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Cool Stoner Trippy Drawings

trippy mushrooms drawing

Cool Trippy Drawings

You don’t have to be an artist to create your share of cool trippy drawings. Nowadays, there are a lot of drawing books and YouTube tutorials to help you master this craft. Smoking weed just happens to be a great way to boost creativity and let your imagination run wild. Just remember to get the art supplies before you get baked from one too many bong hits.

Art in its nature and subjectiveness only needs to make sense to the artist, as it represents an expression of the artist himself. So don’t worry if your creative genius has got you trippin’. That’s the idea exactly.

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What are Trippy Drawings?

The simple definition of trippy art is: a form of art that makes us trip because of its vibrant colors, odd and abstract shapes, unique patterns or a vision of something out of this world. 

These effects were first perceived and associated with the usage of hallucinogens. Shortly after, people wanted to bring these feelings into the art world, which emerged as the trippy arts.

Trippy Drawings Guide

We’ve collected some of the coolest and easiest trippy drawings tutorials so you can get from here to the drawing board in high spirits.

How to Draw a Trippy Mushroom

Mushrooms are highly connected to the trippy art movement for their shape, color, and hallucinogenic effects, so we couldn’t start this list differently. Create your own trippy mushroom drawing and try using glow in the dark pens if you want to add an extra dimension of trippy!

How to Draw a Trippy Mandala

Mandalas represent the universe and that we are all connected. Let’s ponder on how connected we really are, after all. For instance, we are spinning roughly 1,000 miles an hour on a sphere that’s more than 4.5 billion years old. Luckily, we revolve around a sun at 0.01% the speed of light to get the sun’s energy which ultimately helped us evolve into sapiens that like to watch Rick and Morty high and eat pizza. Sorry, I’ve digressed but you get the point!

How to Draw an Alien

The idea that aliens could exist is trippy in itself. But what if you were the alien? If there does happen to be life on Mars, we could actually become an alien presence. Trippy, right? If there was life, wouldn’t the right thing be to leave them alone without the idea of conquest and capitalism in our heads? If we did, we’d get to see their own unique evolution play out.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an out of this world drawing with the planets, constellations, a UFO and best of all, you as an alien. But your alien doesn’t have to be green as is always depicted. Create your own alien version of you from Mars, maybe it’s even a dusty red to blend into its environment.

How to Draw a Dinosaur 

Who wouldn’t want to draw a trippy dinosaur surrounded by mountains and a colorful trippy drip sky? Between 240-247 million years ago the dinosaurs appeared, and to our knowledge were wiped out 65.6 million years ago by a catastrophic asteroid impact. Maybe you can draw one changing from a dinosaur to a bird. The evolution of theropods into birds as different a pigeon and a Peacock could make for a trippy piece. Funnily enough, peacocks evolved from what’s been accurately depicted by the Telegraph as a “pigeon-sized feathered dinosaur.” We we’re talking about early peacocks, right?

How to Doodle Trippy Art

Here’s a video to teach you some trips and tricks to make your drawings even trippier and cooler. Learn different psychedelic patterns to add to your growing art collection and get a little bit stoned as you draw out each line. 

How to Draw a Trippy Elephant

There is something about elephants that makes them a frequent symbol in psychedelic and trippy art. Maybe it’s that elephants are the largest land mammal at 6 tons, or that their average lifespan is 65, not far from us humans. Interestingly, the largest ocean mammal happens to be the blue whale at 200 tons. If that’s not reason enough to be amazed, maybe it’s that elephants communicate through vibrations. Catch my vibe?

Psychedelic Drawing

If you were wondering if now was a good time for you to roll one, you know the answer. You are going to trip just watching this psychedelic drawing video. One of the more satisfying trippy drawings on this list, you get hypnotized instantly as you go into other dimensions, worlds and imagine the possibilities that lay ahead. Get unexpectedly elevated as you create worlds, and that of course includes mazes. If you want to test your smarts and show off your high IQ, draw out some trippy mazes and see who can finish first.

Rick and Morty Trippy Drawing

Do you honestly think that we wouldn’t have a Rick and Morty trippy drawing on our list? Think again.

Rick and Morty are tripping in a psychedelic and colorful mushroom forest. Just listen to Empire of the Sun and perfect the saliva/booze “what have you,” dripping outside of Rick’s mouth. Might even inspire you to binge-watch the best Rick and Morty episodes to watch high. Aw Geez!

Not Sure How to Make Weird Trippy Art

Don’t know from where to start? Don’t worry, just randomly start drawing the first that pops up in your mind. Except that, wink!

You make your own rules, as long as it’s possible, just do it. If it’s not possible, well, just know your limits. Hopefully, you understand young Jedi.

Share your Psychedelic Drawings

Not very good at drawing? No problem-o. You can buy trippy stoner coloring books where all you need to do is fill in the blanks. Sometimes it’s more about the colors anyways. Just prepare yourself with a box of coloring pencils or even crayons. You’d be surprised what the best in class crayons can do nowadays. Technology man.

Once you finish your trippy drawings you can share them with your friends or meet new stoners by sharing on a cannabis social network like Buddy Jane.