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Unique bongs take the center stage. They are a class all their own, distinct and highly personal. Perhaps you live by the ocean and once saw an octopus walking on the beach. It felt like the closest thing to an alien that you had ever seen.

Marveling at the 8-limbed mollusk as it slithered across the sand and back into the depths of the ocean, it left an indelible impression on you. Full of wonder, it made you feel like a kid again. And perhaps a unique octopus bong will bring you back to that moment, to that feeling again.  

The Allure of the Grotesque 

Or maybe for you, typical standards of beauty are boring. You’re drawn to what’s different, dark, strange and mysterious. You’re nonconformist at heart, captivated by what’s been foolishly disregarded as ugly. You find beauty in the grotesque because that’s the allure entirely. You can’t help but look, as with a many-eyed monster bong bearing its bloodied fangs. 

There’s No One Like You 

Everyone is unique. While you may have a celebrity doppleganger or a friend who loves all the same shows as you do, remarkably “no two people have ever been found to have the same fingerprints—including identical twins”. You have your own unique history, a past, present and future. You have your own personality, frame of mind and experiences. No one is quite like you. 

Finding a Gem 

So if you smoke on the regular, why not get something that truly resonates with who you are? Whether that’s an octopus bong, monster bong or something entirely different matters not. These stories may not ring true for you specifically. But there’s something about finding a gem that has a character and charm all its own, that’s truly unique because of what it means to you. 

Unique Bongs for Sale

Stoners Rotation is an online headshop that delivers bongs, rigs, pipes and other smoking accessories discreetly to your doorstep. Our collection of unique glass bongs for sale is growing by the day and we genuinely hope you find one that speaks to you, something you just can’t resist. 

Unique Cool Bongs

Heady Octopus Bong – One of our most unique bongs, this angry blue octopus will bring you back to the moment you saw one strutting its stuff along the shore. If you’re a true octopus lover you probably already know that octopuses can open up child proof jars. This kind of intelligence would come in quite handy when you’re opening your jar of edibles. We all know the struggle! 

Glow-in-the-dark Monster Bong – This is one of those unique weird bongs you just can’t help but love. Made from borosilicate glass and standing a mere seven inches tall, this piece is haunting, grotesque and flips the idea of beauty on its head entirely. And featuring a showerhead percolator at the base, its charm is matched by impeccable function. 

Heady Glass Pineapple Bong – Now this piece is unique in an entirely different way. Taking the shape of a pineapple, this unique cute bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass. The texture on this piece adds another layer to the experience. This is especially true if you consider yourself a texture lover. If that’s the case, you’ll love how the chamber feels between the palms of your hands. 

Trippy Unique Bongs

Glass Mushroom Bong – Now we bet you haven’t seen many bongs that make the neck an integral part of the design. This is one of those crazy unique cool bongs that brings you that much closer to nature. Even the percolator and dowstem are beautifully integrated as part of this water pipe’s design.  

Trippy Glowing Rick and Morty Bong – This trippy unique bong featuring our favorite duo is about bizarre as bongs get. The many faces of Rick will keep you entertained for many a smoke sesh, as you discover new cartoons and get flashbacks to their most hilarious moments. Standing just eight inches tall this thick borosilicate glass bong will most definitely take you to another dimension entirely. 

Glow-in-the-dark Ghost Bong – This trippy ghost bong also stands eight inches and is made from high quality borosilicate glass. Its green aura rivals that of the last piece giving it a particularly spooky feel. You’ll also love the bone-chilling hits it delivers after you pop in a few ice cubes. 

Unique Glass Bongs

Twisted Iridescent Ice Bong – Iridescent bongs are becoming more and more popular but this one stands out from the rest with its unusual twisted texture. This unique glass bong with its swirl wrap brings another dimension to the piece, further heightening the rainbow effect. 

Matrix Vape Bong – This water pipe is unique for its versatility. One day you can smoke a bowl and the next, hook it up to your vaporizer for a whole new experience. The quality is second to none, made from 5mm thick glass and featuring a matrix percolator just above the sturdy base.   

Iridescent Ash Catcher Bong –  Once you’ve used an ash catcher, there’s no turning back. And  while you normally have to buy one separately, this unique water bong is an all-in-one set. This piece may not be as unique as the monster inspired bong but it’s distinct in how complete it is. Between the thick glass, iridescent finish, reclaim catcher, showerhead percolator, ice pinch and glowing anchor, this water pipe is at the crossroads of beauty and flawless function. 

Unique Percolator Bongs

Heady Glass Ball Percolator Bong – This unique bong has it all. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table with an unusual shape that draws you in. The unique ball percolator is perfectly balanced by the sturdy base and gently curved neck. And the heady glass mushroom droplet is the final touch that ties it all together. 

Twisted Iridescent Bong with Jellyfish Perc – This thick piece gives a much needed twist to the classic iridescent bong. The clear chamber at the center serves as a viewing window into the beautiful function of the jellyfish perc. The cool whirling effect it produces is further elevated by the textured glass swirl that wraps the rest of the bong’s neck up to the ribbed mouthipece.  

Iridescent Birthday Cake Bong – Have you ever hit a three-layered cake before? Well, now’s your chance with this unique bong with multiple tiers. The large chamber allows for more smoke to accumulate which pairs perfectly with the puck percolator for cool hits that will land you on cloud nine.  

Swiss Perc Bong – This unique water bong features swiss percs which not only give the piece a distinct look but also serves a greater purpose. As smoke travels through the bong the holes diffuse it, creating many small bubbles which cool and filter it through water. The effect is both visually intriguing and delivers a silky smooth hit. 

Unique Recycler Bongs

Coil Recycler Bong with Jellyfish Perc – This piece gives a whole new take on the standard recycler bong with its jellyfish percolator at the base and coil perc at the center. The unique shape and combination of features produces an impressive visual effect as the water circulates through the piece. 

Propeller Percolator Bong Recycler – Another unique water bong, this piece features two propellers that spin as you take in the hit, making this baby that much more charming. 

Recycler Swiss Perc Bong – This water pipe is in a league of its own with its swiss percs, multiple recycler arms and heady glass marbles. It’s a modern and highly functional work of art that has an unusual beauty to it with its angular arms and stacked chambers. 

Vortex Tornado Bong – Another breathtaking piece, this unique bong features a web of 12 recycler arms balanced by the insanely thick base. It’s safe to say that this one will absolutely blow your mind. 

Unique Beautiful Bongs

Flower Glow-in-the-dark Bongs – This glass bong features a maze of hand painted flowers that transforms the piece under total darkness. This unique cute bong makes the perfect gift to the stoner bae or bestie in your life with its striking character and charm.

Honeycomb Percolator Bong – This unusual single perc bong has a gold lace detailing that gives it an elegance all its own. The gold texture is especially beautiful on top of the purple coloring. And finally, the honeycomb percolator in green or blue gives just the right splash of color to bring the piece together.

Pink Heart Bong – Lastly, this unique cute bong with its heart-shaped chamber is bound to cast its spell on you with its simple yet conceptually meaningful shape. 

So how do you define unique?      

Glassblowers Redefining Unique

Are you a glassblower with a unique vision? We’re looking to partner with local artists to grow our collection of unique water bongs for sale. If you’re a glassblower feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you so we can redefine unique together.

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