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10 Pink Bongs for a Touch of Romance

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A good selection of bongs will invariably include pieces of all shapes, sizes and shades. But there’s something about smoking from a pink water pipe that elevates the experience further. Perhaps it’s because it adds playfulness, charm and a touch of romance to the ritual that gets you floating on cloud nine. So why not upgrade your collection with one of our stunning pink bongs? From cute and flirty to majestic and trippy, we’ve got something for everyone.

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Pink Heart Bong

What makes a water pipe classic? Usually, a design that is timeless and quality of the highest class. And this is precisely what you’ll get with this heart shaped bong with its matching pink bong bowl.

Pink Hello Kitty Bong

As far as girly pink glass bongs go, nothing beats one donned with the iconic Hello Kitty. Except one with a matching pink diffused downstem, bowl and mouthpiece. The pink hues throughout even reflect off the ice catcher, giving your smoking experience an extra layer of trippy, served alongside ice-cold hits.

Silicone Ash Catcher Bong

Much like hits, pinks come in many varieties too. From the playful baby pinks to the spicy hot pinks, there’s a vibe for everyone. And this all-in-one bong pairs the versatility of pink with all the features that you need in your go-to piece.

This 14-inch beauty features an ash catcher and jellyfish percolator, truly unique qualities in a silicone bong. These features work together to offer clean, filtered rips on the road. On that note, this piece is surprisingly easy to take apart and put back together, so you can easily fit it in your bag. What’s more, the silicone material makes this a super portable piece that’s easy to clean.

Above all, if there was a single bong that blended aesthetics and functionality in the best ways possible, it’s this bad boy.

Pink Bong With Double Jellyfish Perc

The perks of a good perc include splashback prevention, smoke cooling, and filtration. So when you’re looking for a hit that is silky smooth, these dual jellyfish percolators are definitely going to meet your needs perfectly.

At 11 inches and featuring a 5mm glass thickness, this water bong features a chunky base makes it particularly sturdy. Also, the curved neck, along with the percs prevents water from splashing into the mouthpiece.

Glow-in-the-Dark Flower Bong

Of course, pink can be incorporated into a design in more ways than one. And this piece is proof that designing a bong is an art form all on its own.

With its 7mm glass, this bong is stronger than the average piece which generally around 3-4mm thick. Plus, the ice catcher at the base of the neck paired with the larger beaker base allows for a much larger, cooler hit.

But beyond offering a glorious hit, this water pipe features handpainted flowers, stars, and weed leaves that by day offer a summery vibe, and by night, an enchanting trip.

Paint Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Bong

At 14 inches and weighing a pound, this isn’t a piece for the lighthearted. The hits are as strong as they are smooth given its straight shooter style. And you know what pairs perfectly with something that hits that hard? An artistically painted bong with a trippy swirl design that will have you floating through space and time.

Thankfully, it’s also made of silicone, so you won’t accidentally break your water pipe on your intergalactic travels.

So if you find yourself vibing with trippy glow-in-the-dark bongs, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Rainbow Bong Recycler with Donut Perc

The only other bong that could compare with the sheer trippiness of a painted glow-in-the-dark swirly-patterned piece is a rainbow-themed beauty that goes from ocean blue to hot pink.

This 10-inch, 5mm thick piece comes with a curvaceous body and equally voluptuous recycler arms. And while its shape makes it look like an absolute goddess, it does serve a purpose beyond its looks. The arms offer hits that don’t go stale, while the the wide triangular base and the donut perc pairing offers some next-level diffusion and filtration. Plus, the curved neck prevents splashback so you can truly taste the rainbow without getting rained on.

Recycler Bong with Star Implosion

Recyclers are widely acclaimed for their ability to deliver smooth, filtered, and cooled hits. However, they’re also known for being some of the most stunning bongs. After all, who wouldn’t want to smoke out of a piece that looks like an extraterrestrial creature with its many sweeping arms? Of all the pink bongs you could add to your collection though, few will make a statement quite as bold as this one.

Featuring a puck-style showerhead perc and a wide triangular base, this bong delivers hits so smooth, you’ll be floating in stoner heaven.

Pink Matrix Perc Bong

Hits come in many forms, with each bong delivering a slightly different feel due to its unique shape and features. But if a silky smooth hit is what gets you flying high, this bong is for you.

The dome and matrix percolators on this piece deliver dreamy, silky smooth hits that creep up on you until you’re beyond faded.

Thick Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher

Yet, despite all the variety among pink bongs, you can’t go wrong with a classic piece. This 10-inch, 5mm thick beaker, equipped with an ice catcher that doubles as a splashguard includes a matching bowl that ties the piece together.

Designed for massive chilled hits, this is an ideal piece for all stoners, no matter your level of experience with toking.

‘Cause Pink Gets Me High as a Kite

Aerosmith clearly knew the power Pink holds all the way back in the ‘90s. And no matter how many decades fly past us, the color will continue to be everlasting. So if you’re ready to upgrade your collection, you can’t go wrong with a pink bong.