What is a recycler bong?

If you vowed to never take a stale hit again then a recycler bong is just what you need for endlessly fresh rips.

A recycler bong is a type of water pipe that can be used for herb and concentrates alike. It’s characterized by its network of arms that cool smoke, keeping it from going stale as it cycles through the chambers in an endless loop. 

How does a recycler bong work?

In recycler bongs and rigs, you breathe in from the mouthpiece to pull air into from your bong slide or banger. Then, the air travels through the downstem followed by the primary percolator. 

After the perc, the water and smoke is pulled through the different arms and chambers of the recycler bong. Essentially, the water travels up through each bong recycler arm and back down into the main chamber in a continuous loop. 

Above all, the primary function of the recycler bong is to cool smoke as it goes through the different chambers, touching glass and water until it gets to you. To illustrate, you’ll see the smoke and water bubble up as it circulates before it reaches your lips. 

Benefits of recycler bongs

Recyclers are particularly fun to rip because of the recycling function and smooth hits they deliver. What’s more, they have numerous benefits over other styles which has made them more popular over time. Here’s our breakdown: 

  • Bye to stale smoke – Since the smoke cycles through the various chambers and arms continuously, it rarely goes stale since it has less contact with air compared to other style bongs. 
  • Better flavor – Because of the way the smoke cycles the flavor is also better preserved so that each rip is as juicy as the last.
  • Cool hits – Because the smoke is constantly moving and each recycler arm increases the surface area, the hit has more time to cool before it reaches your lips.
  • Cleaner hits – Naturally, as the smoke travels through the water, chambers and percs, more ash and contaminants are removed each time it cycles through.
  • No splashback – The shape and circulating function of this style bong prevents splashback so you won’t get dirty bong water in your mouth.  

Recycler vs bong

Because recycling bongs have a network of arms, they produce smoother and cooler hits than your standard water pipe. For instance, a recycler delivers a unique experience when compared to a simple beaker bong. The additional surface area provided by the multiple arms produces a cleaner, more flavorful rip.

Recycler bongs for sale

Coil Bong Recycler – This unique recycler bong for sale features a coil perc, jellyfish perc and four long recycler arms. It’s a beautiful piece measuring over 12 inches with a sturdy rounded base. The two percs combined with the network of arms produce an especially trippy visual effect. The real question is, do you have the lung capacity to rip this beast of a bong?

Propeller Recycler Bong – This glass recycler bong for sale functions beautifully with its unique propeller percs that rotate as you take a hit. Additionally, the smoke is further diffused by the showerhead perc and three recycler arms, making this rig all the more mesmerizing.

Tornado Recycler Bong – With its 12 arms, this waterfall recycler bong is a monster. It’s to say, the network of arms makes for an amazing show. Made from high quality borosilicate glass this water pipe has a sturdy base so it’s less likely to tip over. Above all, it produces a visual effect like no other and rips so smooth you won’t know what hit you. 

Recycler dab rigs for sale 

If you happen to dabble in concentrates as well, we’ve got a wide selection of recycling dab rigs. Rigs can easily be converted into a recycler bong for flower by swapping out the banger for a bong slide. Here are a few of our top recycler rigs:

Iridescent Recycler Dab Rig – This small recycling rig is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass. It measures just eight inches, features four recycler arms and a showerhead perc for enhanced diffusion. 

Rainbow Recycler Dab Rig – This large glass recycler rig has a stunning rainbow finish, three recycler arms and a unique donut perc at the center for silky smooth hits.  

Silver Fumed Glass Recycler Rig – This thick rig rips like crazy with its four recycler arms and inline percolator. It even has a reclaim catcher to keep your piece sparkling clean.  

Cleaning a recycler bong

Recycling bongs can be a challenge to clean with their various interconnected chambers and arms. Still, you’ll use the same cleaning supplies and process as usual. The only difference is that you’ll need to leave it soaking for longer. With isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt and a bit of elbow grease you should be able to get it looking sparkling new after a few hours soaking. 

  1. Flush – Flush hot water through your recycling bong to clear out most of the reclaim.
  2. Shake – Pour a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt through the mouthpiece. Shake the glass recycler bong vigorously for a few minutes, making sure the openings are plugged.
  3. Soak – Dump out the dirty water and soak the water pipe in a mixture of soap and warm water in the sink for 1-2 hours
  4. Rinse – Rinse with warm water, flushing out any remaining soap or residue.

The endless cycle

The repetition and cycle behind the recycler bong is soothing in a sense. Aside from producing notoriously smooth hits, recyclers are mesmerizing and therapeutic to watch. The cycle is a ritual, one that often leads to a sense of renewal through repetition.

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