Unique cool bongs

A unique cool bong is a sight to behold. Whether you’re working within a defined budget or are looking for an investment piece, we’ve got bongs shaped like snakes, pineapples, lava lamps and shapeshifters as soon as night falls. 

Further, we’ve got cool bong designs with trippy prints that glow-in-the-dark. And still others that are at the crossroads of beauty and function with multiple percolators, recycler arms and unique features. 

For instance, if you’re a modern-day flower child, you’ll love our collection of hippie cool bongs. Or perhaps you’re more into the hauntingly beautiful and grotesque. In this case, a monster bong on the cusp between cute and creepy may be your perfect match. Still, maybe you just want a thick bong that exudes elegance, grace and hits like a dream.

Whether you’re browsing for cool cheap bongs or expensive cool bongs online, we’ve got high quality yet affordable water pipes for nearly every budget.

One look, one rip and these cool unique bongs will transport you to another plane entirely.  

Gas Mask Bong – The next time you have a party at yours with all of your stoner friends, make it unforgettable with this gas mask bong. This is one of those cool unique bongs that leaves a lasting visual impression. And the best part is that it glows in the dark, so when night falls it will light the way to even greater highs. 

Glow-in-the-dark Monster Bong – This cool mini bong is as creepy as it is cute. With its hyper realistic detailing, this many-eyed monster may just give you nightmares. Its sharp bloody teeth, single cyclops eye and multiple cat eyes make it an unforgettable piece.

Heady Octopus Bong – Another cool mini bong with similar detailing as the last, the octopus wraps its tentacles around the bowl, quite defensively. It appears you’ll have to fight him for it, and it won’t be easy because these are highly intelligent creatures.  

Heady Glass Pineapple Bong – Get ready for juicy bong rips because this unique cool bong shaped like a pineapple will make you feel like you’re in the tropics. 

Cool bongs under $50

These cheap cool bongs for sale are made from high quality food-grade silicone or borosilicate glass. What’s more, each brings a unique character to the smoke sesh without breaking the bank.   

Snake Bong – This cool mini bong shaped like a snake will be sure to trip you out mid-sesh. The unique scaly texture and iridescent finish give this piece the appearance of real snake skin. So conquer your fears and strike first with a bong rip that packs a punch.

Sriracha Bong – A cool cheap bong that reminds you of your addiction to spicy foods makes a hilarious addition to any stoner’s collection. Made from food-grade silicone this cool mini bong is super travel-friendly, measuring just 6.5 inches. The real question though, is whether you can take the heat of those hot wings after a few hits in.

Glow-in-the-dark Ghost Bong – This cool beaker bong features a trippy ghostly wrap that gives off an awesome green aura in the dark. Further, the ice pinch will be sure to give you bone-chilling hits and make you feel like you’re floating on top of a thick, dank cloud.

Glow-in-the-dark Alien Cool Bong – Made from thick food-grade silicone, this cool galaxy bong features a print of trippy aliens amid clusters of stars. Standing 14 inches tall, this water pipe glows brilliantly in the dark, so much so that its green aura may even make your eyes tear. 

Expensive cool bongs

If you’re looking for an investment piece, these cool bongs under $100 have enhanced features and percolation power that will make it all worth your while.

Coil Recycler Bong – This cool water bong for sale has it all. From its recycler arms to its coil and jellyfish percs, it’s one of those cool looking bongs that truly delivers.   

Propeller Percolator Bong – This piece produces such a cool visual effect. As you take a hit from this unique cool bong, the propellers turn. Just watch as the smoke continuously loops through the three recycler arms putting the propellers into motion. 

Recycler Swiss Perc Bong – Another recycler, this expensive cool bong is a masterpiece with second to none functionality. The four recycler arms, swiss percs and showerhead perc diffuse and cool hits to arctic levels. Plus, the two heady glass marbles give the piece even more character. 

Swiss Perc Bong -This cool beaker bong with swiss percs throughout stands out from the pack. And since it’s made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass, the thickness further magnifies its beauty as the smoke travels to meet your lips.  

Birthday Cake Iridescent Glass Bong – This is one of those particularly cool bong designs with its three-tier chamber that delivers birthday sized hits. And with this cool small bong by your side, every day is worth celebrating.

Hippie cool bongs

You’re a free spirit in touch with nature who never misses a sunset. And these hippie cool bongs for sale were made with you in mind.  

Mushroom Bong with Sprouting Mushroom Neck – This cool looking bong features unique glass mushrooms throughout. The best part is its curved mushroom neck with mushroom cap mouthpiece. So whether you bring this baby to the forest or your backyard matters not. Simply watch as it becomes one with nature around you, and how every blade of grass seems to be very much alive. 

Lava Lamp Bong – If you always loved the style of the 70’s, this is one of those unique cool bongs for sale that will definitely transport you there. Made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this piece features beautifully blown colored glass and a showerhead perc for chilled hits.

Crystal Ball Percolator Bong – Behold your future with this cool water bong shaped like a crystal ball. Just imagine the possibilities with this piece by your side. It’s to say, the coil perc and ice pinch are just the beginning.  

Paint Glow-in-the-dark Bong – This cool silicone bong is thick and measures a towering 14 inches tall. Above all, you’ll love how this cool bong design of colorful drippy paint transforms in the darkness.  

Silicone Ash Catcher Bong – Made from food-grade silicone this unique piece has an ash catcher to keep your water pipe clean. What’s more, the glass jellyfish perc gives this cool silicone bong an edge over others, delivering smooth filtered hits too. 

Cool glass bongs

If you prefer glass over silicone, one of these cool glass bongs may be just what you need.

Trippy Rick and Morty Bong – This cool small bong featuring the iconic duo glows amazingly in the dark, illuminating the trippy cartoon pattern. Plus, the ice pinch in combination with the diffused downstem, further cools smoke so you can enjoy silky smooth rips. 

Twisted Iridescent Bong – The textured glass and iridescent finish make this a truly unique piece. What’s more this cool bong for sale features an ice pinch so you can stack a generous number of ice cubes for chilled hits. 

Jellyfish-Glow-in-the-dark-Bong – This cool beaker bong made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass features stunning hand painted jellyfish that glow in the dark. Further, the sheer thickness of the glass magnifies the beauty of the jellyfish perc at the center.  

Green Double Jellyfish Percolator Bong – This underrated piece features two jellyfish percolators, one stacked over the other for enhanced filtration. 

Vortex Tornado Bong  – This 12 armed recycler certainly leaves in impression. Above all, you’ll love watching the water and smoke travel through its arms in an endless loop. 

Tornado Bong – This is one of those really cool bongs for sale that doesn’t look like much at first glance. But that all changes the moment you take a rip. Above all, you’ll love how it produces mesmerizing vortex resembling a tornado inside the main chamber.

Best place to buy cool bongs

You can find cool bongs to buy at Stoners Rotation. We’re an online headshop specialized in delivering glass bongs, dab rigs, and dry hand pipes discreetly to your doorstep. Be sure to check out our smoking accessories as well to find a matching bong bowl and other gear for your new piece.

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