has often carried with it a predominantly male and negative connotation. But us stoner chicks are changing what it means entirely. 

We are daughters, sisters, mothers, breadwinners, entrepreneurs and we also happen to smoke weed. So what? We are advocates for cannabis and its far-reaching benefits because it helps us be the best version of ourselves.

So what better reflection of that than having a beautiful bong in your midst? A bong that says, I’ve got my life together and you can’t touch me because I’m going far. And all while flying high, enjoying each day to the fullest. 

Pretty bongs for sale

These are the most popular pretty bongs in our online headshop if you’re looking to add an extra touch of elegance to your collection. 

Honeycomb Percolator Bong – This pretty glass bong with its gold lace detailing is as unique as it is elegant. Featuring a honeycomb disc perc, this single percolator bong offers ideal diffusion with minimal drag. Plus, the flared mouthpiece makes each pull that much more pleasurable.

Thick Pink Beaker Bong – This pretty water bong, in contrast to the last piece, has a much simpler design. But sometimes that’s exactly what you want. The no frills design puts more emphasis on its functionality and thick glass. What’s more, the classic beaker bong shape pairs beautifully with the soft pink accents along the rim of the mouthpiece and bong bowl handle. Plus, the piece includes a diffused downstem and ice pinch for smooth hits.  

Pineapple Pretty Glass Bong – This is one of those really pretty bongs that speaks for itself, as if someone cut a real pineapple out of glass. Blown with immense detail, you’ll love holding this textured water pipe in the palm of your hand.    

Pink Heart Pretty Bong – This girly bong will definitely steal your heart with its adorable heart-shaped chamber. It’s a particularly cute bong to give to the stoner bae in your life, that is, if you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level.  

Rainbow Iridescent Pretty Water Bong – Iridescent bongs are all the rage because they give an extra dimension to the experience of getting high. Under the sun, this piece glimmers every hue of the rainbow. And the thick ribbed mouthpiece invites you to take one delicious hit after another. 

Champagne Pretty Glass Bong – Forget about champagne showers. This pretty glass bong puts champagne showers to shame. If you are looking for a water pipe that exudes sophistication at its finest, this piece is hard to compete with. 

Double Matrix Percolator Bong – Perhaps the only piece that can compete with the elegance of the champagne bong is the double matrix percolator bong. With its two gorgeous matrix percs this piece makes a stunning on your coffee table. What’s more, this water pipe also delivers an insane visual effect that will mesmerize everyone in your circle. In short, this is one of those really pretty bongs that’s totally underrated.   

Glassblowers elevating pretty  

We are constantly expanding our collection and always on the lookout for really pretty bongs to elevate our online bong shop to new heights. If you are a talented glassblower and are interested in partnering, we’d love to connect! Help us redefine pretty, bring more depth to pretty and elevate pretty to new all-time highs. 

You can reach us at [email protected]

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