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Weed Smoking Games and Best Weed Apps

best weed smoking games

Exploring the Online Weed World

Are you looking for a way to get the best weed information, fun smoking tips, and more in the palm of your hand? There are many categories and types of weed apps and smoking games, but some of them are much handier than others. Whether you’re interested in cannabis strain information, smoking simulations, scales, or quiz apps, there’s something out there for you. 

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Stoner Games to Play

First, cannabis-related games are on some of the app store’s top charts for both Android and iPhone users. However, virtual growing games are not the only way to entertain your skills while lighting up a joint, blunt, or bowl. Check out these virtual and quiz-based weed smoking games that will level up your knowledge and turn you into a connoisseur of stoner gameplay. 

Ultimate Weed Trivia

Have you ever wanted to test your 420 knowledge? This fun weed game asks pop culture questions that revolve around stoner references and jokes. No only can you play on your own, but you can play with friends during a smoking sesh to find out who is the smartest stoner! Test your hand at some questions and find out if you’re a skilled expert on cannabis knowledge or if you’re just beginning!
(iOS, Android)

The Nug Nation

This game is a secret gem on the app store that will surely have you cracking up. In Nug Nation, you’re introduced to a cast of cannabis pop culture characters designed in the shape of silly weed strains. You can watch these characters’ endeavors in short stop-animation clips and collect your own eccentric cast, but that’s not it. Thanks to new features, you can create your own Nug avatar and learn cool weed phrases and tips. This is a game you can’t miss out on!
(iOS, Android)


Whether you’re interested in cannabis games, scientific discoveries, slapstick comedy, or even stoner interviews, you’re bound to find something fascinating on this app. Thanks to this awesome new streaming platform, you can now find all the best cannabis-themed entertainment in one place. 420TV has so many documentaries, shows, and featured clips specifically related to weed that you’ll probably find yourself rolling up a few joints or blunts while exploring the extensive library of content.
(iOS, Android, Chromecast)

Best Weed Apps 2021

Not only are there plenty of weed games to play on the iPhone and Android app stores, but you’ll be amazed at the variety of cannabis-themed productivity and hobby apps out there too. Below are the best choices for weed apps in 2021. 


This is the best weed app overall, and you’ll probably find it downloaded on most veteran stoners’ smartphones. Not only can you map out nearby cannabis delivery services and compare thousands of weed strains on their database, but Leafly also has tons of reviews and ways to filter out results based on exactly what you need. Try it out, and soon you might have a virtual collection of your favorite strains to refer back to at any time!
(iOS, Android)

Bud – Grow Journal and Community

On Bud, you can make a virtual diary of the cannabis you’re growing or collecting! If you’re a weed-growing enthusiast who wants to track your progress, this app is for you. Get tips and tricks from other stoners, chat with new friends, or set up some fun goals for an ideal marijuana growing project. Either way, having this handy app by your side will make planting even more fun. If you’re looking for more marijuana-themed social networking apps, check out this article here!
(iOS, Android)

WeedMatcher – Find Your Strain

For every fun weed game, you need to find a fun weed strain! This weed app is the best out there for finding a cannabis strain that is personalized according to your exact needs. Plus, the interface of the app is so sleek, colorful, and easy to use. Whether what you’re looking for is lemony or oaky, a head high or body high, you’ll have a blast playing around on the app and adjusting the filters to find your perfect match.
(iOS only)

Dosed Cannabis Cooking Calculator

With a strong five-star rating, this cannabis app will not disappoint you. Thanks to helpful virtual scales and recipe ratios, marijuana recipes can be crafted with both flavor and precision. it’s never been easier to cook edibles that have exactly the right amount of THC to keep you and your friends elevated. There are lots of posted recipes to get you started on the cooking process, but you can also find easy weed edibles recipes here!

Smoking games and gadgets galore!

You’re now even closer to becoming a weed technology professional with all these top-rated applications. Want more weed smoking games to play or fun apps to unlock the best marijuana knowledge? Check out the best cannabis social networks or the best weed growing games here! Now, all that’s left is to check out your smartphone’s app store and roll up your favorite weed strain!


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