Royal Purple Color

Purple bongs are majestic pieces fit for cannabis queens and kings.

The color purple has a rich, royal history because it was once worth its weight in gold. What’s more, it was reserved for royalty during the Roman Empire, forbidden among commoners and even punishable by death. But why was it so exclusive and desired?

Dating back to the ancient world, the color purple surprisingly originates from the rare Bolinus brandaris sea snail. Phoenician dye-makers in the ancient city of Tyre (modern day Lebanon) cracked the snail’s shell and when exposed to sunlight it would turn a rich, royal hue. But this took many a mollusk, nearly 250,000 for a single ounce of dye.

Royal Purple Bongs

And while the color purple has made it to the mainstream, thankfully through the development of synthetic dyes, it’s somehow still rare. That’s particularly true when it comes to finding purple bongs. That’s why we’ve curated this collection of purple bongs so you can feel positively royal, especially after a few hits.

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