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Easy Trippy Drawings: Psychedelic Art Ideas

trippy colorful paintings of eyes

Drawing funky doodles and making art while high is one of the best ways to have fun and elevate your creativity! Even if you’re not sure where to start, you can find original and trippy ideas anywhere. From easy drawing tutorials to classic stoner drawings that are great for reference, there are so many prompts that might inspire your own trippy art style. So pack a bowl to set the vibes write before you unleash your creativity.

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Surreal Stoner Art Ideas

There’s a whole world of psychedelic illustrations and mind-bending styles that can inspire your own cool drawings. Pop culture has been intertwined with stoner art and surreal aesthetics for decades, ranging from posters of stoner icons like Jimi Hendrix, to kaleidoscopic patterns, or even contemporary shows like Rick and Morty. Check out these cool yet simple weed drawings if you’re looking for a trippy stoner aesthetic to reference in your own art.

Colorful Rock Icons

Famous celebrities from psychedelic rock have inspired trippy art since the 1960s. Maybe it’s your favorite actor from a stoner movie or a colorful musician, other artists can be a great muse for your own art.

Drawing a trippy face or silhouette of your favorite stoner icon is a great idea for music lovers (Source: MapPixel)

Easy Psychedelic Patterns

Funky patterns are both easy to draw and fun to look at. By coming up with your own geometric designs, you’ll never run out of lines and shapes to make colorful and trippy!

You can recreate these patterns or even come up with new ones.

Trippy Rick and Morty Drawing

Rick and Morty is current pop culture’s go-to show for trippy artwork and animation. The characters are easy to draw and you can create them with whatever medium you like. There are many simple Rick and Morty drawings out there to get inspired.

trippy rick and morty drawings
Rick Drawing. One way to make surreal art is to draw your favorite animated character in a new style. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Simple Trippy Art Ideas

While some drawings require complicated techniques and tedious work, there are also plenty of trippy illustrations that involve easy steps and allow for a custom flare. By learning how to draw a trippy symbol like a weed leaf or mushroom, you can decorate any image with cute art of your own. Whether you’re an art pro or a beginner looking for a great activity to try while high, starting with a basic image or reference to stoner culture is always a great way to get ideas flowing for your next creation.

How to Draw a Trippy Mushroom

Cartoon mushrooms can be drawn in an easy and beautiful style. By drawing simple lines and using a variety of colors, layer your drawings on top of one another to create an awesome trippy mushroom field that covers your canvas. 

colorful and trippy mushrooms
Draw mushrooms of all shapes and sizes to add to the trippy look! (Source: Pixabay)

Easy Weed Leaf Drawing

Of course, the ultimate symbol of trippiness for many stoners is a weed leaf. You don’t need to be a professional artist to decorate a surface with pot leaves galore. Just watch this great tutorial to learn how to draw a simple weed leaf.

More Easy Trippy Things to Draw

While weed leaves and mushrooms often show up in trippy drawings, the imagery doesn’t have to stop there! Lots of magical and psychedelic drawings include doodles of eyes, flowers, spirals, mandala patterns, mythical creatures, and more. Try your hand at these easy ways to draw colorful symbols without a lot of experience needed!

Goofy Creatures

Coming up with funny and eccentric characters of your own is another way to fill a canvas with your own flare and get really silly with the brainstorming process.

trippy doodle characters
Simple and easy doodles like this one make for some of the best trippy designs. (Source: Unsplash)

Psychedelic Mandalas

Whether you draw your own mandala or color one in, the visuals of this traditional and precise design are mind-bending and great for drawing while high.

trippy mandala drawing
Make your own mandala to experiment with colors and optical illusions. (Source: Unsplash)

Draw Your Own Designs!

Both practice and smoking weed together can help you make a captivating painting or drawing of your own. Put your pencil, pen, marker, or paintbrush to use, and let your creativity flow from there!  If you’re looking for more detailed inspirations for your art, especially including in-depth tutorials, check out this article featuring step-by-step instructions for making stoner artwork that illuminates colors and trippy symbols. 


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