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Glass hand pipes are discrete devices that make smoking a bowl on the road a reality. Their compact size makes them easy to stash away in your bag wherever your high takes you: be it the forest, desert, mountains or simply your backyard. They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.

Some are more portable than others like the chillum so you can smoke a bowl, stick it in your back pocket and never give it a second thought (unless it accidentally burns a hole through). Others, like the sherlock pipe, are beautiful elongated pieces that are better off closer to home, say when lounging in the living room or for backyard smoke seshes.

And yet others are completely distinct, like the glass blunt, which is a category of its own right yet has the same ease as a traditional spoon pipe. 

Different types of glass pipes

These are the most popular style glass pipes and some of their key features. 

Spoon pipe

The spoon pipe is the most traditional style pipe with its comfortable shape that nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand. It delivers hits gradually for a relatively smooth experience compared to other style pipes. Simply regulate airflow using the carb hole on the side of the spoon’s head. 

Steamroller pipe

Unlike spoon pipes, steamrollers feature the carb at the end which lets air flow more freely. Their simple design with the mouthpiece at one end, and the bowl and carb at the other, deliver huge hits that pack a punch. Although harsh, you can expect a powerful, instant high.

Chillum pipe

five chillum pipes with swirl pattern displayed on wooden table

Chillum pipes go by many names: one-hitters, bats and tasters. They first got their start among the holy Hindu monks of India as spiritual tools for meditation. This simple hand pipe was believed to be used by these monks for thousands of years until before it became popular in the west in the 20th century. Chillums, much like steamrollers, deliver a hit that is much more direct and powerful than a spoon pipe. Unlike other hand pipes, the chillum has no carb hole to control airflow which means the bowl stays lit as long as the flame does. You can go with a simple onie pipe or more elaborate designs like these Swirl or Vine glass chillums

Sherlock pipe

The distinctive shape of the Sherlock pipe separates it from the pack. The elongated neck and curved stem make it the perfect piece to hold when you’re pondering your thoughts, meditating on life or having a playful, lighthearted squabble with a friend. Generally made from wood or borosilicate glass, glass Sherlock pipes generally have two glass feet or a flat base so you can set the piece down upright on the coffee table. 

Gandalf pipe

three staggered glass gandalf pipes in teal black and blueon wooden table with cactus palm and yellow brush behind

Named after the grey wizard in Lord of the Rings, the Gandalf pipe is the all-powerful cousin of the sophisticated Sherlock pipe. Similarly, it has a long stem but it’s only slightly curved in comparison, shaped more like a bow. The bowl nestles comfortably in the palm of your hand and is another stunning piece for any cannabis connoisseur. You’ll look all the wiser with one of these in the palm of your hands!

Glass blunt pipe

If you’re a daily toker, a glass blunt pipe is going to save you a lot of time and money rolling. Glass blunts are also a much healthier option compared to tobacco wraps. And since you’re using glass, it will bring out the natural flavor of your favorite strains like never before.  

Bubbler pipe

Bubbler pipes are a cross between the filtration power of a bubbler and the portability of a pipe. They allow for smooth tokes in a small package, the most popular of which is the t-shaped hammer pipe.

Popular glass pipes in 2022 

There are so many unique glass pipes out there with gorgeous fuming and elaborate embellishments that come in a variety of interesting shapes. These are some of the most popular hand blown glass pipes and styles for 2022.  

Heady glass pipes

More and more people are looking for beautifully blown pieces with unique touches that elevate the pipe beyond a purely functional piece. Heady glass in essence is functional glass art, a sculpture you can smoke out of so to speak.

Color changing glass pipes

It’s commonly mistaken that glass pipes change in color due to shifts in temperature, for instance, when you smoke from it. In reality, the color changing effect happens because resin builds up inside the bowl through the stem.

When perfectly clean, light passes through the thin layer of metal fuming but with use, the buildup inside your pipe reflects back the light which makes the color appear differently. While this doesn’t sound as romantic as a mood ring it’s the far more interesting interplay of light, illusion and perception that causes pipes to change color. 

Glow in the dark glass pipes

Glow-in-the-dark pipes, bongs, rolling trays and carb caps are becoming more and more popular. There’s something about passing around a glowing pipe in the dark that simply elevates the sesh.

Interestingly, the glow in the dark luminescent effect happens because of a substance called phosphor. You’ll notice that your pipe glows more at night if it’s placed under direct sunlight or a bright bulb during the day. This is because phosphors store the light and glow at night. This is why the glow tends to fade over time, until all the energy is released. Phosphors are perfectly safe and even used in children’s toys.

You can find a wide range of styles of glow-in-the-dark pipes including this glass scorpion pipe and silicone alien pipe.

Girly glass pipes

Girly doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a pink pipe. There are tons of gorgeous pipes with a feminine touch that may speak to you such as: rose pipes, flower pipes, peach pipes, lace fumed pipes and gemstone pipes.  

Twisty glass pipe

The twisty uses a titanium screw to load the glass blunt with herb. It’s the perfect piece to have in your collection if you enjoy the size and feel of smoking a blunt without having to roll papers. You’ll also experience a smoother, tastier toke that brings out the pure flavor of you strain. 

Helix glass pipe

The Helix collection of pipes by Grav features their signature helix shaped chamber that works like a vortex to filter and cool smoke for silky smooth hits. 

Glass rose pipe

The glass rose pipe is becoming increasingly popular for its delicate aesthetic, ergonomic grip and sheer beauty. It’s almost poetic that the bud of the rose holds your bud and the stem extends out to the mouthpiece. 

Animal glass pipes

When it comes to animal glass pipes you can find nearly everything under the sun. We’re pretty sure there’s a porcupine out there but the most popular is the elephant, octopus, chameleon and dragon, if you consider magical creatures animals.

Elephant glass pipe

This style glass pipe is adorable with its long trunk stem that curves gently up to your lips and its body as the bowl. It normally comes in a variety of vibrant colors and spun glass so you’re sure to find the one that speaks to you.

Octopus glass pipe

Octopus glass pipes are more elaborate pieces considering all the tentacles so they tend to be significantly pricier than your average spoon pipe. Generally, the head and tentacles wrap around the bowl and its beady eyes peer up from you at an angle. If you’re fascinated with the ocean or simply love the symbolism of the octopus, this is a really cool pipe to have in your collection.  

Dragon glass pipe

Dragon glass pipes come in a surprising number of shapes and styles. Some have a long curvaceous stem with the claw as the bowl while others coil around the stem of a spoon pipe. They tend to be heady pieces with gorgeous fuming and craftsmanship. 

Galaxy glass pipe

Galaxy pipes tend to have a dusted, speckled fuming that gives the impression of a starry, distant galaxy far far away. They are normally blue or purple color changing pipes that shift subtly in hue as resin builds up in your pipe, reflecting light in new, mesmerizing ways.  

Skull glass pipe

It’s understandable why skull pipes have become so popular. Skulls and their symbolism for death serve as a reminder that life is short and you should seize the day, if only one bowl at a time.

Character pipes

There are some characters you simply love so much that you want gear that reminds you of them. Whether it’s the storyline, insane visuals or hilarity of a show, having a functional piece of glass that does justice to their quirks is something to be prized. Perhaps it’s a Rick and Morty glass pipe that brings you back to Pickle Rick. Or maybe it’s a Pokemon glass pipe that you take with you while you’re playing Pokemon Go trying to catch that unusual new water Pokemon on the pier overlooking the ocean. Whatever you choose, as a fan you’re part of a tribe of people who are bound to love your new glass just as much as you do. 


How to smoke weed from a pipe

Learning how to smoke a pipe is a rite of passage. Our step-by-step guide on how to use a pipe keeps it simple. After you’ve ground up your herb with a grinder or your fingers, pack the bowl lightly so there’s enough room for air to pass through. As you light, cover the left-side carb with your thumb. Inhale and as the smoke begins to cherry the herb, release the carb and take the hit. If you want to elevate the experience, glass pipe screens are a good investment so that you don’t inhale any scooby snacks (clumps of ash and herb). 

How to clean a pipe

With regular use, it’s only natural that a glass pipe clogs over time which affects the taste, pull and experience overall. That’s why it’s important to clean your smoking pipe often. All you’ll need is 99% isopropyl alcohol, a ziplock bag, paper clip, table salt and gentle dish soap. You can follow our complete guide on how to clean a glass pipe here which requires adding the mixture to the bag and letting it soak, then rinsing it with soap and water.

How to clean a glass pipe quickly

Using a mixture of 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is the fastest way to clean a pipe. 

How to clean a glass pipe boiling water

We don’t recommend this method as boiling water can cause your pipe to crack if it cools too quickly after it’s removed. However, if you’ve already tried the isopropyl alcohol and salt mixture to no avail here’s what you can do. While you wait for the water to come to a boil, you can unclog the bowl with a toothpick. Let the water cool for 5-10 minutes before placing the pipe inside. Let it soak for 30 minutes or so. Then, use a cotton swab to remove any remaining residue.

How to clean burnt glass pipe

After using the isopropyl alcohol method aforementioned, scrub the burnt areas of the pipe with a soft cloth and baking soda. Once the stains are removed, rinse with dish soap and warm water. 

How to clean a pipe without alcohol

There are a few different mixtures to choose from. While they are not as effective as isopropyl alcohol, they are good, natural alternatives. Vinegar and coarse salt, vinegar and baking soda or even vodka or beer with epsom salt could work if shaken vigorously. 

How to make a pipe

You can go all out and make a wooden pipe but if you’re looking for something fast you can make a homemade pipe out of a lot of things that are simply lying around the house. The most popular options are an apple pipe, a bell pepper pipe, a soda can pipe or even a toilet paper roll pipe. You can learn step-by-step how to make an apple pipe here

How to smoke weed without a pipe

All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity. You can try making a water bottle gravity bong, an apple pipe, a carrot steamroller or even a watermelon bong. 

How to fix broken glass pipe

First, ask yourself if your pipe is really worth repairing. If it is, you can use food grade epoxy or food grade silicone which are great, non-toxic sealants. You can also use Duct tape as a fast, temporary solution. 

Online glass pipe shop

Our glass pipe store is just a few clicks away. We carry a wide selection of beautiful glass hand pipes. There’s something for everyone, so whether that’s a glass rose pipe, Sherlock, or chillum pipe is up to you. And of course, we ship discreetly so you can toke with peace of mind.

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