We all want a high quality yet cheap bong that doesn’t break the bank. One that still delivers impeccable function while letting you save more money to serve as tribute to the green goddess… 

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Of course, there are dirt cheap water bongs out there for $10. But if you’re looking for a quality piece that will last you a good while, it’s better to spend a bit more, and here’s why. 

It may sound counterintuitive but as with anything, you get what you pay for. But we’ve got some tips for you so you can get a good deal without skimping on quality. But first, let’s cover how much a cheap bong is on average. 

How much is a cheap bong?

Generally between $25-$50 but you can even find some cheap bongs under $25. It really comes down to the material, size of the piece and if it has additional features like percolators. The larger the piece and higher quality the material, the more likely it will include additional features that will increase the price. 

How to find cheap bongs online? 

The best approach when looking for a cheap bong for sale that doesn’t break the bank is to determine what you can’t do without. If you want it to have a matrix perc or an ice pinch, search for those features before all else. In all likelihood you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on sale. 

For instance, Stoners Rotation offers a 15% discount to new email subscribers along with ongoing promotions so it’s worth checking out before you buy. Also, you’ll often find steeper discounts on bigger holidays and celebrations like 4/20, Valentine’s and Black Friday.       

Cool Cheap bongs under $25

If you’re looking for a piece that doesn’t break the bank, your best bet is to go with a mini bong, silicone bong or hybrid of both. Below are the best cheap bongs under $25 in our online headshop.  

Cheap glass bongs under $25

Thick Glass Mini Bong – Typically, good quality cheap glass bongs under $25 are diamonds in the rough. And this cheap mini bong  made from thick quartz is definitely a gem. This piece features a splash of green color accents and a diffused downstem for smooth hits in a pint sized package.  

Cheap silicone bongs under $25

Silicone Foldable Bong – Amazingly, this cheap silicone bong fits in your pocket. It even includes a metal bong bowl making it that much more portable. So if you’re looking to be discreet or going on a road trip, this cheap small bong is the ultimate transformer.

Mini Silicone Beaker Bong – Another cheap mini bong, this silicone beaker measures just 6.5 inches. It’s perfect for all of your escapades since it fits easily in your bag without fear of it shattering into a million pieces. This is definitely our top pick for cheap silicone bongs in terms of price, portability and functionality.  

Silicone Sriracha Bong – This cheap small bong shaped like a sriracha bottle is a great piece if you’re looking to be a little more discreet. Onlookers will just assume that you like all things spicy. But the moment you take this piece out for the smoke sesh, you’ll get a round of laughs and get everyone in the mood for something spicy that hurts so good. 

Cool Cheap bongs under $50

Often, it’s worth spending a little bit more to get a higher quality piece. With a slightly bigger budget, you’ll be looking at larger pieces and more variety in materials and features overall. Here are some of our top cheap bongs under $50 in our smoke shop.

Color Tip Beaker Bong – This cheap beaker bong under $50 is made from thick borosilicate glass. It even includes an ice pinch so you can drop a few cubes in for extra cool hits. This cheap pink bong features pink color tip accents which gives it a unique touch. It also comes in a variety of other hues if you prefer another color to pink.  

Cobra Snake Bong – Shaped like a snake, this cheap mini bong is as striking as it is beautiful. Available in clear and iridescent, it’s a unique yet affordable bong that makes a cool yet highly functional centerpiece for your coffee table. 

Glowing Gas Mask Bong – This mask bong is the perfect party piece. The cheap acrylic bong and mask combo brings the hotbox to you. And while it doesn’t necessarily get you more high than any other style of bong, it’s hard to resist the temptation which will make the smoke sesh all the more interesting.  

Iridescent Mini Bong – This iridescent cheap mini bong made from thick glass is an absolute stunner. Because of its small size it packs a flavorful punch but because of its diffused downstem, has similar filtration power of larger pieces.  

Paint Glow-in-the-dark Bong – If you’re an artist, then this cheap silicone bong with its trippy paint pattern may speak to you. The best part is that this baby glows brilliantly in the dark and might just inspire you to have a paint party alongside the glow of your bong. 

Glowing Silicone Alien Bong – Also measuring 14 inches, this big alien bong will take you to outer space in back, one hit at a time. It’s thick, durable and delivers out of this world direct hits. 

Glowing Silicone Bong with Ice Catcher – Another glow-in-the-dark piece, this cheap bong for sale includes an ice catcher that delivers chilled hits wherever your high takes you. Since it’s made from food-grade silicone, it’s a highly portable piece. As long as you have a cooler for the ice tray, you’re ready for ice cold hits anywhere.

Cheap percolator bongs

As mentioned, the more features a bong has, the more expensive it will be. That’s why we’ve selected the best cheap percolator bongs for your buck below. 

Double Matrix Percolator Bong – Measuring 12 inches this piece features two matrix percs for second to none diffusion. This cheap percolator bong sparkles more than your mom’s finest china (hopefully no offense taken). With impeccable function and a  window into the main chamber, you’ll be in for quite the show. 

Pink Dome Matrix Perc Bong – Another matrix perc bong, this piece features a sturdy base, dome perc and splashes of pink throughout. The matrix perc produces a cool visual effect as it diffuses and filters smoke. 

Honeycomb Percolator Bong – Measuring nine inches, this cheap percolator bong features a single honeycomb perc complemented by its beautiful gold and purple lace detailing. This pretty bong makes the perfect stoner gift to the bestie or bae in your life without breaking the bank. 

Cheap but Always High Quality

Cheap often carries a negative connotation with it – namely poor quality. But you can absolutely find affordable bongs that rival any one of your more expensive pieces. It’s a well known secret that finding bongs for cheap online is really about buying on sale or tapping into exclusive member’s only discounts. So be sure to subscribe to our email to stay on top of sales and new releases from Stoners Rotation!

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