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Cool Ashtrays for Stoners

best ashtrays for stoners

Decorative Ashtrays

Ashtrays have always been an intrinsic part of the smoking culture since the days of old. Having ash all over the place doesn’t attract some sort of medal for a stoner. Over the years, ashtrays have evolved and gotten really cool. They have transcended simple tools for collecting ash and morphed into works of art and masterpieces. A beautiful and amazingly functional design screams aesthetics and usability. That’s a powerful combo. Whether you seek a personalized, customized or unique ashtray, there’s something for everyone. If you want to do more than just collect ash, here are some cool ashtrays for stoners.

Photo: Unsplash

Top 25 Ashtrays for Stoners List

Ceramic Custom Ashtray

custom ceramic cigar ashtray
Montecristo Custom Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Listening to a news broadcast is like smoking a cigarette and crushing the butt in the ashtray – Milan Kundera

Class doesn’t get better than this executive custom cigar ashtray. The lush and luxurious design of this ceramic ashtray gets better – it can be engraved! It could double as a nameplate in your designated smoking area because you’re the boss! If smoking pot was allowed in an office, this should be the first item on the table. We would like to fondly nickname this ceramic ashtray as “The Formal Ashtray”.

  • Personalized engraved ashtray
  • Multiple fonts to choose from
  • 4 blunt/cigar rests
  • Made of gold and black ceramic
  • Size: 8.5”x 8.5’x 4.5’; Weight 3 Ib

Supreme Ashtray

designer asthray
Supreme Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy)

If you’re big on brands, this is just the designer ashtray for you. Some people will happily have their favorite brand’s logo/sticker on everything they own. It’s a level of brand loyalty that some people have attained. This could also be a fun way to throw around some extra bucks when the bag is heavy. Even if you can’t afford the real thing, Etsy is a cool place for inexpensive designer ashtrays. You can find Versace ashtray, Gucci ashtray, Hermes ashtray and lots of cool designer ashtrays on Etsy.

  • Supreme LV design
  • Decorated with red and white vinyl glitter
  • Sealed with resin
  • 4 blunt/cigar rests
  • Made of glass

Montecristo Cigar Ashtray turned Doobie Ashtray

vintage montecristo cigar ashtray
Montecristo Cigar Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). I even smoke in bed. Imagine smoking a cigar in bed, reading a book. Next to your bed, there’s a cigar table with a special cigar ashtray, and your wife is reading a book on how to save the environment – Raul Julia

You may not be next Count of Monte Cristo but you can own this top grade Montecristo cigar ashtray. This triangle shaped vintage ashtray looks like a relic from an Egyptian temple. The stunning design consists of high-grade porcelain with a gold trim. This porcelain ashtray is a representation of an intriguing design built with durability in mind.

  • Montecristo logo in the center and 3 sides
  • Luxurious design
  • Deep center
  • 3 huge blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of yellow and black porcelain with gold trim

Weed Leaf DIY Resin Ashtray Mold

ashtray resin mold
Weed leaf DIY Resin Ashtray Mould (Courtesy of Etsy). I think an ashtray is the most fantastically real thing – Damien Hirst

This weed leaf shaped silicone ashtray mold is specially made for creatives who love to get handy. The ashtray resin mold allows anyone to create flawless DIY ashtrays that are stylistic and unique. You can play around with your own personalized designs and create something that’s never been seen.

  • Flexible, reusable and easy to demould
  • Compatible with most resins and other casting materials
  • 1 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of silicone
  • Size: 16cm x 18cm; Weight: 157g

3D Lotus Silicone Ashtray Mold

cute diy ashtray mold
3D Lotus Silicone Ashtray Mould (Courtesy of Etsy). I smoke wherever there’s an ashtray – Margrethe II of Denmark

Here’s another ashtray mold to get creative with DIY ashtrays. If just want your own cute ashtray and maybe a relatively small ashtray, look no further.

  • Flower ashtray resin mold
  • Precise, high transparency, flexible and easy to demould
  • Not suitable for food
  • Made of silicone
  • Size: 4.5cm x 9cm

Wooden Smokeless Ashtray

best smokeless ashtray
Wooden Smokeless Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). It was a different planet in 1967, the Broadway theatre. It had a little ashtray clamped to the back of every seat and the author got 10% of the gross – Tom Stoppard

This enormously round wooden ashtray is a fantastic double design. It has two parts; a pot (with a huge pit) and a lid that doubles as a unique ashtray. Its design makes it the perfect car ashtray as it can hold large amounts of ash and also be covered.  Also, the natural aesthetics makes it a good choice for decoration. This would be a wonderful addition to your wooden collection. It would also rest and blend perfectly with wooden tables and furniture.

  • Perfect for home decoration
  • Can hold large amounts of ash
  • 3 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of Olive wood
  • Size 2.35”x 4.5”

Steampunk Outside Ashtray

outdoor vintage cigar ashtray
Steampunk Outside Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). After all these years, I definitely associate having a pen in my hand with having an ashtray just out of eye line – Tom Stoppard

This retrofuturistic vintage ashtray will serve you better as an outside ashtray. Obviously, much thought didn’t go into the aesthetics of the design. It’s simply a bold hunk of metal possessing its own unique elegance. It rocks a hardcore steampunk vibe. The cigar ashtray would serve well for fat doobies and look good in any rough landscape. It would be amazing if the parts moved.

  • Steampunk ashtray
  • Outside ashtray
  • Made from scavenged parts
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of a copper bowl with welded stand

Marble Debowler Ashtray

Handmade marble custom ashtray
Marble Debowler Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray – Helen Rowland

This marble ashtray is elegantly crafted for marble lovers. It looks authentic, heavy and weighty when observed with the eyes (the marble effect). It’s also a handmade custom ashtray and no two designs look exactly the same. The black pyramid in the center gives it a kingly shade and makes it perfect for de-bowling. This ashtray is an excellent choice for solo stoners who want to collect ash like a king.

  • Durable
  • Custom/handmade
  • Marbled effect
  • Heat resistant/ UV resistant
  • Made of white and black pearlescent epoxy, resin and glitter

McDonald’s Ashtray

antique aluminium ashtray
McDonald’s Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Hands, matches, an ashtray. A ritual beautiful and bitter – Anna Akhmatova

This aluminum ashtray is just the best if you constantly knock over your ashtray. You no longer have to worry about breaking something each time your ashtray falls over. The antique ashtray is embellished with a McDonald’s logo and McDonald’s actually had ashtrays in the 70’s. If you’re a collector, this vintage ashtray might tickle your fancy.

  • 80’s vintage ashtray
  • Perfect for retro parties
  • 3 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of aluminum
  • Size. 3.5” wide

Inspired by Seth Rogen Ashtray

seth rogen's ashtray for sale
Seth Rogen Inspired Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). A rental car is basically an ashtray on wheels – Scott Adams

Seth Rogen is an icon in the stoner community. It makes sense that some stoners would love to toe in the path of this legend up to his famous ashtrays. Unfortunately, Seth Rogen doesn’t sell his ashtrays. However, all hope is not lost. This mimicry of Seth Rogen’s ashtray are for sale. They’re just so beautiful and reminiscent of a solo nature retreat. 

  • Handmade
  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • 1 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of stoneware, clay
  • Measures just under 5” in diameter

Custom Car Ashtray

hexagonal porcelain ashtray
Custom Car Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Rules are, like an ashtray-in-progress, meant to be thrown, poked and reshaped to suit yourself – Sara Genn

One look at this porcelain ashtray and your soul is trapped forever. The hexagonal shapes implemented in the design heralds the outward brilliance of this futuristic custom ashtray. This is an easy choice for a car ashtray that stands out as it is lidded. When used as an outdoor ashtray, every onlooker will have no choice but to stare in awe. Perfect for stoner couples.

  • Modernistic
  • Glazed
  • Multiple uses
  • 2 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of Green/White porcelain

Art Deco Shell Vintage Ashtray

shell pocket ashtray
Vintage Shell Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Junior colleges are high schools with ashtrays – Adam Carolla

You may never come across a more beautiful pocket ashtray with so much ease to move about. This shell astray is so compact & lidded and will help you hold ash while on the move. It can also double as jewelry box and hold a number of other things. You may never run out of a use for it. This is a most have for every female stoner.

  • Vintage British Art Deco
  • Hinged Lid
  • For ladies
  • Multiple uses
  • Made of metal

Cute Pink Debowler Ashtray

cute pink ashtray
Cute Pink Debowler Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Let’s try and create scenes that are about something… About something deeper than this ashtray – Martin de Maat

There has never been a better cute ashtray for the gal squad to share a smoking session. The pleasantly colored pink ashtray was built specifically for the feminine gender.  It’s also a small ashtray so that typically sells the point.

  • Easy to carry around
  • Dishwater friendly
  • Debowler present
  • 6 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of pink silicone

Cigar Ashtray inspired by Tibetan Singing Bowl

ceramic ashtray
Tibetan Singing Bowl Inspired Cigar Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark – Casey Affleck

The Tibetans are a rich cultural ethnic group with numerous symbolical wares. This ceramic ashtray has an allure of the rich and ancestral Tibetan culture. The beautiful carving that surrounds it is so empowering.

  • Oven safe
  • Hand wash only
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of brown clay
  • Size: 1 2/3”H x 4” W. Hole diameter 1/3”

Pocket Ashtray

portable ceramic ashtray
Pocket Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). British scientists have demonstrated that cigarettes can harm your children. Fair enough. Use an ashtray – Jimmy Carr

When you have the urge to be selfish with your blunt and bake like a recluse royalty, this is it. The shining brilliance and elegant design of this ceramic ashtray will make you proud. Don’t take your eyes off this small ashtray as you delight in your nug. It gets more beautiful with each subsequent gaze. As a portable ashtray, it won’t pose any difficulty being swung around.

  • Minimalistic
  • Personalized with initials
  • 1 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of black and gold ceramic
  • Size: 4.8”x 2.6”x 1”

Marley Natural Wooden Ashtray

bob marley natural ashtray
Marley Natural Ashtray (Courtesy of Marley Natural IG)

The Marley natural ashtray is an exquisite offer from Marley natural. It’s a crystal ashtray that combines premium design and functionality. There’s a metal poker attached for getting rid of residual ash. At first look, you may mistake it for a luxury perfume bottle. It’s not so much of a wooden ashtray as that part is extremely limited.

  • Ideal for outdoor usage
  • Protect against scratching surfaces
  • Wind resistant design
  • Made of clear crystal and walnut wood
  • Size: 2.55”x 4.21”x  4.21”

Wooden Ashtray

cool wooden ashtray
Wooden Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). We were so poor; the ultimate luxury in our house at the time was ashtrays without advertisements – Chic Murray

There’s something about wooden products that just make them feel modest. Not exaggerated, not dull, just simple and appreciable. This cool ashtray doesn’t stray from that line. It’s just everything you can love about a wooden product.

  • Protected wood
  • Glow in the dark inlay
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of brown wood
  • Size: 4”x 4”x 1”

Rick and Morty Inspired Resin Ashtray

rick and morty ashtray
Rick & Morty Inspired Resin Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). Emptying the ashtrays was very expressive of myself. i just lump everything in a great heap which i have labeled ‘the past,’ and having thus emptied this deep reservoir that was once myself, i am ready to continue – Zelda Fitzgerald

Smoking a fat doobie and filling Rick’s face with ash would be fun. This Rick and Morty ashtray is a must have for fans of the popular show. You don’t really need much reasons to get this. Just do it. It would be nice to have around while smoking and binging the best episodes of Rick & Morty. Who knows, you might even have a full conversation with Rick when you’re high as a kite.

  • Rick painting
  • Two color options
  • Handmade
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made from resin

Skull Ashtray

outdoor skull ashtray
Skull Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). You know Kim Jong Un, the evil dictator of North Korea? Apparently, a guy in his inner circle used his ashtray while smoking and Kim Jong Un had him executed. I remember the same thing happened when a guy used Martha Stewart’s personal lemon zester – David Letterman

That spooky feel which most resent is beloved by others. This skull ashtray will really come in handy every Halloween if you’re trying to live up to the hype. It looks dangerous and scary!

  • Great for outdoor use
  • Available in multiple shades/colors
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of plaster, NEO and Onyx
  • Size: 4”x 5 3/8”x 7 ¾”

Recycled Skateboard Ashtray

unique ashtray recycled skateboards
Recycled Skateboard Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy).

This unique ashtray is for those sworn to making the world a better place by embracing a zero waste lifestyle. The wooden ashtray is completely made from recycled skateboards. You’d be supporting a greener eco-system by picking on of these. Not to mention, the design is mesmerizing.

  • Personalized engraved ashtray
  • Waterproof
  • 3 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made from recycled skateboards
  • Size: 3.54”x 1.10”

Cookies Ashtray

unique ashtrays cookies ashtray
Cookies Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy).

This may be the oddest looking ashtray on the list. This ashtray maybe simply referred to as a cookie version of the famous Apple Inc. logo. Why buy it? It looks oddly satisfying.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Unique ashtray
  • 2 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of glass
  • Size: 5.5” diameter

Floral Cute Ashtray

flower ashtray
Floral Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy). I think the more the listener can contribute to the song, the better; the more they become part of the song, and they fill in the blanks. Rather than tell them everything, you save your details for things that exist. Like what color the ashtray is. How far away the doorway was. So when you’re talking about intangible things like emotions, the listener can fill in the blanks and you just draw the foundation – John Prine

This floral ashtray looks like a flat snow globe for flowers (but you can’t shake). With its impressively natural & cute look, this cool ashtray will sit perfectly in any environment. It’s like having a flower vase in an ashtray. If you have a lot of floral activity going on in your home, this would be a remarkable addition.

  • Custom option available
  • Can be damaged by extreme heat & exposure to direct sunlight
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • 2 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of real flowers and resin

Wooden Custom Rolling Tray Set with Ashtray

cool wooden custom rolling tray set
Custom Rolling Tray Set (Courtesy of Etsy). Grab something off the shelf that’s on the spaceship-an ashtray, it doesn’t matter what. Because I can tell you, if they flew here from another galaxy, no matter what you’ve pulled off the shelf, it’ll be unlike anything we have on Earth – Neil deGrasse Tyson

The actual wooden ashtray here is quite similar to this wooden ashtray with an additional customized rolling tray set. Without the rolling tray set, they’re basically the same thing.

  • Personalization option available
  • Add-ons available
  • 4 blunt/cigar rest
  • Made of Walnut, Cherry or Mahogany wood
  • Size: Ashtray – 4”x 4”x 1” ; Rolling tray – 5”x 6”x 0.5”

DIY Silicone Ashtray Mold

silicone ashtray mold for diy ashtrays
Silicone Ashtray Mould (Courtesy of Etsy). There is nothing more agreeable than having a place where one can throw on the floor as many cigar butts as one pleases without the subconscious fear of a maid who is waiting like a sentinel to place an ashtray where the ashes are going to fall – Fidel Castro

This is a double-set silicone ashtray mold for DIY ashtrays. There’s an option to select a square or circle mold. More shapes mean more options to get creative and crafty. As an added bonus, the mold can be used repeatedly. Don’t run out of ideas!

  • Not suitable for food
  • Finished product is precise
  • Easy take off from the mold
  • Made of silicone
  • Size: Square – 9cm x 9cm x 3cm ; Round – 10.5 diameter and 2.7cm height

Goku Super Saiyan Anime Ashtray

goku super saiyan ashtray
Goku Ashtray (Courtesy of Etsy).

If you’re a huge fan of the Dragon Ball manga series and especially the all powerful Goku, then this anime ashtray is worthy of your next blunt!

  • Made of resin
  • Handmade custom ashtray
  • Choose up to 4 colors
  • Choose glitter/weed confetti
  • Perfect gift for Dragon Ball fans

There’s a cool ashtray for everyone!

Hardly will you go through this list without finding a cool ashtray that catches your fancy. Enjoy the view and start the hunt for your new unique ashtray. While fantasizing about your new ashtray, this list of successful stoners will impress you.