Beaker bongs instantly set your mind at ease with their sturdy base, low center of gravity and characteristically cool hits. 

Beaker vs straight bong

Below are the main reasons why most cannabis enthusiasts wouldn’t mind being likened to mad scientists with a collection of beakers in their laboratory.  

  • Stability – The last thing you want is to watch your bong fall and shatter into a million pieces. And straight tube bongs are notorious for being easily knocked over. Essentially, one long tube poses a much greater threat than the beaker bottom bong with its lower center of gravity.
  • Splashback – There’s something special about knowing you can take a fat rip without getting dirty bong water in your mouth. No one likes splashback. And a bong beaker gives you permission to go the extra mile in stride. It’s less of a leap of faith than it is a matter of shape, angles and gravity. Since the base narrows as it meets the bottom of the neck, the angle at which water travels up the bong changes, limiting splashback. 
  • Ice Catchers – Ice catchers are almost always a given in beaker style bongs. They add an extra layer of protection against splashback while also delivering silky smooth hits. And whilel straight tube bongs can also feature ice catchers, it’s less common. 
  • Fat Rips – Reduced splashback means you can take fat rips without taking a gulp of dirty bong water too. But the reason why you can take these larger than life hits is thanks to the large beaker shaped chamber. Next time you light up watch closely as the smoke fills the beaker bottom bong. It’s to say, you’ll never go back to a straight tube again. 


How to fill a beaker bong

To fill a beaker bong properly pour water into the mouthpiece until the slits of the downstem are fully submerged. 

How to clean a beaker bong

Beaker style bongs are one of the easiest water pipes to clean. Much like any other style, you’ll use a mix of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. It’s best to let your bong soak in this warm water mixture within the sink if possible. Once it’s soaked for 1-2 hours, dump out the water and do a final rinse with warm water and soap. If there is any remaining residue, use pipe cleaners to remove. 

In the name of science!

We suggest that you test a beaker bong out for yourself, in the name of science of course. And you’ll achieve quantum leaps in the art of reaching the perfect high through consistent experimentation.