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20 Simple Stoner Drawings that will Blow Your Mind

cute drawings while high

Being high often unleashes your creativity and inspires you to pick up a pen and draw, even if it’s been years. Here are some of the best simple stoner drawings to inspire you on your next date with the green goddess.

Photo: Unsplash

What is Stoner Art?

The ‘60s made psychedelia inseparable from weed culture. Thanks to that surrealism is a big part of stoner art, with trippy drawings making for some of the most intriguing art pieces in modern times.

When one thinks about stoner art, the first images that pop up in their minds are most likely psychedelic: a cacophonic kaleidoscope of colors and brush swirls. As gorgeous as these are, they’re just one of many forms of art being high can draw out of you.

Stoner drawings don’t need to be complex or intricate. They can be as easy as you want to make them. After all, they are expressions of pure feeling and thought, without judgment and fear.

20 Easy Stoner Drawings

Whether you’re new to stoner art or have plenty of experience under your belt, there’s always room for some simple, stress-free work. That being said, the art can also be as complex as you’d like it to be. Sometimes, what our mind wants to convey isn’t as simple as one straightforward image. That said, just run with it!

Trippy Smiley Face Drawings

Checkerboard Smiley Drawing

Trippy Rainbow Smiley Drawing

Stoner Cartoon Drawings

Surrealism of course is incomplete without the blending of reality and fiction till the lines are blurred beyond recognition. And trippy stoner cartoon art is some of the best at doing just that.

Rick and Morty is easily a fan favorite and its popularity is especially great among us stoners. The show’s premise lends itself to some rather trippy storylines, often with equally trippy visual results.

So naturally, this makes for some pretty trippy stoner art as well.

Trippy Stoner Rick and Morty Drawing

Trippy Rick Drawing

Bart Stoned Drawing

Spongebob Stoned Drawing

Psychedelic Scooby Doo Drawing

Stoner Joint Drawings

If stoner drawings are the art, then joints are the muses. And while stoner drawings might lean towards surrealism more often than not, joint drawings can be just as gorgeous when they feature nothing more than linework.

Passing a Joint

Hand Joint Drawing

Face Joint Drawing

Stoner Mushroom Drawings

Mushrooms are iconic imagery when it comes to stoner culture. They’re psychedelic, trippy, and an all-around fun element to use in any art you create.

Shrooms are, of course, psychedelic, which already makes them one of the most sought-after methods of opening up one’s creative reserves. But they’re also linked to serotonin – the mood-stabilizing happy hormone.

That might be why shroom art tends to be such a joyfully trippy experience!

Simple Mushroom Drawing

Starry Night Mushroom Drawing

Abstract Mushroom Woman Drawing

Stoned Eyes Drawing

A common fixture in art is the tendency to draw portraits. There’s something uniquely magnetic about being able to create something in your own image. Combine that with stoner drawings and you get something truly trippy. Drawings of stoned eyes are definitely one of the most interesting ways to capture the experience of being high.

Psychedelic Stoned Eyes

Trippy Stoned Eyes Doodle

Stoner Girl Drawings

When it comes to trippy portraits, the stoner girl is definitely one of the most popular. It’s also relatively easier to recreate pieces like these as long as you have some of the basics of linework down. The rest is just a matter of letting your creativity run free.

Woman Weed Leaf

Trippy Stoner Girl Drawing

Galaxy Girls Drawing

Bathtub Stoner Girl Drawing

Your Own Trippy Masterpiece

Combine multiple elements to create your own masterpiece! Modern hippie-inspired art takes the psychedelic medium and runs wild with it, giving us some gorgeous and unique work in the process.

Beauty is in the Palm of the Stoner

When it comes to art, the only limit to what you can create lies in your mind. Seeing as weed can help loosen the shackles in that regard, it’s not just a great way to unwind – it’s also a fantastic way to tap into your inner creativity.

Learning how to draw stoner art might seem daunting at first, but there really isn’t all that much to it. All you need is a top-quality joint, some art supplies, some stoner drawing ideas, a stoner drawing step-by-step guide to get you started, and voila – you’re on your way to making some stoner drawings of your own!