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Sims 4 Cheats: Hacks to gain Skills Faster and Earn Money

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Planning to take your sim from the rags to the riches after a few bong rips? Here are some of the best Sims 4 cheats to level up skills faster and earn money.

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Leveling up skills

Certain skills like painting, gardening, photography etc allow you to earn a lot of money once you reach a higher level. There are many ways to skill up fasterin the game. You can select sim traits in create a sim, such as creative or active to help level up your painting or athletic skills faster. You can also choose different lot traits like homey, fast internet or natural light to help with a particular skill. 


After reaching the level 9 of the painting skill, you are able to create masterpieces. Each painting can be sold for upto 3000 simoleans. It does take a bit of time to get to level 9, but once you do it is quite easy to make quick money. To make this process faster, you can use the digitalistic sketchpad item.

Sim Ray

If you own the Get to Work expansion pack, you can use the invention constructor to make a Sim Ray. When you reach the level 3 of the scientist career you have the ability to transform one object into another using the Sim Ray. You can use it on the cheapest objects in the game, which after transformation is most likely of a higher value than the original item. 

Move in with a wealthy Sim

This is a fairly simple one. If you have a high enough friendship with a particular sim, you have the option of asking them to move in with you. This enables you to merge their household funds with yours. You can then choose to remove the sim but keep the money for your household.

Beach combing

If you have the island living pack, beachcoming can be a very lucrative activity. Head over to the Sand Simolean beach or the Ohanali Beach. Once there, clicking on the sand reveals the option of beachcombing. You can find rare seashells and other valuable objects which you can sell for a hefty profit.  

Borrow money

When your sim reaches the level 7 of the Charisma skill they can ask other sims for a small loan and on level 9 they have the option to ask for a large loan. The game gives you an option to return the money, but not doing so has no negative consequences. 

Rummage for decorations

With the Sims 4 seasons expansions pack you have the option of rummaging for decorations when you click on the decoration box. Upon doing that, you will get random decor items from the box. You can do it an unlimited number of times and sell all the items for instant money.  


Gardening is a well paying skill in the sims 4. A large enough garden with the right plants can net you lots of money. Plants like the dragonfruit sell for a high price in game. Growing dragonfruit however can be a bit of a task as it is difficult to find it in the world. Dragonfruit is grown by grafting a Snapdragon flower and a strawberry bush. The seeds for these plants can be harvested from South East corner of Willow creek behind a bungalow. To need to unlock the grafting option by reaching level 5 of the gardening skill.

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