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Best Movies to Watch High

the big lebowski movie

Best Movies Stoned

Who doesn’t like movies? Generally, movies are great for everyone depending on the genre that gets your clock ticking. There are genuine movie fans, who give their blood and sweat to see/when seeing a movie while some others treat it as a secondary activity to distract themselves from their demons or pass the time.

Jump to our visual story on “Best Movies to Watch High” for a snapshot in under a minute.

Unlike movies, getting stoned always takes the primary spot once the pot kicks in. Pot is the main course and everything else is dessert – take the back seat world, I’m stoned! Getting high is an all-round, full time, complete activity on its own. I mean, flying without wings beat science and should not be taken for granted. Do we need to see a movie while high? No! We got a full gig running. Can we see a movie while high? Yes. Should we see a movie while high? Abso-f*cking-lutely Yes! 

Seeing a movie while high will definitely sweeten the pot (pun intended). Butter on bread anyone or just bread? You know my pick. Sheesh! You’re already flying without wings, what next? You could probably see in 3D without a VR glasses. Best case scenario? You could play your best movie character in AR while cozied up in your couch without an AR set! (That’s a premium tip right there).  Let’s make it worth your while with this list of the best movies to watch high, shall we?

Inception (2010)

Inception Visual Effects (Source: Wired)

Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger

Inception simply put is literally a movie about dreamers. Who dreams better than a stoner? That’s some 6th sense sh*t right there. People get their minds blown after seeing this movie in their human state. What do you think happens when you see this movie when the force is strong with you in your stellar state? Quintessence achieved!

Mulholland Drive (2001)

mulholland drive cast
Mulholland Drive movie (Source: No Film School)

Just stop for a little second and think about it

After buttering your bread with this movie, there’s a high probability you will wake up in a new world of adventure feeling like Rita. Who craves a new perspective and some adventure? Count me in!

Interstellar (2014)

interstellar movie scene
Interstellar movie (Source: No Film School)

We’re still pioneers, we’ve barely begun

No kidding, seeing this movie while high is essentially doubling if not tripling your stellar experience (pun intended). You get to travel through a wormwhole twice. Amazing, isn’t it?

Fight Club (1999)

fight club movie
Brad Pitt Fight Club (Source: The New Yorker)

You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank

Gather round my sober compatriots! If getting stoned turns you into a wise sensei who wants to take absolute control of their life then this is for you. Fight your way to the top, survive together and emerge victorious with your comrades! 

The Big Lebowski (1998)

the big lebowski cast
The Big Lebowski bowling scene (Source: Forbes)

Do you have to use so many cuss words?

Hey, what are you laughing at? Nothing, I’m just stoned. Well well friend, we’ve got the joker in our midst. Is unsolicited laughter your weakness when you’re high? You will find yourself doing wayyyyyy past that seeing this movie while high. 

Pineapple Express (2008)

pineapple express cast
Pineapple Express movie (Source: Roger Ebert)

Hands down the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked

What a fruity name for a movie about getting in trouble for having a special thirst for a rare strain of marijuana. You know the drill guys and gals, a stoners gotta do what a stoners gotta do for that special pot. Is your special pot worth dying for?

Kill Bill (2003)

kill bill vol 1
Uma Thurman Kill Bill (Source: Happy Mag)

That woman deserves her revenge

Pump your brakes right here soldier. This is not a license to make everyone who’s ever crossed you pay. The punisher is not in town. Why not offer the bride some of your not so human assistance to take care of her problems first? Surely yours can wait.

Shutter Island (2010)

shutter island movie
Leonardo Dicaprio Shutter Island (Source: Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Which would be worse – to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?

Want to have the perfect reaction to a very tense movie? Try seeing it while high. Let your godly detective chakra guide you on this journey O stoner. 

Ready for couch lock?  

This list would be really wasteful if you aren’t getting high at this moment and pressing play on any of these movies in this list. Go make us proud and light one up! And if you get sleepy when the ganja hits (snoozing halfway through the feature film) try one one of these animated adult shows before you knock out!