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Spiritual Bath Ritual for Stoners

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Self-care has become one of the most important rituals for people during the pandemic. Taking care of yourself physically amid a raging health crisis is only natural. But it’s just as important – if not even more so – to take care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs during a turbulent time. And if you’ve been feeling drained, listless, and strangely stagnant, then perhaps it’s time for a spiritual bath.

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What is a Spiritual Bath?

Spiritual baths are healing rituals used to cleanse one’s spirit. While a regular bath cleanses the body, a spiritual healing bath removes negativity and stress from one’s mind and soul. When combined with other healing and relaxing methods, such as smoking weed, these baths can be quite effective at dispelling negative thoughts and emotions and encouraging a more peaceful, positive outlook.

Spiritual Bathing Healing Rituals and Traditions

Different cultures across the world use spiritual baths to help people find a sense of inner calm. The practice is an ancient one, designed to help the practitioner disconnect from their immediate physical world and tune into their higher self.

Entering a more mindful, spiritual state is the first step toward overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems that are causing you stress in your waking life. While a spiritual bath may not elevate you straight to enlightenment, it does place you in a more relaxed, meditative state, opening you up to more spiritual possibilities.

Woman enjoying her bath with wine and a view
Spiritual baths are relaxing and calming (Source: Unsplash)

Spiritual baths are used as a way to connect with a higher spiritual self. In some regions, these baths help a person along their spiritual journey. In others, healing herbal baths are combined with prayer to target specific issues. These can range from physical ailments to warding off evil spirits.

The most common, accessible spiritual baths include a bathtub, fresh clean water, healing ingredients such as herbs and flowers, calming ingredients such as weed or hemp, cleansing tools like crystals and incense, and, of course, a clear intention, prayer, or affirmation to guide your spirit.

How to Take a Spiritual Bath

Traditional spiritual baths are performed several times a day or over the course of several days. In Islam, a cleansing ritual is performed before each of the five daily prayers. A similar ritual is observed in Christianity correlating to the seven canonical hours. Hinduism also encourages soaking in natural rivers as part of prayer and rituals.

Man and Woman Bathing on Running Water
Ritual baths are common in cultures across the globe (Source: Pexels)

Modern spiritual practitioners can incorporate a simpler spiritual into their daily lives. These spiritual detox baths are quick, easy, and accessible for most people.

How to Make a Spiritual Bath

Make sure to take a shower, clean your tub, and declutter your bathroom space thoroughly before you start. Be sure to keep your laptops and phones on silent and away from you when you take your spiritual bath.

Next, light a candle or incense stick to cleanse the space. It is best to select a scent you like to ensure you have a peaceful, soothing experience. When in doubt, however, opt for something like lavender to calm and relax you.

As you light your candle or incense, be sure to focus on your intention, prayer, or affirmation. Repeat it a few times, either in your head or out loud, so you can properly disengage from daily stressors and be present in the healing moment.

Tibetan singing bowls for cleansing a space
Use Tibetan singing bowls to break down negative energy before your spiritual bath (Source: Unsplash)

Run a warm bath, taking care to use clean, pure water. Add your calming herbs and flowers to the bath and allow them to infuse in the water for a few minutes. If you’re someone that finds sound to be healing, turn on some calm meditation music or alternatively use sound healing tools like a Tibetan singing bowl to break down negative energy in your space.

When you’ve finished your preparations, enter your bath and soak in the relaxation. If you find your mind wandering back to a negative space, simply reaffirm your intention and bring yourself back to your healing spiritual bath.

If you’re running short on time, an easy spiritual bath you can try is preparing a basin or bowl of your spiritual bath, stating your affirmations over the bowl, and pouring it over yourself so it covers your head, neck, and shoulders.

Spiritual Bath Recipes and Ingredients

If you plan to make healing spiritual baths a regular part of your self-care routine, then it might help to make a spiritual bath kit for easy access. If you’re not too sure where to start, here are a few tips. Keep these ingredients handy for a quick cleanse whenever necessary.

Along with these ingredients, be sure to prepare a notebook of intentions, prayers, or affirmations to suit your various needs.

Flowers and Herbs for Spiritual Bath

Baths are prepared with an assortment of flowers and herbs. Traditional rituals use ingredients that are readily available, allowing practitioners to become one with nature and easily stay present in the moment. Thanks to this, they’re also quite helpful for dealing with mental and emotional troubles.

For most of us in urban environments, these traditional ingredients might not always be easy to come by. Here are a few spiritual bath herbs and flowers that should be easier to find and a few ways to adapt a spiritual bath for your specific needs.

Cannabis Spiritual Baths

Cannabis plant heads including fruit and flower used to prepare cannabis spiritual baths
The flower and fruit of a cannabis plant are used to make a calming spiritual bath (Source: Unsplash)

There are many accounts of ancient peoples, such as the Scythians, using cannabis in bathing rituals. The hemp flowers and fruits would be tossed onto hot stones. These stones were placed in a large dish under a small tent made from woolen felts stretched around three sticks. The rising smoke would be used for a steam bath.

Cannabis is a known relaxant. But hemp smoke is also used to induce spiritual visions and trances. Make sure to use affirmations that encourage safe and positive spiritual growth.

You can also incorporate cannabis into other baths, either as an ingredient in the bath itself or by rolling up a perfect joint to go with your bath.

Lavender Spiritual Bath for Anxiety

Lavender brew to be strained and added into bathwater
Lavender tea can be strained and added to a spiritual bath (Source: Unsplash)

The aroma produced by lavender has a calming effect. Lavender scented candles and incense as well as lavender extracts and essential oils are all staples in most apothecaries. This ingredient is wonderful to soothe anxiety and calm one’s nerves.

Place whole lavender buds in boiling water to release the flower’s aroma. Pour this water into your bath. Alternatively, use lavender buds or oil in your bathwater.

Keep your intentions focused on staying grounded. Focus on what helps you feel safe and present.

Basil Spiritual Bath for Prosperity

Basil plant can be used for fresh leaves to add to a bath
The leaves of basil plants are brewed and added to spiritual baths for prosperity (Source: Unsplash)

Basil is a herb commonly associated with prosperity, wealth, and luck. These spiritual baths are therefore used when one is in a rut and looking to clear their path toward their goals.

Be sure to affirm your goals and keep your intentions pure.

Garlic Spiritual Bath to Ward Off Evil

Garlic, lemon, and lavender
Lavender, lemon, and garlic make for a perfect protective spiritual bath (Source: Unsplash)

If you’ve ever indulged in a classic vampire tale, you’d know garlic wards off negative entities. And while it may not be an ingredient most people would consider calming, it is definitely a potent way to quickly and thoroughly cleanse your space and your aura.

Garlic spiritual baths are prepared by boiling garlic and salt in water and adding the strained mixture to the bathwater.

Reaffirm your right to feel safe and secure, and keep your intentions focused on inviting positivity into your life.

Rose Petal Spiritual Bath for Self Love

Relaxing in a flower bath
Soak in the goodness of a rose petal spiritual bath (Source: Unsplash)

Rosewater’s soothing, cooling properties make it perfect for healing. Roses represent love, and rosewater is thought to lift one’s spirits.

Fresh rosewater is made from pink roses that are boiled until the color drains from them. The cooled mixture is then added to a bath. To make this bath even more healing, you can add hibiscus to the mix. Hibiscus spiritual baths are the perfect way to relax after an exhausting day. As you soak into this bath, focus on everything you love about yourself.

And don’t forget to drop a few extra petals of the flowers into your bath to make it as aesthetically pleasing as it is healing!

Carnations Spiritual Bath for a Broken Heart

Floral baths are calming
Floral spiritual baths are an act of self-love (Source: Unsplash)

A relaxing bath is already a step in the right direction when trying to mend a broken heart. Cleansing one’s body is an important step in one’s self-care routine.

A spiritual bath is even more effective, however, since it might help you process your pain and come to terms with what you’re going through. To encourage more healing, try using pink or red carnations in your bathwater. For an added soothing touch, boil the carnations with honey and coconut milk first and add the strained mixture into your bath.

Keep your intentions focused on healing and comfort your heart. Remember the good times, and release the painful ones as you soak in your bath.

Other Spiritual Bath Ingredients

Coffee Bath Spiritual Benefits for Depression

Coffee brewed in a cup beside a note that says "enjoy the little things"
Coffee spiritual baths help you enjoy the little things (Source: Unsplash)

Like basil, coffee helps open up your path to your goals. These spiritual baths unblock your energy, invite opportunities into your life, and encourage luck and prosperity.

While there are a few different ways to prepare a coffee bath, the more common method is the three-day salt and sugar one. The first two baths are prepared with coffee and salt, simmered and cooled, to ward off negativity. The bath for the third day uses sugar instead of salt to encourage positivity and sweetness back into your life. Honey can be used instead of sugar.

Coffee baths offer great spiritual benefits, including easing symptoms of depression. By breaking down negative thoughts and feelings and encouraging positive ones back in, these baths are a great way to slowly break out of a spiral and start enjoying the little things again. These baths serve as a wonderful companion to other forms of therapy.

Spiritual Salt Bath

Woman pitting salt for bath in glass jar
Natural salts are cleansing and energizing (Source: Pexels)

Salt is widely used for its cleansing properties. Spiritual salt baths are a wonderful way to break down and dispel negative energy lingering in your spirit or aura.

It is important, however, to use natural salts and not the highly refined variety used as table salt. A spiritual cleansing bath with Epson salt, pink Himalayan salt, or natural sea salt will serve you much better.

Baking Soda Spiritual Bath

Like salts, baking soda is also quite cleansing. But in addition to its cleansing abilities, a baking soda spiritual bath is also highly energizing. It’s the perfect way to re-energize yourself if you feel drained.

When is the Best Time to Take a Spiritual Bath

Traditionally, baths are taken early morning before sunrise. In some cultures, such as South Asian ones, it is thought to be spiritually cleansing to greet the morning sun after a bath. As the light washes over the household, incense or camphor is lit and a smoke cleansing ritual is performed.

A sunrise soak is one of the best ways to prepare for the day. But it is just as effective to hop into a cleansing spiritual bath at the end of a long, grueling day.

Full Moon Spiritual Bath

Woman in White Dress Standing on Seaside
Soak up the pure energy of the full moon (Source: Pexels)

Most ancient cultures relied on the phases of the moon. They used the moon to guide everything from their harvests to major life decisions to cleansing rituals.

A full moon spiritual bath is one undertaken once a month to replenish your energy. Just like with other baths, it involves a shower, cleaning your bathroom, setting up the space, preparing the bath and ingredients, and adding atmosphere and ambiance.

But the most important part, of course, is setting your intention and practicing mindfulness as you soak away the woes of yesterday. Once done, you’re ready to take on the next moon cycle with a clear mind!

Tomorrow Starts Today!

The best preparation for a new day is to do your best today. No matter what mistakes or heartache today brought, no matter how tired it leaves you, tomorrow is a brand new day and a fresh start.

There are numerous ways to heal yourself, inside and out. When used together, these methods can help you find joy and peace every day of your life. Spiritual baths are one of the quicker, easier ways to do just that. So why not try one today? You’ll certainly thank yourself tomorrow!