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Anything over 14 inches is considered a big bong in our book because that’s more than a foot of smoke coming at you at full force. Huge bongs become an instant centerpiece, something that strikes awe in the most seasoned stoner because with great size comes massive rips of responsibility.

In essence, it’s a challenge of sorts. One that a true stoner cannot resist even if it ends in an endless coughing fit gasping for air.  

The Big Bong Theory

And we even have our very own big bong theory behind the draw of these mammoth pieces.  

Inspired by the theory of the origin of the universe itself, our big bong theory is that the cosmic inflation, rapid expansion and cooling of smoke within your big bong gave rise to the massive yet smooth rips we all know and love. And that is why big bongs are becoming more and more universal with time. 

Advantages of big bongs

Big bongs have numerous advantages to their smaller counterparts. They are a particularly good choice if you want to get blasted into outer space. Perhaps you’ve built up a tolerance or you’re looking for a piece that gets you zonked faster. Whatever the reason, below is what you can expect from huge bongs. It’s these qualities that makes them such a draw, especially among seasoned stoners.  

  • Massive rips – Due to the large chambers there’s more space for smoke to accumulate which translates to massive rips. 
  • Cool hits – Big bongs have much more surface area to cool smoke as it travels through the different chambers. 
  • Durable – Huge bongs tend to be quality pieces made from thick borosilicate glass or silicone. This also makes them more durable and balanced so as not to tip over from the added height. 
  • Percolation power – If you are looking for ultimate percolation power, big bongs often feature multiple percs due to their increased size.
  • Party bong – Big bongs are a great option for parties or if you tend to have a lot of friends over.
  • Statement and centerpiece – A big bong is quite the statement piece and makes a pretty big impression to say the least. Its sheer size alone is enough to strike awe in cannabis enthusiasts who perhaps had once faced the challenge.

Features to consider

  • Material – With big bongs, you’ll often choose between borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone. 
    • While it’s certainly up to your preference, balance is an important factor to consider. Straight tube style big bongs are preferred in silicone because even if it tips over, you really have nothing to worry about. 
    • Borosilicate glass is best in a beaker base style. The large sturdy base gives the water pipe much more balance, making it much less likely to tip over. 
    • Aside from balance, it’s worth considering if this is a piece you’ll be using primarily at home or for outings, and if it’s the latter, silicone is best for travel.
    • In terms of taste, most stoners agree that borosilicate glass is best since it does not give off an aftertaste which although rare, can happen with silicone.
  • Maintenance – If you are looking for minimal maintenance go with a simple straight tube bong. The more intricate the piece with percs, recycler arms and ash catchers, the more work it will be to clean. 
  • Percolators – Since the hits are naturally bigger with huge bongs, the added filtration that percs provide helps to filter and cool smoke. This makes hits smoother so that you can take in more smoke without getting into an endless coughing fit. 
  • Ice catchers – Most bongs have just one ice catcher but larger pieces can accommodate more. We’ve even seen big bongs with as many as 30 ice catchers. And while the form of each ice pinch can increase percolation, you really only need one if chilly hits are what you’re looking for. Naturally, the lower the ice pinch is and the bigger the bong, the more ice cubes you can fit which will cool down your hits significantly. 
  • Built-in vs Removable Downstem – There are benefits to each style. While a removable downstem is much easier to clean, built-in downstems on larger bongs are often preferred since they make using the piece significantly easier. Put another way, you don’t have to stretch your reach to remove the dowstem which can be cumbersome with huge bongs.  

Best big bongs for sale online

These are currently the best big bongs for sale in our online headshop. We even have some cheap big bongs under $100 if you’re working within a defined budget. 

9mm Big Glass Bong – This monster of a bong measuring 18 inches is made from 9mm thick borosilicate glass. This big glass bong is all around thick featuring an ice pinch just above the base so you can stack tons of cubes for chilled hits. The beaker base also makes it much more shelf stable. Above all, the thick glass an absolute pleasure to rip. 

Ribbed Silicone Bong – Measuring 14 inches this big bong features ribbed silicone in a straight tube style with a wide base for enhanced balance. This thick piece is topped off with a big bong bowl that pairs with it perfectly.

Silicone Ash Catcher Bong – This big beaker bong made from thick food-grade silicone features an ash catcher so you can catch ash and other contaminants before it gets to the main chamber of your water bong. The ash catcher also has the added benefit of keeping your water pipe cleaner for longer, minimizing maintenance overall. Plus, the jellyfish percolator further cools and filters smoke for silky smooth hits. 

Cheap big bongs under $100

If you are working within a limited budget, you can still find high quality big cheap bongs that won’t break the bank. These big bongs under $100 deliver massive hits without you having to spend a fortune. Most even fall under the $50 mark. 

Silicone Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Bong – Measuring 14 inches, this big alien bong will take you to outer space and back, and quite possibly into another dimension entirely. What’s more, this glow-in-the-dark bong in straight tube style is made of thick food-grade silicone. This makes it particularly travel-friendly and also gives it extra balance.

Paint Glow-in-the-Dark Bong – This 14 inch big bong glows brilliantly in the dark with its trippy paint print. Since it’s made from food-grade silicone it’s highly portable and travel-friendly, in spite of its larger size. Plus, the straight tube style of this big cheap bong is ideal if you want to get totally zonked with massive direct hits.

Glowing Silicone Bong with Ice Catcher – This cheap big bong for sale features an ice catcher which is quite unusual. Most silicone bongs do not have an ice pinch so this one gives you the best of both worlds. You can take it with you on-the-go to your friend’s place for the next smoke sesh, without compromising cool, filtered hits. 

How to clean big bong

Cleaning a big bong is much like cleaning any other bong except that you have to be a little bit more careful handling it due to its larger size. 

  1. Disassemble – First, remove any removable pieces such as the bong bowl, downstem and ash catcher. 
  2. Supplies – Gather the supplies you’ll need: 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt or vinegar and baking soda, plus soap and water for presoak and final rinse. Saran wrap and rubber bands are optional but could be beneficial.
  3. Presoak – For best results, fill the sink with a mixture of warm water and dish soap, and presoak for roughly 1-2 hours. 
  4. Mixture – Pour the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt through the mouthpiece.
  5. Plug openings – Make sure to cover the openings with saran wrap and rubber bands or using your palms and fingers. Since this is a larger piece it may be more difficult to do with your hands alone. It’s best to securely wrap saran wrap with rubber bands around the openings if possible.
  6. Shake – Once plugged, shake well for roughly five minutes so that the abrasive salt can work its magic on the resin and build-up.
  7. Rinse – Rinse with soap and warm water.
  8. Pipe Cleaners – Use pipe cleaners to remove any remaining residue.   

Big Bong Sizes

Big bongs come in many sizes ranging from 14 inches to Bongzilla which holds the title for the world’s biggest bong at 24 feet. Yes, we said feet. Still, realistically, the upper threshold is normally around 24 inches, not feet.

14 inch bongs – This tends to be the most common sized big bong which is at the smallest of all. It is perhaps the most comfortable to toke from since it isn’t totally massive. Although the straight shooter style is most common, 14 inch beaker bongs are becoming very popular due to their enhanced stability. 

15 inch bongs – Although not as popular, the 15 inch bong is very similar if not identical to 14 inch bongs in function and performance.  

16 inch bongs – 16 inch bongs are currently more popular than 14 and 15 inch bongs. Perhaps, it’s the go big or go home mentality but these pieces really do take things to the next level. Many cannabis connoisseurs opt for the 16 inch beaker bong style since its easier to rip from without as much risk of tipping over. 

18 inch bongs – Bongs 18 inches and up are not for the faint of heart. Once you get to this size though, this is when the party really gets started. Once you get to this level, water pipes will often feature multiple percs stacked one over the other. 

20 inch bongs – A level up from the 18 inch bong, this size lets you take even more massive rips, and can even accommodate a third perc. Jellyfish percs tend to be some of the most popular in big bongs with multiple percolators. 

22 inch bongs – There is really not much of a difference between the 22 and the 20 inch bong size but the extra room does allow for at least one more ice cube, if it features an ice pinch.

24 inch bongs – Although not very common, a 2 foot bong makes a statement like no other. It’s a behemoth of a bong and very much a unicorn in the bong world. The 24 inch straight tube bong is the most common style within this size group given its impressive towering nature. Just imagine two feet of smoke coming at you at full force! 

Big bong bowls that pair perfectly

Cannabowl Bong Bowl – This huge bong bowl will eat up all of your herb if you aren’t too careful! Inspired by the likes of the Venus Flytrap, this gorgeous hand blown flower features a big bowl slide worth passing around.

Swirl Thick Huge Bong Bowl – This beautifully blown bong bowl is available in both 14 and 18mm joint sizes. Aside from its cool trippy swirl design, it’s also deep-set so you can pack one huge bowl for endless hits. 

Dotted Big Bowl for Bong – Sometimes simple and a price tag you can’t beat is all you really need. In that case, this big bowl piece with dots does the trick. 

It’s a party

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to rip from a 2 foot bong, even an 18 inch bong, you know that there is something about putting your whole body into it that makes it something special. Big bongs are the ultimate party favor, one that can be shared and passed along. One that makes for an unforgettable day beyond baked, perhaps even the most baked ever. Just the memory alone makes it something for the books.

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