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Cool. What a loaded word. We hope to do it justice. We’d like to strip “cool” down to its naked, true self through the lens of cool pipes. Cool pipes are an art form that blend beauty and functionality to create the ultimate experience – the ultimate high.

Defining Cool Pipes

A truly cool piece is not about stroking the ego. It’s not about what people will think or say. At the core, cool is more about the feeling it inspires in you – a sense of enthusiasm, playfulness or even wonder. 


Cool is unquestionably tied to novelty. But we’re hoping to bring back the original meaning of novelty – as something new and unique – not just a mere trend bound to become unoriginal. 

Cultivated Originality 

As with most things, cool by our definition is in the eye of the beholder, not something inextricably linked to popularity. The true nature of cool is about creating an atmosphere all its own through cultivated originality. 


Whether it’s a cool scorpion pipe that glows in the dark or a clever lipstick pipe that’s become your best kept secret, a cool smoking pipe has a certain aura about it. It’s got a magnetism that makes you want to reach out and touch it, and even more so, smoke it. 

Cool Pipes for Sale

We’ve thrown together a few cool pipes for sale in our online headshop. We hope one of these pieces will leave you transfixed, pondering life after a few hits or laughing heartily the more baked you become. 

Glow in the dark Scorpion Pipe – This is one of those cool glass pipes that’s glow will mesmerize you, one hit after another. The scorpion has many meanings, both positive and negative. Unsurprisingly, the scorpion at face value represents evil, death and destruction. But the deeper meanings of the scorpion – positive transformation, determination, willpower, rebirth and mastery of the self are perhaps more accurate. These meanings likely come from the scorpion’s incredible ability to withstand just about anything. Whether that is surviving a year without food, two days underwater or the 400 million they’ve existed on earth – humans only evolving roughly 200,000 years ago in comparison – scorpions are resilient. And this trippy cool pipe for sale crafted from borosilicate glass is made to give the scorpion a run for its money – longevity wise at least.   

Colored Glass Gandalf Pipe – This cool glass pipe stretches out elegantly like a bow. It’s the convergence of beauty and function. As you light the bowl and inhale the long stem gives the smoke time to cool before it reaches your lips. This naturally smoke cooling pipe is as magical as it is wizardly, reducing the harshness inherent to pipe smoking. Available in three shades, it makes a high class stoner gift to self and friends alike.

Barbed Knuckles Pipe – Elevating the traditional spoon pipe to new highs, this trippy cool pipe for sale features an unusual barbed glass feature. The unique texture against the psychedelic swirl pattern heightens the effect. The face of the bowl features a vortex optical illusion that brings you further down the rabbit hole that is your high. The experience of smoking this cool glass pipe can only be magnified by some Amnesia Haze paired with trippy instrumentals

Hammer Bubbler Pipe – Although glass has a natural beauty to it, it’s this hammer bubbler’s functionality that makes this piece cool. This smoke cooling pipe features a six arm tree perc within its main chamber which cools smoke to near arctic levels. The silky smooth tokes will catch you by surprise, leading to a high just beyond the tip of Mt. Everest. 

Lipstick Pipe – This lipstick pipe gives off the ultimate aura of cool. Perhaps it’s the element of surprise it evokes. Or maybe it has to do with concealing the act of smoking herb – the attraction of the forbidden. Whether you are obliged to conceal your routine out of necessity or simply like to smoke on the DL, this super cool novelty pipe will be a delightful surprise to anyone in your midst.

Silicone Mushroom Pipe – If you’re a mushroom lover this is one of those irresistibly cool pipes for your collection. The argument for silicone over glass is all about the where and when. Glass mushroom pipes take the cake when it comes to beauty but silicone is all about seizing your free spirit. With a silicone pipe by your side you have nothing to worry about, except running out of herb perhaps. And since nearly every silicone pipe features a glass bowl you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for comfort. 

Silicone Cheshire Cat Pipe – If you are one to fall down the rabbit hole of your high, who better than the grinning Cheshire Cat to lead the way? This is one of those trippy cool pipes that has the unique ability to trip you out and make you laugh simultaneously – and rest assured your sanity will come into question with this one especially after a few hits.

Twisted Thick Glass Chillum Pipe – This is no average chillum. Not only does this twisted textured chillum feel amazing between your fingertips, it also reflects the full spectrum of the rainbow. The iridescent effect paired with its unique texture make this a particularly cool pipe, one that rivals the beauty of much larger, more elaborate pieces. 

Vine Glass Chillum Pipe – The beauty of nature is something else. The closer you are to it, the more magical it becomes. Whether it’s the sound of coyotes at night, discovering that hummingbird moths exist or that mountains move, nature is incredible. The same wonder extends to the way vines seem to defy gravity, climbing ever closer to the sun. This cool glass pipe was inspired by the natural shape of a vine with its marble detailing which keeps it from rolling off the table. It’s safe to say it will most definitely help you climb to greater highs.

Silicone Pineapple Keychain Pipe – If you’ve ever seriously thought about living in a pineapple under the sea, this one’s for you. Whether you are a diehard Spongebob fan or aren’t so hot on Bikini Bottom, this cool novelty pipe is perfect for all your escapades near and far. Measuring just three inches and weighing next to nothing, this keychain pipe features a mini glass bowl so you can take a tropical hit wherever you please, under the sea or otherwise.

Saxophone Pipe – True musicians know that their music is an extension of the soul, and perhaps no instrument embodies this quite like the saxophone. Whether you are the next Charlie Parker, this cool novelty pipe shaped like a sax will definitely make you hear music in a whole new way, especially after a bowl or two.

Glowing Skull Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl – This cool pipe design of glowing skulls is sure to bring you a bit closer to recognizing your own mortality, and this is actually very positive. It means that every breath you take, every hit of smoke, every face you meet is an opportunity to live each day fully because of the simple fact that tomorrow may never come. And naturally, part of being in the here and now is letting go of stresses and worries. Made from food grade silicone, this cool smoking pipe gives you the ultimate peace of mind that it will be your ride and die from here on out.

How to Cool Down Smoke from a Pipe?

What is a cool pipe if it’s harsh on the throat? It’s most definitely not cool. That’s why we’ve outlined a few methods that can help make your hits less harsh whether you choose a Gandalf pipe with a long stem or a traditional spoon pipe.

  • Inhale slowly – One of the simplest ways to cool smoke is to inhale more gently. This allows the smoke some time to cool before it passes through the stem and reaches your lips.
  • Tap the carb – As you light the bowl to take a hit, tap the carb hole which will allow more air into the pipe’s stem. The additional airflow helps to cool smoke so that it’s less harsh. 
  • Cornering – Although cornering is a technique most commonly used with bongs, it’s a great way to make sure that each hit is as fresh as the last since you are only lighting a small section of ground herb at a time. 
  • Snaps – Instead of packing a full bowl consider adding a small amount of herb instead that way you can smoke it all at once. This will help to reduce the harshness since you will always be smoking fresh herb.
  • Ice Cold Water – If your pipe duals as a bubbler, as is the case with most hammer pipes, fill nearly one third of the chamber with ice cold water. 

Reimagining Cool 

Of course, when you think of a cool pipe you may imagine something altogether different. If that’s the case we’d love to hear your recommendations so we can redefine cool pipes together. If there’s something you wish you’d see you can hit us up directly.

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