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Start a virtual weed farm from your phone

There’s lots fun games that you can download via smartphone app but weed growing games are among some of the best. Whether you want to start a virtual growing operation or sell your own strains, there’s several games on the market that are sure-tested to be a pretty fun time. Types of gameplay range from idle tapping for bored days at home to complicated world-building that allows you to run business with real life marijuana strains and wonderfully drawn characters. And what better way to get in the mood than after a few bong hits in?

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Play these weed games free of charge!

Weed Firm 2


This app is the most popular weed growing simulation game out there, and it’s no wonder why! The dialogue makes hilarious references to stoner pop culture, plus the clientele are wacky and eccentric. Even better, you can grow anything from classic strains like Purple Haze to glowing alien bud to for selling to intergalactic customers. You start in an RV grow room but can expand endlessly from there! I also seriously recommend the original Weed Firm for those who like amateur, hand-drawn graphics. While the gameplay is simpler and does not include the variety of features Weed Firm 2 does, it makes for a pretty funny experience.
(Android, iOS)

Bud Farm: Grass Roots

This app is the best for those looking for a simulation-based weed growing game, but with a straightforward, farm growing style! Budfarm is easy to follow, plus a funny old hippie helps you collect strains, equipment, and upgrades along the way. Different speeds of gameplay make the game accessible to a variety of players. It’s a blast running a virtual farm while collecting realistic gizmos and adding friends along the way. Be careful, because it’s addicting!
(Android, iOS)


Lil Pothead

This weed growing game was made for the kid at heart. Lil Pothead is a virtual weed plant that continues to level up as you care for your little friend – kind of like a tamagotchi but for stoners! You’ll be cracking up at Lil Pothead’s cravings for pizza, sarcastic jokes, and eccentric home decor offered as you reach different levels. The game does not have the most complex design, but growing weed in pet-form is the best for its unbeatable cuteness and creativity! 
(Android, iOS)

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

If you’re looking for a weed growing simulation game with an idle, tap-to-play style, look no further. This game is great for pop culture lovers, inspired by the original stoners themselves, Cheech and Chong. With a variety of classic faded characters to play as and a clever game design, on your farm you can grow and sell weed to the neighborhood and socialize with residents. It’s a blast to play during long periods of free time and relaxation. 
(Android, iOS)



If you want to grow a large, tech-savvy weed empire, download this game! In Hempire, you run your own weed business much like in other virtual weed growing games, while also playing within a much larger business framework. The game’s features allow you to compare leaderboard statistics, buy real estate to expand your company, and more. Hempire is perfect for those passionate about weed business, so go and rise to the top here in your own virtual world!
(Android, iOS, Amazon app store)

Weed Shop 2

This iPhone game blends GTA and Sims style graphics with the realistic experience of running your own cannabis shop. As you protect your shop from thieves and business competition, the open world of the game allows you to interact with a variety of wacky and chatty customers while making cannabis deals along the way. What’s even better, the game includes realistic and hilarious features like virtual smoke sessions, shop promotions at the beach, and store decorations to express your “brand” to the world.
(iOS, Steam)


This game is far lesser known than the ones previously mentioned, but it has its own cool style. You’re a weed grower with a goal to interact with others and become the top salesperson in the neighborhood. Not only can you grow weed, make edibles, buy and sell, you can also interact with city residents and solve their problems as you make your way along the streets. The amateur style and clever shop designs will have you continually playing this weed growing and exploring app on your iphone!
(iOS only)

Sit back, relax, and explore some weed games online!

Not all of us can be master weed growers in real life, but these amazing weed games and apps will make you feel like a cannabis connoisseur and expert phone gamer. During long periods of down time, sometimes the best thing to do is get high, play a weed growing game, and let your imagination run wild. Especially since there’s so many good options on the app store markets, there’s no harm in downloading all of these games and finding the most fun one for you! Soon your virtual world will be blooming with endless cannabis strains. 


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