Benefits of a Hammer Pipe

A hammer pipe is a versatile piece shaped like a capital “T” that often can be used both as a dry pipe and bubbler, delivering clean, filtered hits in a portable package. Here are a few of the main reasons why tokers are drawn to the hammer pipe:

Versatility & Portability  

Although hammers are not as discreet as other styles like the spoon pipe, if used with water, they are one of the most portable bubblers available next to joint bubblers.

Smooth Hits

Hammer style bubblers offer the portability of a pipe with the filtration power of a bong. The hits are notably smoother yet less powerful than bong hits. Since the chamber is smaller, less smoke fills it up, offering a smooth, even keel high. 

Cooling & Filtration 

If the hammer glass pipe features a percolator, small stacking bubbles will form to diffuse and cool hits for an effortless, bubbly pull. The straight, long mouthpiece condenses smoke for direct, full flavored hits without having to take in the huge rips characteristic of a bong. The hammer base and long mouthpiece also keeps your face far enough from the bowl so you won’t accidentally get burnt. Also, the “T” shape catches any ash that accidentally passes through the bong bowl so you won’t get any sneaky scooby snacks in your mouth. 


Many tokers love hammer pipes for their ergonomic design. Hammers rest comfortably in the palm of your hand. Their characteristically thick flattened base is made level so it provides utmost stability without rocking.

Discreet & Compact 

Hammer pipes are notoriously compact, easy to use and store. 

Buying a Hammer Bubbler Pipe

There are a few things worth considering when buying a glass hammer bubbler pipe. Below are a few tips we recommend: 

  • Features a quality percolator like a tree arm perc, showerhead perc or slitted diffuser
  • Is made from high quality, durable borosilicate glass
  • Is well crafted with balanced proportions
  • Smokes well, distributing smoke evenly and thoroughly 
  • Offers an effortless pull of smooth, clean smoke 

How to Fill the Hammer Pipe?

You can fill your hammer pipe from the mouthpiece opening, bowl hole or carb hole, adding enough cold water so that the perc or diffuser is fully covered. The chamber should be roughly a third full. If you add too much water, the pull will be choppy and you’ll get water in your mouth. If there’s too little, hits will be airy and dry. Use our recommendation as a baseline but be sure to test it out before packing a bowl to be sure it works for your setup. 

How to Use a Hammer Pipe?

  • Fill the chamber up with roughly ⅓ water, covering the slits of the downstem
  • Fill bowl with ground herb
  • Cover the carb hole
  • Put your lips on the mouthpiece, light the bowl and begin to inhale
  • Release the carb when you’re ready to clear piece

How to Keep Hammer Pipe Continuously Lit

Use the carb hole to control how big the hits are and how long they will last. If you want to keep puffing away without having to relight, utilize the carb hole, repeatedly taking hits to keep the bowl cherried continuously. 

How to Unclog Hammer Pipe Downstem?

Turn the piece upside down over the sink, cover the carb hole and blow into the mouthpiece to dislodge the material. It’s best to avoid using tools or objects to prod through the downstem because it can damage it. 

How to Clean Hammer Pipe 

Pour out water through the carb hole or mouthpiece opening. Use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt, soaking it within a Ziplock bag for at least 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let dry. Most importantly, make sure to replace your water daily to keep your piece clean and fresh. Even better, run warm water through it after each use which will help to keep residue from building up.

Hammer Pipes for Sale

Stoners Rotation is an online pipe shop that delivers discreetly to your doorstep. Below are a few of our best hammer bubbler pipes for sale.

Iridescent Blue Glass Hammer Pipe – This six inch glass hammer pipe made from borosilicate glass has a thick, long mouthpiece that rests comfortably in the palm of your hand The unique glass fuming will leave you mesmerized hit after hit.

Thick Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe – Another six inch piece, this glass hammer pipe features a 6 arm perc that delivers silky smooth, bubbly hits.

Lets Get Hammered

Are you ready to get hammered a la kush with a hammer style bubbler? Well your wish is our command. Here at Stoners Rotation we’re continuously adding new pieces to our pipes and bubblers collections. Be sure to also check out our smoking accessories so you can get everything you need for the sesh!

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