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How to Roll a Blunt Perfectly

rolled up blunt

Rolling a blunt is one of the most popular ways to smoke weed, and for good reason. Blunt wraps are portable, hold lots of cannabis flower, and emit a smooth, dense flavor. With some practice, you can learn how to roll a blunt and easily take your weed anywhere, stuffed conspicuously in a cigar or swisher wrap. With cigar wraps of all kinds sold in smoke shops and gas stations, it’s never been easier to practice your rolling skills for just a few bucks!

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Best Blunt Rolling Tips

Many stoners love blunts because tobacco wraps burn weed slower than with other smoking methods. The mixture of the tobacco wrap and cannabis makes for a more intense, quicker high. Plus, blunt wraps can hold more ground weed than a joint or bowl. However, blunt rolling takes some precision, so plan on buying extra wraps if you’re a beginner.

The choice in wraps makes a big difference in the blunt experience and wrapping process. An essential part of knowing how to roll a blunt is also knowing the best tobacco wrap flavors and leaf texture custom to your taste buds and desires. Some cigar wraps with a less harsh taste include Backwoods and Dutch Master. Swisher Sweets are usually the cheapest and most commonly carried cigar wraps, but their texture and taste detracts from the flavors of even the best of weed strains. 

blunt wraps example
Tip: Roll a blunt with cigar wraps like Backwoods for smooth hits and custom flavors (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Supplies Needed

  • 1 1/2 – 2 grams cannabis flower of your choice 
  • 1 pack blunt wraps (i.e. Swisher Sweets, Zig Zag)
  • Small knife
  • Rolling tray or flat surface
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Lighter 

How to Roll a Blunt Step by Step

  1. Split Open Cigar
    Remove the cigar from its packaging and find the seam along the tobacco wrap. Using a small knife, cut a small slit all the way across the long side of the blunt. If the cigar of choice is a more crumbly leaf texture, like with Backwoods, use your fingers to make a precise tear along the middle of the tobacco wrap. 
  2. Dump Out Tobacco
    Use the tip of your finger to push out the shredded tobacco from inside the cigar. Make sure to empty all of the filling without splitting apart the leaf. Throw away the emptied tobacco or keep it on your rolling tray to use later.
  3. Grind Weed
    Pull apart a few dense nugs into small, grain-sized pieces with your fingers. Many blunt connoisseurs prefer to hand-grind cannabis instead of with a weed grinder for an easier rolling process and slower burn. When using a grinder, it can be easy to overgrind the weed into a fine powder, but grinders are still convenient and less messy. If you use a grinder, give it only a few grinds for the same fluffy weed that burns slower. 
  4. Fill Blunt Wrap
    Pour all of the ground weed from your rolling tray into the tobacco leaf. As you roll, spread the weed out from the center and towards the edges until the blunt is evenly packed up to both ends. Keep doing this with the leaf held horizontally, pinching lightly until you have a cylinder shape.
  5. Wet the Blunt 
    Next, lick the long edge of the tobacco wrap that used to seal the blunt. Make sure the leaf is very moist and that one side of the leaf is longer than the other so you can seal the blunt after. If you’re sharing or making the blunt for someone else, you can alternatively dip your finger in a small bit of water and dab it across the long edge of the blunt paper. 
  6. Seal and Light Up
    It’s time to close the blunt! Hold the base of the leaf packed with weed and wrap the wet edge of the leaf very tightly around the shape of your blunt. Always tuck the edge of the leaf firmly around the bottom of the blunt to prevent weed from spilling out when inhaling. Finally, take your lighter and quickly run a flame over the wet seam to further glue everything together before lighting the end of the blunt.
finished rolled blunt
There’s almost nothing more relaxing than lighting up a fully packed blunt! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Good Times Ahead! 

Behind every amazing blunt is someone who has practiced a lot of rolling, so don’t worry if you’re not sure how to roll a perfect blunt on your first try. Keep on practicing and exploring the many brands and rolling techniques out there! Not a fan of tobacco? Cigar wraps come in lots of materials and flavors, so there’s bound to be something that inspires you. Some shops sell cigar wraps made from hemp leaf or even rose petals. Get rolling, because the world of blunts awaits! 


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