In this day and age, it seems as though there is little mystery left. But then you remember you have a unique glass pipe that’s never faltered to elevate you to new highs. A uniquely blown hand pipe has the potential to surprise, take the center stage and even enlighten. It’s a statement piece that draws you in through its unique fuming, coloring and texture. 

Dreamy Pipes

Every toker should have a unique glass pipe in their collection, one that you love packing almost as much as you love smoking. That’s why we’ve cultivated our own collection honoring the following qualities. 

Rare gems

Perhaps it’s a glass pipe shaped like a red-hot chili pepper, a veiny penis or an itty bitty peach. Cultivating rare gems in a world of simple one hitters, chillums or spoons makes the smoke sesh that much more special.

Present moment

Whether it be through its profound craftsmanship, beauty or sheer humor, a unique pipe elevates the ritual of smoking, infusing an eccentric element that often brings you back to the present moment with newfound clarity and joy. 


A unique pipe serves as a centerpiece, at times even becoming the focal point. Perhaps it glows amazingly in the dark or has a cool twisted texture that heightens the iridescent effect. Maybe the fuming is out of this world and the color changing glass charms you in new, mysterious ways.

Element of surprise

It’s a piece you especially love to take out when friends are around – the element of surprise that never fails to entertain.