Also known as one hitters, bats or onies, chillum pipes are notorious for their powerful direct smoke.

Why choose a chillum

If you’re looking for a discreet, portable and easy to use piece, you will find ultimate peace of mind in the chillum. 


The chillum is a small, slender tube that slides effortlessly into your pocket. Measuring roughly 4-6 inches, these lightweight, hollow tubes don’t take up any space, making them perfect for on-the-go seshes when you need to be discreet. 


Often made from thick glass, chillums are generally more durable than other styles. Their tight, cylindrical shape also makes them less prone to fractures. 


Given its small size, chillums are one of the more affordable styles with most ranging between $10-30, depending on the crafsmanship and complexity. Cheap chillums can cost even less, roughly $5-10.

Powerful Hits

Considered heavy hitters, chillums generally offer more powerful hits than a traditional spoon pipe. This is in part due to the lack of a carb to control airflow.

Easy to use and clean

Chillums require next to no prep. All you need is to load your ground herb, light and you’re ready for takeoff. Their basic, hollow structure also makes them easy to clean. 

Solo Seshes

The chillum’s small bowl size makes it ideal for solo seshes.

Less is More

The bowl size also gives you more control over how much you smoke. You can always repack and the extra step is a blessing in disguise because you have time to reconsider. 

Cons to chillums 

Although the chillum has a lot to offer, there are a few drawbacks.


Since there is no carb, the smoke can be harsher on your lungs and throat. Also, depending on how hard you inhale, you may accidentally inhale ash and burning embers. 

Prone to clogging

The main drawback to the chillum’s small size is that it is more prone to clogging than a traditional pipe. 


These hand pipes are not designed for smoking in groups. If you plan on bringing a piece to the rotation, bongs are better suited for passing around.


Because of its small size chillums have been known to burn lips and fingers if you’re not too careful. 

The ritual continues

The shiva chillum was used as a spiritual tool by the Sadhus in India and later by the Rastafarians in Jamaica. In essence, the act of smoking continues as a ritual of sorts, practiced to this day by cannabis enthusiasts all around the world. Thus, the ritual continues.


What is a chillum pipe?

A chillum is a hand pipe with a slender conical tube with a bowl on one end and mouthpiece on the other. Interestingly, it lacks a carb hole which controls airflow and is standard on most pipes. Instead, the bowl burns on its own as long as the flame sustains itself. Plus, since airflow cannot be directly controlled with a carb, these pieces tend to deliver even more powerful tokes than a traditional pipe. 

Chillum vs one hitter

You may have heard people use chillum and one hitter interchangeably and with good reason. Chillums are a style of one hitters because they lack a carb hole. However, chillums can vary in the number of tokes they deliver. Some are traditional one hitters, delivering a single toke, although most deliver roughly 3-4.

How to pack a chillum
  1. Grind – Use an herb grinder to grind your flower. 
  2. Pack the Bowl – Once you’ve achieved a fine grind, dip the bowl end of your chillum into your flower. As you turn the pipe between your fingers, the twist motion will pack the herb into the bowl. 
  3. Check – Lift the pipe slightly and check to see that the bowl is filled to the brim.
  4. Repeat – If you want to add more, repeat the process of twisting the bowl end into the ground herb.

Note: The better packed the chillum is the less likely it is you’ll inhale ash. However, avoid packing too tightly which can restrict airflow. 

How to use a chillum
  • Solo: To light on your own, first place the chillum between your ring finger and pinky finger at a 45 degree angle (so the herb doesn’t fall out) and cup your hand over it. Then, put your lips over your cupped hand and use your other hand to light. Inhale slowly and repeat. 
  • With a Friend: Generally, a friend will light it for you so that you have both hands available to cup the chillum, creating an even larger chamber.