Highly portable, discreet and beautifully blown, glass hand pipes are convenient and versatile for on-the-go toking.

Glass pipes vs bongs

Bongs deliver a smooth yet intense high since the full chamber is cleared. In contrast, pipes let you pace out how much you smoke due to the small airway. They offer greater control so you can gradually increase the amount you smoke, which is appealing for more laid-back seshes. However, pipes tend to produce harsher smoke than bongs. 

Versatility of glass pipes 

Whether it’s pure function or style you’re after, glass hand pipes often blend both seamlessly. From the elongated, curvaceous Sherlock pipe to the traditional spoon pipe, glass has a captivating quality. The coloring, fuming, heady glass embellishments and detailing can elevate the piece, and you, to new highs.   

Glass pipes for sale

If you are looking to buy glass pipes online, be sure to check out our pipe shop. We’ve got everything from a simple glass chillum, to a gandalf pipe or even a penis pipe for your smoking pleasure. All of our smoking devices are delivered discreetly to your doorstep.


How to clean a glass pipe

The best way to clean a glass pipe is soaking it within a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt. Pour enough isopropyl alcohol to cover the hand pipe fully and add in a few tablespoons of epsom salt into a ziplock bag. After the pipe soaks in the solution for 30 minutes, shake it within the bag, use a brush to scrub where needed and rinse clean. 

How to clean a glass pipe with vinegar

You can follow the same steps previously mentioned. Just swap out the isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt with vinegar and baking soda. Then, soak for 30 minutes, scrub any hard to remove resin and give it a final rinse with soap and water.

How much are glass pipes?

You can buy glass pipes for as little as $4.20 to upwards of $50. It really depends on the quality, craftsmanship and complexity. However, most glass smoking pipes will be in the $10-$25 range.