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21 Drawings of Bongs to Get You Doodling

glow in the dark gifts for stoners design with glowing bongs rigs and pipes with galaxy behind

Weed is one of the smoothest stimulants you could use to rekindle your artistic passions. Pair the opening of your creative eye with a trippy bong and you’re prepped for an art session crafted by Hephaestus himself. Grab your pencils and pens, take a hit, and get inspired for your next masterpiece with these drawings of bongs.

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How to Draw a Bong

Drawing a bong isn’t too difficult. Generally, you can sketch a simple, classic round or beaker base bong by getting acquainted with some basic geometrical shapes that are the root of most drawings.

You begin by drawing a circle or a triangle. This is your bong’s base. Then, you draw two vertical lines from the circle’s head upward to form the bong’s neck. Connect them at the top with a small oval shape to give your bong a mouthpiece.

Next, you draw the downstem. This is the section that might require a bit more of an artistic touch since it begins to move past basic geometry. Keep your eraser handy and go ahead.

You draw it similar to the mouthpiece, beginning with two lines – this time diagonal – and connecting them at the top. Instead of a simple oval, you draw your bowl. Make sure to finish the other end of the downstem with a simple closing arc.

Finally, draw your water line in the base. For extra flair, get your colored pencils out and begin adding some dimension to your drawing. Start with the blue of your water, to make it easy.

If the above video guide is a little too quick, you can always follow this simple visual tutorial instead.

Drawing of a Bong

Getting basic shapes down is important when learning to draw bongs. Doing so allows you to then play around with those shapes to create simple yet intriguing pieces.

This piece blends a coffee pot with, well, pot. The resulting “highly caffeinated” piece is as punny as it is pretty.

mushroom skull bong feb sale

Hookah Bong Sketch Ideas

While the standard classic bongs are relatively easier to sketch, hookah bases are surprisingly simple enough to try your hand at as well.

The steps are more or less the same, but the parts switch around. The standard bong drawing includes a circle base, a vertical mouthpiece, and a smaller diagonal downstem. A hookah has a circle base, a vertical stem, and a diagonal pipe that connects to the mouthpiece or hose. To get it to look more artistic, you can play with your basic shapes, adding more diversity to each part.

Smoke and Rose Bong Sketch

Once you get the geometry working for you, you can try your hand at shading, contouring, and detailing. Shading is the simple art of knowing how light hits your subject. Light or pure white spots show direct harsh lighting. Deeper greys and blacks point to shadows and the dark side of the bong.

You can also start to add unique artistic elements to your piece. This one with swirling smoke and a rose down the middle is surely a sight to behold.

Pink Bong Drawing

A simple drawing can be as understated or as colorful as you’d like it to be. Simplicity, after all, does not need to mean dull or undercooked.

And if there’s anything that can serve as inspiration for your drawing, it’s a stunning pink bong.

Flower Vase Bong

The flower down the middle, unsurprisingly enough, is quite a common choice with drawings of bongs. It can definitely add a magical touch to your piece, especially if you use complementary colors to create a stunning look.

Tree Bong Sketch

If flowers aren’t your style, you could also turn a bong into the base of a tree like this drawing does. It’s simple enough and does not rely on excessive detail to accomplish the surreal look it’s going for. Surrealism, though considered an advanced form of artistic thought, does not have to be inaccessible to an artist at the start of their creative journey.

Adorable Space Bong Drawing

There are many cool ideas out there to draw inspiration from. This super tiny space bong – complete with a tiny astronaut floating in magical space – is both adorable and trippy. While this may seem a little more advanced if you’re just starting to get back into your art, it isn’t too much of a step up from basic geometry once you get into it.

It lends itself more, of course, to digital drawing. But you can also use pencils or sketch pens for a similar look.

Cartoon Drawings of Bongs

Turning your bong into a 420 cartoon character is also a fantastic option. It allows you to play with a classic style bong by giving it oodles of personality. This shouldn’t be much of a leap, since most stoners have names and characters for their favorite bongs already. But now, you get to bring it to life in a totally new way.

This quick tutorial uses sketch pens, but you can always opt for regular pencils instead. If you like the line weight of a pen but prefer pencils, try something that is 6B or higher.

Cute Tiny Bong

Cartoon drawings, especially for stoners, can be either hilarious and outrageous or whimsical and adorable.

While this bong leans more toward the latter, it definitely looks like it could let loose a few side-splitting zingers.

Mickey Mouse Smoking a Bong Sketch

Speaking of side-splitting, there’s something uniquely funny about seeing our favorite childhood cartoon characters partaking in some magical kush. Despite its minimalism, this drawing pulls no punches. Its inspiration, however, probably could. Especially after a few hits.

Mean Green Smoke Machine

While most people associate weed with giggles, you definitely do not want to bother someone riding their high. This angry, pouty green bong is definitely the perfect representation of that balance.

Self-Smoking Bong Drawing

This self-smoking, self-lighting bong definitely takes the humor up several notches. And it’s highly relatable too. After all, who doesn’t feel exactly like this after a few good hits?

PokeBong Sketch

For something in the middle of hilarious and adorable, try this drawing of Charmander smoking a bong out. If there’s one Pokemon that could easily light their bong, it’d be this little guy.

Smoking Out of a Bong Drawings

A drawing of someone smoking a bong is where things go from simple to needing a little more work. But you can ease into it by opting to draw animals, cartoon characters, or alien creatures instead of people. This way, you can make use of basic geometry and coloring while still learning to expand your repertoire.

How to Draw a Girl Smoking Out of a Bong

That said, you can definitely try your hand at drawing people smoking out of bongs even as a beginner. If you’re unfamiliar with drawing people, try working with basic shapes and lines first. Bodies are mostly circles and lines, so it should be easy to pick up after a few attempts.

Once you get comfortable with that, you can add detailing, such as strands of hair, clothing, or tattoos, to bring your piece to life.

Trixie Tang Smoking Out of a Bong Drawing

Blending the variety of bong drawing inspirations out there is a great way to create a piece you love. You could combine stoner girls smoking bongs with cartoon drawings, for instance. Much like this sketch of Fairly Odd Parents’ Trixie Tang getting in a quick hit.

Cool Drawings of Bongs

From a girl smoking out of a bong, we progress to a girl inside a bong.

We’ve definitely all had days where we’d like to sink to the bottom of a bong. Not only is it where the magic happens, but it’s also where your wildest dreams feel far more reachable.

Until a day when it’s physically possible to make a bong house of your own, you can always draw your dreams out onto the paper in front of you.

Drawing Trippy Bongs

If you find you’ve gotten comfortable with pencils as well as both basic blacks and greys and hints or splashes of color, you can add super trippy elements to your drawing using colors and imagery that matches the stoner aesthetic. This piece includes everything from an alien abducting a pizza slice to psychedelic octopi, so you know it’s going to be a good time trying to recreate it.

Psychedelic Bong Sketch Ideas

You could, naturally, lean all the way into the trippiest of vibes. Allow the colors you choose to crash into one another in a kaleidoscopic dream and watch your bong drawing fly right off the page. Once again, this idea works better as a digital drawing. But you could definitely take some inspiration from it for a classic pencil or pen sketch as well.

Easy Bongs to Draw

But if you’re just getting started on an art project or simply prefer a minimalist look, a classic bong drawing is just as stunning.

Whether you keep it simple or add a few extra elements to it, it will definitely come to life with your unique artistic touch.

Learn Rules Like a Pro, Break Them Like a Stoner

Drawing is a journey. No matter where you start, from the structured basics or from psychedelic splashes, you’ll find your way to your unique style and a hobby that is relaxing and cathartic. And, as these drawings of bongs show, it can be as enjoyable and creative as you’d like to make it.