Why Choose a Spoon Pipe?

Little spoon? Big spoon? Whatever you choose you’ll be sure to get especially cozy with a nicely packed spoon pipe in your midst. It’s no surprise why spoons are one of the most popular hand pipes. Easy to pack and smoke, their characteristic spoon shape gives it an edge over other styles. Here are a few of the main reasons why smokers often go with the classic spoon pipe. 

Ease – As one of the simplest smoking devices out there, spoon pipes feature a carb to control airflow. Its ergonomic design nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand too.  

Size & Portability – Generally measuring between 2-5 inches, they make the perfect compadre for all of your escapades given their sheer portability. Spoon pipes are notoriously easy to stash away in your purse or bag without fear of cracking since they are known to hold their own.

Durability – Their shape makes them extremely durable since the thick bowl is normally complemented by an equally sturdy handle. 

How to Use a Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes feature four main parts including a bowl, neck, mouthpiece and carb. Their simplicity makes them easy to operate. Just follow these steps and you’re well on your way! 

Pack – First you’ll want to grind up your cannabis, preferably with an herb grinder. You can learn how to use a weed grinder here. If you find yourself in a bind with no grinder in sight we’ve got a few ideas beyond simply breaking the bud up with your fingers. You can also use a container and coins, cut it with scissors or even use a coffee grinder. All methods are broken down here in our guide for how to grind weed without a grinder. Once you’ve got yourself a fine grind, pack it lightly so that there’s enough oxygen for it to burn evenly. This also keeps ash from building up and clogging your smoking bowl.

Cover the Carb – The carb hole is generally on the left side of the bowl. Hold the pipe within the palm of your hand comfortably and place your thumb over the hole.  

Inhale & Light – Put your lips over the mouthpiece, breathe in and light at the same time. Your pipe should be angled slightly downward. Light the bowl from the outer edge so you don’t scorch your greens. This method is called “cornering” which preserves the taste because you are only burning a section rather than the entire bowl. So the next person you pass the pipe to can also enjoy the terpene-rich profile. Put simply, you wouldn’t want to serve charred greens to someone in your smoke circle, would you?  

Release the Carb – Once you’re ready to take in the hit, take your thumb off the carb and breathe in slowly so you don’t get into a coughing fit.

Glass Spoon Pipes for Sale

The classic spoon pipe we all know and love is generally made of traditional glass or borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass gives pipes enhanced durability since it is the same type of glass used in laboratories and high-end restaurants. In other words, it’s all the more likely to survive a tumble or two.  

Barbed Glass Pipe – This unique glass pipe has an unusual barbed glass detailing that makes the trippy swirl pattern all the more mesmerizing. Measuring just four inches with a thick handle, it’s a nicely sized piece that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Bluish Red Mini Pipe – Measuring just three inches, this thick glass pipe is an explosion of color. Its unique fuming will captivate you wherever your high takes you. Just stick it in your pocket or bag and you’re ready for anything.

Flower Power Glass Pipe – Another classic spoon pipe, this burst of yellow features a flower design on the bowl. Made of borosilicate glass, this thick glass pipe will make a sunny addition to your collection of smoking accessories. Exuding warmth, playfulness and flower power, this hand blown glass spoon pipe will be sure to set the vibes right.  

Rick & Morty Pipe – The world would be a far more dismal place without the likes of our favorite duo to elevate us to new highs. Our collection of Rick and Morty inspired glass hand pipes feature a few funny prints and colors sent at random to heighten the mystery. 

Scorpion Pipe – This is one of those hand blown glass spoon pipes that you fall in love with each time you pack a bowl, especially with the lights off. Featuring a hand painted scorpion with beady red eyes, the piece glows amazingly in the dark. 

Mini Pink Pipe – Measuring three inches this girly glass pipe in soft pink has a delicate fuming that’s even better in person. It makes the perfect gift for the stoner bae or bestie in your life, the person you can always count on. Be sure to also check out our 420 Pink collection if you can’t get enough of pink!

Twist Rasta Pipe – This thick glass pipe features a textured twisted handle that will satisfy the texture lovers among us. Giving a twist to the typical rasta pipe, this piece strikes a perfect balance between classy and carefree.

Starry Purple Glass Pipe – This purple glass spoon pipe is perfect for the next late night smoke sesh binging your favorite animated sci fi series. With its cool starry fuming transitioning from purple to black, you’ll feel one with the universe as soon as you smoke a bowl.

Silicone Spoon Pipes for Sale

While many stoners prefer glass over silicone, silicone pipes have some clear advantages. Shatter-resistant, travel-friendly and more affordable than their glass counterparts, silicone spoon pipes are rising in popularity and it’s no surprise why. Nearly every silicone pipe comes with a glass bowl so there’s actually little difference in terms of performance. And since food grade silicone does not give off a plastic taste, you’ll appreciate the full flavor of your favorite strains too. Below are a few of our top picks available in our online pipe shop.

Cheshire Cat Pipe – This silicone spoon pipe inspired by the Cheshire cat grinning ear to ear will make your trip down the rabbit hole that much better, especially with the lights off. Made from food-grade silicone, the eyes and smile of this cool pipe even glow in the dark.  

Tie-Dye Pipe – If you’re feeling groovy this tie-dye silicone pipe is perfect for your next smoke sesh on the top of the rooftop, poolside or camping in the desert. 

Paint Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl – This pipe spoon is for the artists at heart. Whether you are a painter, writer or chef, this cool spoon pipe reflects the artist in you. Measuring four inches and featuring a glass bowl, this smoking pipe is made for the journey. 

Little Spoon or Big Spoon?

Spoon pipes, no matter how big or small, are a classic choice. Pipe smokers looking for portability, durability and performance in mind go with the default of a spoon pipe because it’s of its timeless allure. And as glassblowers are becoming ever more experimental, the classic spoon pipe becomes reimagined, redefined and reborn through texture, color and sheer creative genius.

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