Mini bongs are cute, portable water pipes that measure roughly 4-6 inches in size and deliver silky smooth, flavorful hits on-the-go. Because of their small size, the flavor is more potent than traditional bongs. In fact, the small chamber limits the amount of air within so the smoke is naturally more powerful. 

Mini bong vs bubbler

Below is a breakdown of the most important differences between the two:


 Bubblers offer the filtration of a bong but the portability and appearance of a pipe. 

  • Smoother, less powerful hits – Bubblers deliver silky smooth hits that blend the experience of smoking from a bong and pipe into one. The result is a more even-keeled, balanced high.
  • Easier to handle – Because of their size and shape, they are blown to be particularly ergonomic, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. 
  • More portable – Since bubblers are even smaller than mini water bongs they are also naturally more portable. 
  • Easier to store – Mini bubbler bongs fit easily into a stash box or discreetly in your bag on the way to the smoke sesh. Because they can be stored upright or on their side they are easier to conceal. 
  • Thicker glass – These pieces are mostly made from thick borosilicate glass. They tend to be thicker all around than most bongs, especially around the handle and base of the main chamber. 
  • Harder to clean – Mini bong bubblers are trickier to clean than normal bongs. This is mainly because you can’t take bubblers apart. 

Mini Bongs

Mini water bongs are smaller versions of standard sized bongs, measuring 6 inches and under. We consider small bongs to be slightly larger pieces measuring just 6-8 inches. 

  • Stronger high – Mini bongs deliver a stronger high than bubblers because there is more space in the main chamber for smoke to fill which results in a bigger hit. 
  • Smokes Longer – Bong bowls are generally larger than the bowl on a bubbler so it naturally smokes longer. 
  • More customizable – Bubblers are all-in-one pieces while mini bongs are more customizable. For instance, you can swap out the bowl and downstem. 
  • Easier to clean – As with most water pipes, you can remove the downstem and glass bowl. The main chamber is also larger with less angles which makes it easier to clean out.

The Charm of Mini 

It’s clear that mini bongs bring a lot to the table. Their small size is actually what makes them so desirable. Between their notoriously flavorful hits and cute package, they prove the power of mini to charm and elevate alike.

How much is a mini bong?

Depending on the size, material and features the mini bong price averages between $20-100+. Most cheap mini bongs cost roughly $20-$40, while higher quality pieces cost around $60-$100. If you’re looking to get a deal, it’s best to consider silicone over glass since it is generally less expensive.

Do mini bongs need water?

Yes, as with larger bongs mini bongs need water. The best rule of thumb when putting water in your mini bong is to fill water just above the slits of the downstem. This is roughly 1-2 inches from the base. If the downstem does not have these slits, simply fill so that roughly ½ inch of water covers the bottom of it.  

How to clean a mini bong

The most effective method to clean glass water pipes is to use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt. Simply pour in the mixture through the mouthpiece and cover the openings with saran wrap and rubber bands. Still, if you prefer a more natural alternative you can also use vinegar and baking soda.