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Must See Sci-Fi Movies to Watch High

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Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch High

Science fiction sometimes abbreviated as “Sci Fi”, Scifi”, Sci-FI”, “sci-fi” or “SF” is a movie genre solely made for higher beings (not for your average Joe). As we all know, getting stoned transiently qualifies you as a higher being. These must see sci-fi movies to watch high may be the reason why weed and sci-fi exist.

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A combo of weed and sci-fi is a match made in the clouds (preferably dank clouds). The saying, “Marijuana can make a bad movie good and a good movie great” doesn’t do justice to the unparalleled experience of seeing a sci-fi movie while stoned. Sci-fi movies demand a lot of imagination and speculation and marijuana unlocks the sixth sense. Now you know why you’re better off seeing sci-fi movies stoned than sober.


You can as well think of it this way: Weed makes you a better explorer and even improves the depth you can reach by relaxing your mind and opening up a world of possibilities. You stop to deliberate between what’s real or not, what’s possible or not and just soak it all in. Moreover, there is no sci-fi without exploration. As matter of fact, exploration is the living and breathing core of such movies.

To be honest, it does feel like scientists who make breakthroughs are high on something (not necessarily marijuana). To achieve some certain feat, you need to be able to let go of what you already know to transcend a new plane. Nothing does it better than weed to help you connect to another channel.

Nothing trumps the first high sci-fi experience. If you haven’t seen any these movies high or sober, this is an opportunity to get stoned and start watching for the maximum feel. If you have seen all or any of these movies while sober, fret not, watching them high will be a new experience altogether.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

Kubrick and his team might have been super blazed when they filmed this masterpiece. It’s only befitting you do the same while you watch the movie! If you hit the weed right and see this masterpiece from start to finish, you might never have a better combo than this duo.

The emotional wreckage and intellectual sting will have you on your feet in spite of couch lock! The entire movie will be your favorite moment of transfixion in years to come.

Predestination (2014)

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Sci-fi as a genre has a soft spot for time travel and the plot holes which are so common with time travel movies sets off some audience. Despite the obvious, Predestination did the time paradox “an okay” amount of justice when watched sober. If you’re a sucker for time travel movies and you see this movie with Mary Jane coursing through your system, your rating for this movie will sky rocket.

More importantly, weed makes you accept and understand the movie as it is without trying to balance things out and rationalize (which takes away the fun). Otherwise, you might just keep thinking about it forever.

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Triangle (2009)

Oh you’re just having a bad dream, that’s all baby.

This movie references the Bermuda Triangle (a region in the ocean where things go missing and are never found) is the best pick for the fans of “colossal mind f*ck” movies”. With added flavor of the golden leaf, you’re bound to see a fresh perspective and an interesting look on mind jolting movies.

The movie stays true to its name and utilizes a subtle approach rather than a complex one to intrigue the audience. That doesn’t still make it simple or straightforward in any sense.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

This is always the highlight of my day.

Beyond the Black Rainbow is more relevant for its aesthetics than the actual story it tries to tell. It relies heavily on the stunning visuals, gorgeous soundtracks, lighting and color than the actual storytelling (the storytelling isn’t that bad though).

Fair warning; this movie can be likened to a slow cooker recipe. Just enjoy the gorgeous cinematography while the movie slowly drags out.

Interstellar (2014)

Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.

Interstellar is one of those movies that have fans at a great divide. There’s so much hate and admiration pouring in at the same time that you’re left on the fence on whether to see the movie or not.

In weed, there is unity. The consensus henceforth is that you get high and watch this interplanetary movie. You will enjoy it to say the least.

Get your wiz game on!

It’s time to dissect these movies as a scientist of the order of marijuana. Reach new depths, ascend new heights and experience the beauty that lies in the science of marijuana. Still feeling elated? Check out the best movies to watch high.