A recycler bong is characterized by its network of arms that cool smoke as it cycles through the chambers in an endless loop. 

How does a recycler bong work?

Breathing in from the mouthpiece, air travels through the downstem followed by the primary percolator. Then, water and smoke is pulled through the different arms and back down into the main chamber in a continuous loop. 

Above all, the primary function of the recycler bong is to cool smoke as it goes through the different chambers, touching glass and mixing with water. 

Benefits of recycler bongs

Recyclers have numerous benefits over other styles which has made them more popular over time. 

  • Bye to stale smoke – Since the smoke cycles through the various chambers and arms continuously, it rarely goes stale. This is because it has less contact with air compared to other style water pipes.
  • Better flavor – Because of the way the smoke cycles through the piece, the flavor is also better preserved.
  • Cool smoke – Because the smoke is constantly moving and each recycler arm increases the surface area, the smoke has more time to cool down.
  • Cleaner hits – Naturally, as the smoke travels through the water, chambers and percs, ash and contaminants are removed each time it cycles through.
  • No splashback – The shape and circulating function of this style bong prevents splashback.

The endless cycle

Aside from producing a notoriously smooth smoke, recyclers are mesmerizing and therapeutic to watch. The cycle is a ritual, one that often leads to a sense of renewal through repetition.