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25 Cheap Glass Bongs for Sale

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Best Cheap Glass Bongs

It’s our pleasure to help you make the most of your next smoke sesh at the lowest possible cost. Having given some thought to aesthetics, function and cost, we break down the top 25 cheap glass bongs for sale.

“Cheap” is a horizon most people hate to have to explore. Some others would rather not be associated with “cheap”. There’s always concern surrounding the quality, function and durability of cheap products. The cheap glass bongs showcased here aren’t the best bongs out there. However, in terms of quality for price they are the best cheap glass bongs online. For less, you may even think it hits better than that crazy expensive bong your bro just dropped bank on. All of the cheap glass bongs listed here are well under $100. Ready to cop a steal?

25 Best Cheap Glass Bongs for Sale Online

Iridescent Mini Glass Bong

Wassily Kandinsky once said that “color is a power which directly influences the soul.” And this iridescent mini glass bong is a cool cheap bong that’s bound to add more color to your smoke sesh. The small glass bong also doubles as a full-blown work of art! Simply put, the reflective effect is just trippy and mesmerizing.

Small Glass Cobra Bong

If you own a pet snake and you don’t have this, it would seem you chose the wrong pet. This snake bong should top the list small glass bongs for reptile lovers and those at the top of the animal kingdom who can come face to face with a cobra and take a massive hit without batting an eye. This small glass bong stands at just 6.5″ so it’s perfect to stash in your bag and bring to your buddy’s next smoke sesh.

Color Tip Beaker Bong

These are simple yet efficient cheap beaker bongs with a percolated downstem and ice catcher for cool hits. This glass beaker bong boasts a punch of color with its colored tip and bowl accents.

Pink dome Matrix Percolator Bong

This cheap mini bong is super cute and delivers silky smooth tokes with its single matrix perc at the base.

Propeller Glass Percolator Bong

This double percolator bong looks like something you only find in Sci-Fi movies. The glass percolator bong appears futuristic with moving mechanical parts. If there was gold colored version, it would definitely qualify as a steampunk machinery.

Vortex Recycler Bong

What in the vortex tornado bong is going on here? With 12 recycler arms, this vortex gravity bong is the ultimate extraction apparatus for massive hits. Does this look cheap? Absolutely not. Is it affordable? You wouldn’t believe it. Create your own smoke show with this fine glass recycler bong right before taking a hit so smooth that you’ll never know what got you. And the best part is you can see the smoke travel through the clear base, A.K.A belly of the beast.

Twisted Iridescent Ice Bong

Why wait for a rainbow to appear in the sky when you could have your very own at your disposal? The design and pattern of this thick glass bong is an architectural marvel.

Glass Straight Shooter Bong

This straight shooter bong with its glow-in-the-dark chamber makes the perfect addition to any stoner’s collection if you’re looking to keep things simple.

Vintage Small Glass Bong

Cheap glass bong
Vintage Small Glass Bong

Vintage products may be a little overwhelming for those who aren’t into that kind of thing. This cheap glass bong is not an exception. On the contrary, this piece of art is worth collecting. The glass water bong is beaming with artistic brilliance that your grandma could appreciate. Get ready to bake like its old school!

Small Glass Recycler Bong

Here’s an intricate glass recycler bong. With all of its interesting curves, bends and parts; it truly stands out. There’s nothing not to admire about this glass recycler bong for sale since it duals as a dab rig if you’re into concentrates. The continuous filtration will keep your hits smooth with no splash-back for full flavored dabs and herb alike.

Glass Tornado Bong

The built in turbine percolator creates a vortex, hence the vortex tornado bong. If there’s only one thing to be said about this cyclone bong, it’s AWESOME! There’s magic happening right inside this vortex bong since you can take deliciously smooth yet larger, more powerful hits. Watch the smoke rise through the mini tornado within your new thick glass bong.

Double Jellyfish Percolator Bong

Possibly one of the best percolator bongs for sale for the price. It may even remind you of your high school science projects and chemistry labs. If your chemistry teacher didn’t think you could amount to much, wait till they see this glass percolator bong in your possession. Don’t be surprised if teach already snapped up this double jellyfish percolator bong before you though!

Blown Glass Bongs

cool glass bong
Blown glass bongs

It doesn’t get much better than these cool glass bongs. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes but are all equally sophisticated! These colorful bongs are shrouded in an aura of mystic excellence. The designs look like something out of a mysterious temple, the kind you’re not supposed to touch but can’t resist. With a heavy build, they are bongs fit for gods, or someone with powerful lungs like the god of the winds, Aeolus.

Champagne Wide Base Beaker Bong

There’s nothing crazy special about this glass beaker bong except its enormous base. So if you like hits that knock you off your feet, this cheap beaker bong for sale is pretty special after all. It also comes with a percolated downstem and a built-in ice catcher for additional filtration power. Get ready and drop a few ice cubes and prepare yourself for a huge icy hit. You’re going nowhere until morning.

Thick Birthday Cake Bong

Someone thought it would be a good idea to make a thick glass bong stacked like a wedding cake. The result? A deliciously cool glass bong that makes the perfect to gift your best stoner bud or a cute proposal to the stoner bae of your life.

Summer Drink Cup Bong

cool stealth bong
Summer Drink Cup Bong

Aha! This cheap small bong is a perfect combination of class, style, functionality and appealing aesthetics. Better still, it’s the only stealth bong on our list. You could be on the beach during summer with this and everyone would think you’re having a chilled bubbly drink. Pretty cool glass bong to set the vibes, am I right?

BOO Glow in the Dark Mini Beaker Bong

glow in the dark skull bong
BOO Glow in the Dark Mini Beaker Bong

Want to do a cool magic trick in the dark during your next smoke session? Get this glow in the dark skull bong. Hopefully, the ghosts on the small glass bong don’t scare you because you’re tripping.

9mm Thick Glass Beaker Bong

This cheap glass bong is similar to the “Color Tip Beaker Bong” but features a colorful dotted smoking bowl.

Iridescent Beaker Bong

This glass beaker bong has an iridescent finish much like the “Iridescent Blue Bong” but with a clear base it’s easier to see all the magic. This glass beaker bong includes a built in ice catcher as well.

Iridescent Blue Bong

cheap beaker bong
Iridescent Blue Bong

This blue bong doesn’t look like glass on observation with it’s gorgeous iridescent finish but it’s actually made of extremely durable borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is used in labs and wineries because it can really pack some heat. In other words, if a scientist wanted to show-off by using fancy equipment, it would surely look something like this glass water bong. Cop a steal with this cheap beaker bong, mad scientist for your experiments will always get you high.

Mini Heart Bong

This cute mini bong will steal your heart. There’s nothing else like it on this entire list. If you and your partner both love you some ganja, this wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Couples who use marijuana together, stay together. Also, this mini glass bong would make a perfect gift for your significant other come Valentine’s Day.

Glycerin Coil Bong

big bong for sale
Glycerin Coil Bong

Here’s one dangerous looking big bong for sale. This piece includes a glycerin coil, ice catcher and extra grip underneath the wide mouthpiece to easily grab for the next sesh.

Hammer Bubbler Bong

It’s called a hammer bong but it looks more like you can lock and load it. By far, this is the best small bong to keep in your arsenal. It also comes with a 6 arm tree perc to get some extra bang for your buck.

Rick and Morty Coffee Cup Bong

coffee cup bong
Rick and Morty Coffee Cup Bong

The list would not be complete without a sprinkle of Rick and Morty. So here is a ceramic glass e to cap it off. As with all things Rick and Morty, this coffee cup bong is nerdy but also classic and perfect for your next wake and bake.

Why buy a cheap bongs?

There’s one obvious reason to buy a cheap bong: finance. However, you’d be surprised at what passes as “cheap” when talking bongs. You can find a really interesting cheap bong with great build if you look well enough. We have done the looking for you. There are also a few other perks to buying a cheap bong. For example, it’s cheaper to get a replacement when you accidentally knock one over. No need to be scared of having lots of friends over.

Cheap but HIGH quality

Many of the cheap bongs shown here are of high quality in look and build. Most of them look like they belong in a museum or art gallery. Also, they can take some beating and still hold it together. Try them if you haven’t and see for yourself. Here are some cool ashtrays if you wanted to switch to joints or do both.