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How Much Money I Make on Playlist Push

I’ve chanced upon an additional stream of income as a playlist curator, thanks to Playlist Push. In this article, I’ll delve into my experience, shedding light on the minimum requirements, detailing my initial earnings and whether it’s been worth it. 

**Every month, this article is updated to include the final stats for each subsequent month**

Photo: Courtesy of Playlist Push

How Much I Earn per Song 

As a new curator on Playlist Push, my earnings per song vary, ranging from $1.25 to $6.25. According to the platform, the minimum payout is $1.25 and the maximum $15 per song. These earnings are influenced by several factors, including the playlist score, reputation score, and the specific playlist targeted. The overall reputation score, in particular, dictates the maximum amount one can receive for reviewing a song. 

For instance, if an artist targets my most popular playlist, Trippy Instrumental Psychedelic Trip, my earning potential is $5.00. On the other hand, if a musician targets my Wake and Bake or Lofi Hip Hop playlists, the earning potential drops to $2.50 since each has a lower playlist score. 

stoners rotation trippy instrumental playlist stats

Currently, my maximum earning potential per song reviewed is $6.25. This means that if an artist targets all three of my playlists, combining the relative playlist scores, I earn a maximum payout of $6.25.  However, this is rare. I have only received the maximum payout once. 

Earnings in the First Three Months

My earnings on Playlist Push have grown quickly over the past few months. 

In the first month, two of my playlists met the minimum requirements. Starting March 5th I received my first song. Over the course of March, I earned $25 for reviewing 18 songs, each earning $1.25 on average. Not much, but at the time, my playlist scores were still being calculated. It took roughly three weeks for the new scores to update. Once they did, my payouts increased substantially.

The second month of April followed with a notable increase to $203.75. I was earning between $2.50-$3.75 per song, depending on the playlist chosen and whether both were targeted or not.

As of May, my earnings thus far amount to $177.50 and we’re just halfway through the month. My projected earnings will be roughly $350 by the end of the month. The increase in my reputation score is in large part due to artists getting discovered on my first two playlists. Every time an artist gets discovered, I get points towards my reputation score. Thus, increasing my average payout to $5.00. What’s more, my third playlist now qualifies for Playlist Push, further increasing my score.

Reputation score playlist push points stoners rotation

How Your Reputation Score Determines Payout

The reputation score on Playlist Push determines the earnings potential for curators. This score categorizes curators into different levels, with each level corresponding to a specific payout range. As one’s reputation score increases, so does the maximum payout per reviewed song. My current reputation score puts me in Level Three with a maximum fee of $6.25 per song. There are technically 12 levels, the first two are called minimum levels, followed by Levels 1-10. As previously mentioned, earnings range from $1.25 to $15.00 per song. 

How Many Songs Do I Review?

In the first month I received 18 songs, the second month 60 and the third month 53 so far. I project I’ll receive 37 more songs, rounding out to about 90 songs this month. I’m progressively receiving more and more songs with time, further increasing my monthly earnings.

How Does Playlist Push Pay Me?

Playlist Push lets you choose between Venmo or adding your bank account details directly. Once a song review is completed, the earnings are credited to my Playlist Push account. I have a record of earnings received for each song. While you can request a payout after earning a minimum of $25, I normally wait until $100 has accumulated to limit the number of wire transfers. There is a nominal transfer fee, which is the same, regardless of the amount. 

Playlist Push Review: Final Verdict

In short, my experience as a curator on Playlist Push has been totally worthwhile. The opportunity to earn extra income for marketing campaigns while promoting my brand Stoners Rotation aligns perfectly with my passion for music. 

It’s just the beginning, but the increase from the first to the second month, makes me excited to see how the third month will round out. The earnings potential makes it worth sticking to it to see how it pans out over the long-term. 

What’s more, I discover new artists I likely would not have come across on my own. I know from personal experience, that it’s not easy when you’re just starting out. It makes this all the more meaningful knowing that I’m helping new artists grow. To learn more about the requirements and application process, check out my comprehensive Playlist Push Review.