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Top 10 Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy easter eggs

Harry Potter fans have had to wait for what seemed like an eternity, for a game that truly encapsulates the magic present in the books and the movies. Enter “Hogwarts Legacy”, a game which does absolute justice to the amazing franchise created by J.K. Rowling. It has been one of the most exciting video game releases of 2023. The attention to detail by developers Avalanche, has been nothing short of astounding. 

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Top 10 Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs 

On this note, let’s take a look at the top 10 Easter Eggs the developers have hidden in Hogwarts Legacy. 

The Hufflepuff Basement

The Hufflepuff basement serves as the common room for all Hufflepuffs. It is sneakily situated in the form of a giant barrel in the cellar beneath the Great Hall. If you are a Hufflepuff, entry to the common room is quite simple. According to Prof. Matilda Weasley, you must “tap the barrel two from the bottom, in the middle of the second row, in the rhythm of Hel-ga-huffle-puff”. In the game, the barrel opens automatically if you are a Hufflepuff. If not, the barrels douse you with a generous downpour of vinegar!

Voldemort’s Book

In one of the main quests the player is tasked with sneaking into the restricted library with Sebastian Sallow. Lying on a shelf, is a book titled “Secret of the Darkest Arts” which the player can interact with. According to the lore, it is the exact same book which Voldemort eventually uses to learn about Horcruxes.

The mysterious chess pieces

In the Room of Requirement, the player can spot life sized chess pieces in the background.These are the same ones that Ron uses in the first movie. A subtle yet fascinating nod to the iconic chess scene with this Hogwarts Legacy easter egg.

The Werewolf Room

There is a secret werewolf room in Hogwarts Legacy housing a Werewolf statue and tapestries which tell a werewolf related story. It is located in the tapestry gallery as the player makes their way to the dungeons of Hogwarts. One of the tapestries has a shield with the letter “K” on it. The player can simply walk towards it and it will swing open like a hidden door, revealing the secret room.

Hermoine’s Polyjuice Potion

The girls bathroom near professor Fig’s classroom has an easter egg referencing Hermoine’s Polyjuice potion. In the left most cubicle of the bathroom you can find a pot brewing some potion along with books stacked on the side, a silent nod to the chamber of secrets movie.

The Weasley Brothers

While exploring Hogsmeade the player may randomly spot two redhead twins roaming about looking for trouble. Their appearance is strikingly similar to Fred and George Weasly.

Mini Quidditch

Although the player cannot play Quidditch in the game due to headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black banning the sport. However there is a way to watch the sport in game. Head to Madam Kogawa’s office in the Bell Tower Wing. On one of the tables, you can spot a miniature version of the Quidditch Pitch with mini characters playing an actual Quidditch game.

Ron’s Rat

The icon for the Transfiguration spell in the game is a cup with a rat tail. It is a reference to the second movie where Ron tries to turn Scabbers into a goblet with his broken wand and instead turns him into a furry cup with a tail.  

Sneaky House-elves

Roaming around Hogwarts at night? You might see a house elf busy cleaning the castle. Don’t get too close though, as they are very skittish. As soon as they see you, they will disappear into thin air. 

Pet Phoenix

Phoenixes are pretty rare magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. According to the lore, Phoenixes are quite difficult to domesticate. There were only two known domesticated Phoenixes, one owned by Albus Dumbledore and one which was a mascot for the New Zealand Quidditch team. However, you can have your own pet Phoenix in the game. It is part of the last side quests you do for Deek, the house elf who hangs out in the Room of Requirement. After defeating all the enemies the player can simply catch the only Phoenix in the game and make it a part of their Vivarium. Phoenix feathers are also the only resource in the game which will allow you to upgrade your wand to the maximum.

Bonus Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs

  1. If you continue along slytherins seb’s questline, Ominous will use his family ability of parsle tongue to open a secret office created by salazar slytherin. If you read the letter he left at his desk. He left a creature in deep sleep when awakened will cleanse the school of muggle born witch and witches which is a nod to the basilisk inside the chamber or secrets
  2. Spectre spec spectacles. Allows the wearer to see wrackspurts
  3. Nellie oggspire quests, to locate flying keys. 16 tokens can be put in house chest to unlock the house exclusive relic robes for your character. Prof flitwick enchanted a lot of flying keys in the third chamber of the philosophers stone trials.
  4. Phoenix
  5. Houseelves to clean the castle only come out at night and disappear

Unbelievable Hogwarts Easter Eggs  

Which was your favorite Hogwarts Legacy easter egg? Or did you manage to find a few of your own? Let us know down in the comments.